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Karl Long T-Shirts Unboxing by

Well looks like the owner of the Dutch T-Shirt blog has done a review and unboxing of one of my T-shirts and I think he was particularly impressed with the free gift :-) One of my partners Paul insisted we put something goofy in every package we sent out and currently that is candy cigarettes, I had no idea they were called Stalion candy though, sounds rather like an erectile dysfunction product as opposed to candy cigarettes :-)

here are some of the tweet comments i’ve got as well :-)

I’m on

Google Search and Destroy T-Shirt from Blood is the New Black

I fell in love with these T-Shirts from Blood is the New Black yesterday, the Google, Search and Destroy T-shirt is such a brilliant and simple joke that tweaks the nose of the search giant who’s guiding principal is “do no harm”.

As for the One Day I Will Make It All Up To You T-shirt, I love the color and the typography. The message strikes me as playful as well, it somehow indicates you may be doing something you will be apologizing for later, bought :-)

Polaroid Camera T-Shirt from Public Domain Clothing

Love, love, love, love, love this Polaroid Camera T-shirt from Public Domain Clothing. I’ve got several of their shirts and they are high quality T-shirts and really nice prints. Not sure if they’re water based inks, but they are super soft and awesome.

I also love this Polaroid T-Shirt from 410 BC, although I can’t find it in their store any more :-(

Hipster Scum – New T-Shirt from Love is Lame

Hipster Scum is a great new shirt from the folks at Love is Lame, a fab t-shirt to wear to Zeitgeist :-)

UPDATE: well, it’s hard to describe what hipsters are, maybe this video will help, (and although this was Williamsburg NY hipsters, they seem to be pretty similar to the San Francisco ones) the Hipster Olympics:

Even better guest starring ironic thrift store T-shirts:

love is lame

Just getting ready for valentines :-) Love is lame

The Gangs Of San Francisco – New T-Shirt Company

Just met these guys from The Gangs Of San Francisco at the Capsule Design Festival at Hayes Valley Park and they have now got their website up so you can buy them online.

All the shirts are printed with water based inks and are super soft, and as is becoming standard they are printed on American Apparel. The T-Shirt designs are all San Francisco themed and each has a nice story behind it. Unfortunately I can’t link to the specific designs as they have built the shop in a flash based pop up window

Greater San Francisco Speedway

Richmond Brawlers

Ohlone Chiefs

Oddity Clothing Opening Sale – New T-Shirt Company

I’m loving the designs from Oddity Clothing, they are a new T-Shirt company I just heard about and it’s obvious they have put a lot of work into their designs. Most of the T-Shirts are designed by different artists and are wonderfully original. Better yet they are all on sale for $15 until the end of the year :-) Also all the designs appear to be available for men and women.

Bombshell: for guys, for girls, and an awesome girls hoodie as well


I Do What I Want: for guys and for Girls

Darth Pez – New Tcritic T-Shirt and Bonus for next 14 orders

Darth Pez is a new shirt in my line based on a linocut from our artist friend Eric Rewitzer. It’s hand screened on an American Apparel silver t-shirt and it’s currently on sale for $18. As a bonus I’m giving away a $25 Threadless gift certificate for the next 14 orders of any of my shirts, how’s that for a great deal :-)

A New Hope – Star Wars Hair Portrait T-Shirt from Mr Bingo

What can I say, I love these hair portraits, brilliant!

T-Shirt a day Obama Advent Calendar from neighborhoodies

neighborhoodies has just put up an Advent calender with a different Obama T-Shirt on sale every day until election day :-) Great idea guys, I found out about this via their twitter feed so check them out at and me at

Bar Treking Star Trek Parody T-Shirt from Go Ape Shirts

Bar Treking is a great visual Star Trek parody, it’s the new bar crawl :-)

Save The Drama 4 Obama – New T-Shirt from Loyal Army

I love, love, love Loyal Army stuff :-) and their Save The Drama 4 Obama is a fantastic design, love the type, the color and the sentiment.

Just added it to the Top Ten Obama Inspired T-Shirts

And as a special promotion, the next 20 people that buy one of my tshirts get a $25 Threadless gift cert :-)

Awesome Glow in the Dark T-Shirts for Halloween

Great design from Design By Humans

An this is adorable, and I don’t use that term lightly. (Thanks shirts-on-sale)

Also check out Spreadshirt who have a huge amount of T-shirts to use as costumes, very useful for people like me who is always unprepared for costumes

Cougar Magnum T-Shirt from Vig Tees

Just found out about Vig Tees and I love their line, and having just turned 39 i’m probably getting into cougar territory and could probably use a Cougar Magnum T-shirt. At first glance it kind of looks like another college humor t-shirt site, but I find their designs have an additional element of sophistication, especially the Finger Bang t-shirt :-)

