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Ffee Clothing Thanksgiving T-Shirt Sale Free Shipping

Ffee Clothing out of Florida has dropped a couple of new designs, and as a thanksgiving offer they are providing free shipping on all orders through December 1st, including international shipping (which is pretty f’ing good, that saves $11).

I tooled around on their blog at a little bit and found some great pictures of their work space and some of the artwork that the T-Shirts are based on. Sure looks like a fun place to work :-) keep up the great work guys.

Jonny Cupcakes 20% off sale

20% off with the code “SANTA”, Nuff said.

Although for a successful retailer I find it amazing he uses a splash screen, that just one more obstacle between the customer and his product, oh and then it goes to his blog (which appears to be down), jeeez, take me to the f’ing shop Johnny :-)

Tasty Tees Creating Wearable Art

The Octopus is a new T-Shirt from Tasty Tees by Amsterdam based artist Lotte Klaver.

Lotte lives in Amsterdam and graduated from the Amsterdam School of Arts. Her drawings blog is

More about Tasty Tees:

In a unique collaboration, tasty tees founder Tobias Crabtree works directly with artists and non-profit arts organizations to promote the creative community through printing collectible, ‘wearable’ art. A healthy portion of the proceeds from all t-shirt sales goes directly to each featured artist while also supporting the non-profit organization Starting Artists (, which provides opportunities for inner city teens to pursue their interests in the arts.

Threadless $5 Holiday Sale FTW!

Threadless has just started their holiday sale, time to pick up some super bargains, starting at $5 :-)

Lucky Stripes T-Shirts

Just got an email about Lucky Stripes T-shirts the other day, a new brand to me, and they’ve got some good, original stuff at a very reasonable price. I thought they were going to be like patriotic or something from the name, not that there’s anything wrong with that!

I Am Colin – Nerdy T-Shirts With An English Accent

I Am Colin is a new brand out of the UK which has got some great new designs, I love the underpants and cross bones, that is just genius :-) They have a distinct British accent to their humor and there are what you might call little Anglophilic easter eggs on their site and in their designs. From a design standpoint it really looks like these guys are paying attention to nice details and trying to build a brand. The shirts are going to be on the expensive side if you’re buying from the US as these guys are based in the UK and priced in pounds. Certainly the exchange rate has eased some of the pricing differences between the UK and US, but still.

America, Everyone Hates Us Now? – Headline Shirts

I wore a nice little combination on Sunday of the America, Everyone Hates Us Now T-shirt from HeadlineShirts and Glarkware’s I heart Irony hoodie. It was a great combination because everyone would see the shirt and say “well, that’s not really true now is it” and then I would pull back the top of the hoodie to reveal that I really did heart the irony of it. I see lots of fashion advice around what colors and styles go together, but not enough about what jokes go together, consider this the first lesson in humor couture.

America Restoring, Please Wait T-Shirt from Bon

Great concept from, I think the concept of America getting back on track is probably going to fuel amazing passion at creativity over the next few years. I can’t tell you how much hope and inspiration I’m finding in the conversations I’m having even with strangers. I don’t know about other cities but San Francisco is electric right now, so much hope and so much belief that change is coming. Maybe we will end up cynical again in 6 months but right now the feeling that the concept of the American Dream is a reality again. I may not be an American but I am very proud of America right now

Obama Win Leaves Supporters Realizing Lives Empty

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Got this email from Robert about more Obama related T-shirts, at least the supporters are still buying shirts :-)

Obama mania has not ended on the election day. Contrary to the impression that this feature gives, there seems to be an ongoing need for Obama shirts. On Nov 5 we experienced that a lot of orders on Obama tees were placed at Shirtcity not only from the United States but also from all over Europe. Thus we decided that this week’s Shirt Of The Week should be an Obama tee. Classic portrait, no clever slogan, just one black design. Yeah, it’s kind of cheap (oh, did I mention it is 5$ less only this week?), but hey, that’s business. I reckon without all these Obama tees sold the clothing industry would be a lot poorer now .. As well as Bush may have fu…, er, messed up most of the economy, but tee manufactureres surely did profit of the anti-Bush rage.

Here’s a promo Robert sent along for free shipping on Scribtees:

(it’s a Dutch German company so i’m not sure if that’s free international shipping, let me know in the comments if you buy one, thx)

UPDATE: Free global shipping :-)

Under New Management Obama Victory T-Shirt- from Print Liberation

Love the Under New Management design, I think Print Liberation probably had this one ready to go :-) I think there are going to be loads of Obama victory T-Shirts and I do not see the Obama T-Shirt trend slowing down, i think you are going to see more and more of these around as the country shows support for this amazing new leader of the free world, srsly.

Thanks T-Shirts Around The Internet for the find

Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States of America

This illustration from Patrick Moberg would make a brilliant T-shirt :-)

Thanks LaughingSquid

BTW if you like this shirt and would buy it, make a comment as if we drive traffic to his site, maybe we can persuade him it’s worth his while to license it to me :-) I do pay residuals for as long as we’re printing the shirt.

UPDATE: if you post links to rip off t-shirts on ebay or any other store they will be deleted immediately.

File Under Most Offensive T-Shirt Ever

NOTE: I took the photo down as it appears more than likely to be a photoshop hoax and i’m not interested in circulating that meme.

This was emailed to me with the subject line “Florida biker” so I don’t have much in the way of details of when this was taken, or by whom, but my mind boggles that someone could wear it. I had mixed feelings about even posting it as I find racism abhorrent, but I think it’s valuable to show this kind of thing can exist.

I have bad news for this guy though, Obama is going win and win big, it’s going to be a landslide. I know democrats are afraid another election will be stolen, but that is virtually impossible at this point. Obama has led the biggest get out the vote campaign in history and he is going to be in office with a mandate to get this country on the right track. Below is a photo of the McCain-Palin Victory Center in Santa Rosa Beach on the Florida Panhandle exactly 72 hours before the polls close there, looks pretty quiet :-)

If you are interested in real polling and not the claptrap being talked about on the cable news channels check out by Nate Silvers. Nate is a baseball statistician who decided to take his quantitative skill set use it to aggregate all the polling data available and adjust for historical bias

So go and vote please and also check out the Top Ten Obama T-shirts and show your support.