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Tcritic Recession Sale – Obama Prez Dispenser for $18

In many ways I think all T-Shirt bloggers should start up their own line of T-shirts, and not the reason you think, because it is hard f’ing work. I have even more respect for people making their living selling T-shirts now. Now we are working hard on some more designs, but in the meantime we’re putting the Prez Dispenser on sale for $18, so cash in your 401k and head on down to the store :-)

Amazing New Star Wars Hoodies and T-Shirts from Marc Ecko

Like I needed an excuse, but this weekend I went to see the One Man Star Wars show at the Post St Theater in San Francisco, which was amazing, check out this video for a taste.

Here’s a pic with me and some stormtroopers with one of my favorite t-shirts on :-)

Anyway, as luck would have it I just got an email from the Marc Ecko folks and they’ve got some amazing new hoodies and t-shirts that I needed an excuse to talk about :-)

Totally in love with this Yoda hoodie

The Office Manager Ltd Edition for September and a Hoodie Sale

The Office Manager T-Shirt is a great design for all the Mad Men fans but you have to order it now, it is only going to be printed for people who pre-order in September.

Glarkware is also having a hoodie sale for 1 more day, so run, don’t walk to their site and grab some cheap hoodies which will keep you warm during this economic nuclear winter that is coming.

Homeroom clothing 50% off sale

Track Bike, water based ink, 6oz 100% cotton tee

Homeroom Clothing is having a 50% off sale. I have a couple of homeroom shirts and the shirts and designs are very well made, and more importantly original, enjoy!

All work and no pay, water based ink, 6oz 100% cotton tee

The Great Schlep – Sarah Silverman on Obama

The Great Schlep is Sarah Silverman’s call for all Jews to take a trip down to Florida to persuade their grandparents to vote for Obama. Not only is this hysterically funny, it is an amazing attempt to shore up support in Florida which is of course famous for it’s influence on American politics and Jewish retirees. Check out the Video, and yes she uses naughty words.

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

Oh, and yeah of course they have T-shirts :-)

Cook Free Or Die T-Shirt from Grill Bitch

Just saw this T-Shirt on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations TV show on the travel channel. The episode was on Singapore, love the show, I swear some of the stuff he does is quite moving, loved the Vietnam episode.

Anyway, the T-shirt is from New York chef Beth Aretsky, who as manager of Anthony has got the exclusive rights to use some of his sayings :-) Nice product placement! They don’t talk much about the quality or who the shirt manufacturer is, but, what the hey, it’s pretty unique and has a nice sentiment behind it. I always love Anthony’s perspective on food, and it’s probably this show that made me even consider eating a fertilized duck egg in Vietnam (which I got on video).

The Raw Feed T-Shirt News Roundup and Tcritic Update

Hey all, so I’m trying a bit of an experiment and would appreciate your feedback. I’ve decided to try and do a summary post every week that just covers really briefly the various news that i’m being sent, a little more unfiltered, and uneditorialized, that way I stay on top of stuff and people don’t feel they are emailing a black hole. So here’s my first attempt at a summary post, please let me know what you think.

No Star Clothing

..announcing 12 new t-shirt designs.

New Leaf Designs

two week sale ending 10/01 – promo code “enjoy08″

Human Empire Shop

New designs including hoodies, jackets, scarves

E.T. Tees

Free shipping until 9/30 – promo codes – US: OKTOBERSHIPPING08

Diesel Laws

Darth Vader Rocks and Skywalker Beer tee’s etc.

Buffalo T-Shirts

Buffalo, NY – new on-line store – free shipping til 9/21

Postmodern Sideshow


Walkie Talkie

T’s featuring your hometown

new t shirt forum

Axid t-shirts

New collection

Eroteme Clothing

Choose design, color and style

A site where you can submit your art, vote, win big cash prizes and comment on
other designers work.

Yes We Can Around the World

French graphic designer - using print on demand facilities to market his Obma graphic t’s with the message in many languages

T’s being sold on and

Soge Shirts

Your Face Tees

Just launched

Filthy Fabrics

Filthy logo and other images

brand lux Clothing

New collection of designer street-wear

Wringer Tee

F.A.Z.E. Apparel

start-up “designs of substance and meaning” – no drugs/violence

True Believer Clothing

5 new designs


promoting new t-line

Vote John McClane T-Shirt

Love it, I would vote for John McClane for sure, Yippy ki-yay motherfucker!

I Heart Bacon T-Shirt from No Star Clothing

I Heart Bacon from No Star Clothing. Love it, I actually heard that a T-Shirt existed that says I Bacon Bacon, even better.

On a related bacon note I was in Portland recently for a conference and while doing a tour of the local watering holes was taken to the Voodoo doughnut shop for a late night snack. What I had was essentially a maple glazed doughnut with two strips of bacon on it, and yest it was good:

and yes they have T-Shirts

and doughnuts of all shapes and sizes:

5th Grader suspended for wearing Anti Obama T-Shirt

According to Fox News Colorado the kids in this Colorado school were asked to wear something red white and blue to show their patriotism and this particular 11 year old thought this T-Shirt would work. I actually think the kid should have been suspended for crimes against graphic design, seriously, with services like cafe press and spreadshirt there is no excuse for badly written polarizing, divisive, hyperbolic statements.

I Feel Golden – Another Design-nerd T-Shirt

Love the “I Feel Golden” T-shirt from Brooklyn Industries, for $36 it is at the higher end, but i’m sure designers and photographers will love it.

Found via the T-Shirt fire hose that is rumplo

Unicorn Power T-shirt

I wonder where i can get my Unicorn Power t-shirt?

Ahhh, here they are :-)

Beautiful Decay T-Shirts and Hoodies on Sale

Run don’t walk to the Beautiful Decay sale, we’re looking at beautiful high end designer shirts for $15 and hoodies for $39. Not only that i’ve dug into a couple of the clearance shirts and all the sizes were avalable on the ones I checked, so none of that disappointment.

Thanks Shirts On Sale

If You Can See Me the ChromaKey is Turned Off from Super Sweet Tees

ZOMG, how much of a geek do you have to be to get this shirt, or say ZOMG for that matter.

Hurricanes are Haters from Cloth Moth

I’m a big fan of Cloth Moth clothing and Hurricanes are Haters is a T-shirt that deserves a little attention, especially as a minimum of $5 goes toward the American Red Cross.

Here’s what my local parking lot looked like after hurricane wilma had rolled through Broward county a month or so after Katrina:

Reminds me of the Dirty Coast crew from New Orleans that I wrote about a while ago, stay safe gulf coast folks!