Top 20+ Barack Obama Inspired T-Shirts

Few politicians have inspired such an amazing array of t-shirts as Barack Obama, here i’ve collected a few of my favorite designs and some that are just worth mentioning due to their sentiment, please link to any more you can find in the comments and i will continue to update the post with more designs to become the increasingly inaccurately named Top Ten list of Obama inspired T-shirts :-)

From the Sons Of Liberty Barack Is The Future

neighborhoodies has just put up an Advent calender with a different Obama T-Shirt on sale every day until election day :-)

I love, love, love Loyal Army stuff :-) and their Save The Drama 4 Obama is a fantastic design, love the type, the color and the sentiment.

Obama Forward T-Shirt from 5733

Based on the classic Obey T-Shirt the Obama T-Shirt was featured on CNN

Maria Cornejo’s Change Organic T-shirt Official Obama campaign gear, $60 for a little piece of history

Tory Burch’s Vote Hope Ladies T-shirt, again official gear for $60

Ballin’ With Barack from Akomplice

Note: These items are temporarily unavailable
The poster from Ironic Sans finally available as a T-shirt (looks best on black) now being sold through Zazzle and with Lucus Film blessing :-)

From the Sons of Liberty the Obama License plate T-shirt

I am a french graphic designer, and i am please to announce the launch of the Obama ‘Yes, we can’ around the world – project :

The project: ‘‘Yes, we can’’ around the world is a simple project, using Print On Demand (POD) facilities to spread one universal message.
For hope and for change.

The design: A unique, one of a kind graphic is declined in several languages such as chinese, arabic, korean, spanish, hindi… and many more.
The scratched vintage graphic has been created by Simon Tran of – agentactif – graphic studio based in Paris, France.

The shirts: The ‘‘print on demand’’ principle let the buyers choose between a large selection of trendy quality shirts. American Apparel Bio shirts are available on USA made 100% organic shirts is also available on

Obama at Design by Humans

UPDATE: just ran into this guy at the Red Bull Soap Box Derby (which was amazing) in Delores Park in SF who was wearing the DBH Obama t-shirt in the wild:

Big Obama Head from Stolen Goodies

Mychange Battalionarmour 3
Battalion armour

Mamma’s for Obama (portion of the proceeds going to the Obama campaign)

Brack the Vote

Obama for the 13th District retro T-shirt

It’s a limited run, though, so for ordering, email


Home Splash
Nope from Knock Off Clothing

Oh Bumma

and a little shameless self promotion a couple of my own shirts based on lino cut prints from Eric Rewitzer from Three Fish Studios.

Yes We Can

The Prez Dispenser

Oh and if you haven’t checked it out you should take a look at Yes We Carve for some pumpkin carving templates :-)

Drill Palin, Not Alaska from Vintage Vantage

UPDATE: the McCain Obama T-Shirt throwdown, which appears to be a cafepress promotion

Love “Obama Is Money” from Orange Alexander

Gotta love the Dutch, from via a Dutch T-Shirt blog.

Martin Meets Obama

Someone on Madona’s crew obviously shops Etsy :-) this design is sold out right now, but the artist has loads of other great designs you can check out at their Etsy store.

Blue Wings Obama shirt


Upper Playground

Robust Flavor

Mighty Healthy NYC

Print Liberation

Count Barackula

A More Perfect Union by John Sokol

A portrait of Barack Obama, rendered in the words of his “A More Perfect Union” speech in Philadelphia by artist John Sokol. Sokol, a nationally renowned artist, has been doing word portraits of writers for over 30 years. The Obama portrait is the first politician that Sokol has ever drawn in their own words.

Other Top X Lists of Obama T-Shirts
9 Barack Obama T-Shirts
Top 5 Obama T-Shirts from Troundup

Artevist – An Eco-Friendlier T-Shirt Competition is kind of like threadless but with an Eco-friendly focus, encouraging designs that tackle issues big and small. It’s a pretty vibrant community with, in addition to the T-shirt competition, forums, classifieds, and events. They use eco-friendly processes and some interesting fabrics including bamboo/cotton blends.

This 70% Bamboo/ 30% Organic Cotton Tee comes in men’s crew-neck and women’s V-neck styles, with men’s Tees having reinforced tape in the neck and shoulders and extra top-stitching on the armholes. Cotton adds a bit more body and opacity to the T-shirt, without taking away from the silky-soft drape and light weight of bamboo.

Our bamboo Tees are made in S. Carolina by Bamboosa with fibre imported from China, then water-based dyed a few miles away in N. Carolina by T.S. Designs.