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Love Is Lame Valentines Day Special

I own the Love is Lame shirt and I love it and it’s not lame :)

New Social Networking T-Shirt – Reallife

Headline shirts, a local SF T-shirt company, have not only come out with some new cool shirts but they’ve also totally revamped their web site as well. Love the Reallife t-shirt and as usual they went to town on the copy :)

Look out, Facebook! A new social networking phenomenon is sweeping the nation. The revolutionary Reallife allows users to “do things” and have actual “human to human contact.”

Much like Facebook, users can add “friends” to their Reallife profile. However, unlike Facebook, “friends” do not include the wheezy kid you vaguely remember from camp, Todd’s roommate who once sold you weed and wants to bone you, or Barack Obama.

Reallife is also different from Facebook in that users will see the real you — not a grossly misleading avatar, a picture of your child/cat, or a uncannily smoldering “candid” shot of you staring away from the camera all mysteriously.

Also, in Reallife, throwing a sheep at someone would be considered rude, and possibly illegal (though not in Nebraska).

Other favorites from HS:
Da Vinci’s Guitar Hero

America, Back With a Vengeance

Wake me up when it’s time to rock again

Jizz In My Pants – All That Jizz T-Shirt

Kung Fu Nation have created this homage to the hysterical SNL/lonely Island Jizz in my Pants song which has recieved over 20 Million viewings on Youtube. I really like that Kung Fu Nation created an original design as opposed to just mindlessly copying the key phrase from the song. All That Jizz is a great idea.

If you have not seen it yet, check it out, I must have watched it ten times already, Samberg and the gang are on top form. I’ve even been developing a small amount of admiration for Justin Timberlake who has had some fun little cameo’s in Lonely Island stuff.

Objectified T-Shirt – New Film from the maker of Helvetica the Movie

Objectified is a new documentary about product design from the maker of the designerd classic documentary Helvetica. If you have not seen Helvetica yet you can watch it streaming via Netflix or of course on DVD and I can’t recommend it highly enough, it was a thoroughly fascinating film.

Objectified is a deep dive into product/industrial design and I can’t wait, it looks fantastic.

Stuff White People Like – T-Shirt: Supporting Great Cause

The blog Stuff White People Like shot to blog fame last year and became a household name amongst the netizens over a very short period of time, and was an early blog to get a book deal as well. Well Christian Lander, the author of SWPL, has now collaborated on a T-Shirt with (a company I covered back in 2007 with their Immolate Your Hero’s T-Shirt) and they are giving all the proceeds away to charity. 100% of the profits will go to Children of the Night, an organization dedicated to rescuing children between the ages of 11 and 17 who are forced into prostitution.

Stuff That White People Like from the list that appear on the shirt.
# 104 Girls with Bangs
# 100 Bumper Stickers
# 96 New Balance Shoes
# 88 Having Gay Friends
# 84 T-Shirts
# 82 Hating Corporations
# 79 Modern Furniture
# 75 Threatening to Move to Canada
# 73 Gentrification
# 70 Difficult Breakups
# 64 Recycling
# 61 Bicycles
# 60 Toyota Prius
# 53 Dogs
# 48 Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops
# 40 Apple Products
# 34 Architecture
# 32 Vegan/Vegetarianism
# 28 Not having a TV
# 26 Manhattan (now Brooklyn too!)
# 18 Awareness
# 14 Having Black Friends
# 12 Non-Profit Organizations
# 11 Asian Girls
# 8 Barack Obama
# 6 Organic Food
# 1 Coffee

Couple of Sweet Obama T-Shirts

Via Boing Boing Editor, Xeni Jardin’s Flickr account

T-shirt design spotted by glen e friedman, not unlike other designs we’ve seen around the USA in advance of Obama’s inauguration

Love this Scarface inspired design from Eface, they call it the Nu Face line :-) Met these guys at Chillin Productions and saw the line in person, very cool stuff.

Also, stay in touch with me on

Vote for Best T-Shirt of the Year from Threadless – Winner Gets $20,000

Wow, go to threadless right now and vote for one of the 331 T-Shirts from 2008, voting closes on the 19th and the $20,000 prize will be given on February 2nd, I can’t wait to see who wins. BTW I would love it if they did some kind of lifetime achievement award as well to reward some of the pioneering designers that helped build threadless.

Yes We Can – New Artist Series from Tcritic

Buy The Shirt here

I wrote about the Yes We Can t-shirt from Laura Cline a week or so ago. Laura was selling the shirt through Etsy (which I love) but was not able to keep up with demand. Anyway, I reached out and suggested that I print the design for her and give her a good cut of the profits, and i’m happy to say she agreed. I love the shirt and have had lots of great feedback wearing it, everyone smiles :)

Steve Jobs Lives T-Shirt

Wear this shirt to spite all the fuckers who were shorting Apple’s stock on Steve Jobs health concerns. All I need now is a Fake Steve Jobs Lives shirt and I’ll be all set :) As my Mad Fin friend said “it should come in a turtle neck”.