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Shirts On Sale At Love & Tug

Lots of shirts on sale at Love & Tug, womens are 5 pounds ($10) and mens are 8 pounds ($16), I particularly like the “I heart reahab” and they’ve got a lot more cool designs as well.

Threadless Back To School Sale all T-shirts $9 and $12

Wow, a blowout sale as they say, Threadless has all it’s stock on sale at either $12 or $9, getting a $9 in your size will take some hunting, click here for all the $9 tees.

5 Humans Curing Ignorance With T-Shirts – On Sale Sept 5th-14th

I have two major complaints about many “cause” related T-Shirt companies, 1. they think that the cause is enough, and design is secondary, not true, if your trying to persuade anyone of anything design should be you number 1 consideration and it is worth investing in, hire a professional designer. and 2. they are ambiguous about how much they are contributing to the cause, with statements like “a portion of the proceeds”, or “10% of profits”, when we all know profit is a fictional number made up by accountants.

Five Humans on the other hand uses great design and donates 10% of the purchase price to the causes. Way to go guys, I really like the stuff. Not only that they are running a 15% off sale from September 5th to the 14th so check them out.

The Coronary Truth

Do The Math

Autism Mind Speak

Yeti-Bama T-Shirt from Gamma-Go

I love this Yeti-Bama T-shirt from another local San Francisco T-Shirt company Gamma-Go. Also $5 of each sale will go to the Obama campaign.


New Mark Ecko Star Wars T-Shirts

Now these are some fancy Star Wars T-shirts, I guess with the original fan base in the late 30′s Lucus Arts figures we can prolly afford some $34 shirts :-) I especially like the addition of features like gold foil.

I think my favs have to be the Princess Leia and the Darth Vader one.

Via Uncrate

Rock Star T-Shirt from the Chop Shop and 12 Tees for Under $10

The Chop Shop have really developed a winning formula creating wonderful montages of recognizable items making every T-shirt a wonderful trivia game. There previous t-shirts featuring robots, cars, and aliens have all been big hits, and the same goes for their new rock star T-shirt, comes in mens, womens and costs $23.

Achievement Unlocked: Left House – New Stuff From Split Reason

If you have played Xbox you will recognize the familiar “achievement” icon that rewards various stages of gameplay, well Splitreason, the specialist in “Gaming Wear” have realeased a couple of fun items. I love the Achievement Unlocked: Left House T-shirt, because sometimes it’s so hard to do when you are trying to finish GTA, but the underwear cracks me up even more :-)

Kid Robot Simpons Figures

ZOMG, these Simpons figures from Kid Robot are awesome, i know not t-shirt related but hopefully relevant to the T-shirt demographic :-) Available for $7.99 each or all 24 for $181, gaaah, i’m so tempted to buy them all! You can also check them out at the Kid Robot retail stores


Oh and here’s a cool Kid Robot T-shirt :-)

Made In America T-Shirt – In Chinese from Wiggly Piggly

Great T-Shirt from Wiggly Piggly that says Made In America in Chinese, very nice. Unfortunatly it’s currently only in a Youth L, so unless you are a petite woman or a kid, you are out of luck here. C’mon guys, lets make some more sizes, kthxbye.

Made In The USA Tee, Red and Blue Ink. Chinese Characters for “Made In The USA”. Hand Silkscreened On Old Navy Ringer Tee. Comes in size Youth L (equivalent to American Apparel Small ).

And for a touch more irony here’s a nice little American Flag pin made in China :-)

As it turns out over 20% of American Flags sold in America are imported.

Thanks for the heads up to Josh Smith at

Lady Noir Hot Fashion Show Redux

Lady Noir had a fabulous fashion show last week and i was lucky enough to be up front with my trusty Nikon D80 and SB600 flash. The flash was set up to bounce off the ceiling which was nice and low for a club (the even was held at a trendy new place in San Francisco called Apartment 24). The only downside of this location was even though I was on the guest list the bouncers were total douchebags, and I almost missed the runway portion of the show. That being said I did finally get in and shot the show, kudos to Sharon for organizing it because it went very well and the crowd really loved it. Great models, good clothes and a real runway. I’d really like to see more indie clothing focused fashion shows as it provides something fun and different for people to see and do. Fashion shows should not be reserved for high fashion and there should be more stuff that anyone can buy. Feel free to ping me if you are doing one, and of course invite me :-) Here are a few select photos, you can see the full set on flickr here.

Mary Poppins T-shirt“>
Mary Poppins T-shirt

Femme Fatale Hoodie

(that’s Sharon in the middle, the girl behind the brand)

Michael Phelps T-Shirt fom the Hotness Factory

Not sure how long the Phelps as a sperm T-shirt is going to be funny, but this will likely get a lot of laughs at your local drinking hole for a while. I have not been watching the Olympics much, but when I was at a pub trivia night tonight I was mesmerized by the coverage that was on the TV.

UPDATE: Interestingly the T-Shirt is no longer avalabel on the Hotness Factory web site and they have replaced it with a very weak effort. Speculation abounds as to whether they have stopped selling it due to some conflict with an illustrator called Patrick Moberg who’s illustration is almost identical.

Mystery T-Shirt – help me find the designer

UPDATE: thanks so much everyone, we found this pretty quickly, it’s a company called Identity Malien this is a link to their store and this T-Shirt which is called Jawless

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later, but I got this delicious T-Shirt in the mail with no identifying information except it was fulfilled by Merchline who of course have hundreds of stores. I’d love to find the company that made it, anyone recognize it? I’ve got a $25 Threadless Gift Certificate for anyone who provides me a lead that results in me finding these guys (doesn’t count if it’s the company that sells it gets in touch with me). Anyway, i’ve worn this design once and got just a tonne of comments on it, so i’d love to promote these guys.



Homeroom Clothing Site Launches

Track Bike, water based ink, 6oz 100% cotton tee

Homeroom Clothing is a local San Francisco outfit started by Alval, a third generation tailor. He made himself a hoodie when he was in college and when wearing it on Haight St a woman from Complex magazine stopped him and asked him where he got it from, when he said it was his own creation, she asked what his clothing line was called, when he said he didn’t have one, she said he should, and the rest as they say is history. I have a couple of homeroom shirts and the shirts and designs are very well made, and more importantly original. I’ve known about these guys for a while but they didn’t have a full on ecommerce web site, now they do.

All work and no pay, water based ink, 6oz 100% cotton tee

Bejing 2008 Mascots That Never Made It – Beibei the Rights-Abusing Panda

Apparently the guys at Headline Shirts have discovered some additional mascots for the Bejing olympics that didn’t quite make the cut including Beibei the Rights-Abusing Panda. Features include barbed wire Bejing icon, Olympic Handcuffs, night stick, and of course Olympic torch. Of course I can’t see this without thinking of Sexual Harassment Panda from South Park >grin<

Beijing, China – Adorable and innocent — if a tad infantile — the five Olympic mascots, known as Fuwa, have been winning the hearts of children globally.

Lesser known is that the saccharine Fuwa characters were not the first choice of the Olympic organizers, who considered adopting characters more representative of modern China. Headline Shirts has acquired exclusive sketches of three of the would-be mascots. They include Beibei the Rights-Abusing Panda, Jingjing the Monk-Impaling Tibetan Antelope, and Yuyu, a swallow who brings good luck wherever she flies — and who also directs a murderous organ-harvesting campaign against the Falun Gong.

Happy Birthday Seibei – 26% off sale

David, founder of Seibei is turning 26 on August 18th so to help celebrate his birthday he is taking 26% off your order! Just use coupon code BIRTHDAY through August 21st to get 26% off.

Some of my Seibei favs include:

Super Homosexual
The super homosexual T-shirt

eat cake and smoke ciggarettes
I like to eat cake and smoke ciggarettes

and Seibei’s zombie hunter t-shirt that you can order with variable amounts of gore, genius.
zombie hunter

And of course here’s me and David at the Renegade art fair showing off the rocking Make Me a Sandwich t-shirt

thanks Fantastic Bonanza