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Playmouse T-Shirt from Yes No Maybe

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UPDATE: use coupon code TCRITICAUG for 10% off and worldwide shipping is free

Yes No Maybe is a great streetwear brand out of the UK, makes there stuff a bit expensive for Americans but it’s all good stuff. I really like the Playmouse T-shirt that shows the result of an unnatural union :-)


Super Soaker T-Shirt from Re-Think Clothing

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Love this Super Soaker design from ReThink clothing, too much fun. It also gives me the excuse to show this totally awesomely bad advertisement for the goo version of the Super Soaker called the Oozinator. File this under the “what were they thinking” category.

Anyway, ReThink is a pretty cool T-Shirt company that exclusively licenses designs from college students around the country.

Rethink Clothing is a fresh company with intentions of mixing up the clothing world. The premise is simple, great shirts from college designers. Yeah, that is right college designers. Not only are they from colleges across the nation, the profits go to college artists or any college or grad student who submits a great design. Rethink is in the opening phases and is currently looking for designs/artists.

UPDATE: Gizmodo picks this one up, thanks guys :-)

Loving Luchaworkshop

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Big up for Bethany G. who sent in a link to the Lucha Workshop on Etsy, this stuff is great. It is run by two artists, Christina and Ronnie in Miami and they screenprint and make all their stuff themselves. The Undies in Love shirt above is so much fun, and i really like the concept of the overalls screenprinted on the shirt below, i’ve seen lots of pseudo shirt and tie shirts, but the overall is a new one.

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The screenprinted undies are just delightfully quirky.

Il 430x n.28875049 for updates for photos for friends.

Lorum Ipsum T-Shirt at TeeFury – 12 hours left and only 9 dollars

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TeeFury is kind of like shirt.woot, one shirt on sale for 24 hours for only $9, only TeeFury does not sell them ever again (although the artist retains the rights to sell the shirt in the future). I only heard of TeeFury yesterday when we were talking about sites that needed RSS feeds, well TeeFury has just got an RSS feed as well so you can stick that in your reader.

The Lorum Ipsum design is referencing fake text that designers often put into design before they have any copy, generally referred to as “greek” (not sure if it is greek or not). The shirt is by Australian designer and fellow T-Shirt blogger RikkiB from Funkyduds. All I can say is congrats on the design, I already bought mine last night when I also Twittered about it :-)

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I Like To Ride Bikes from Print Brigade

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I like these prints from the appropriately named Print Brigade, I really like the originality.

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We’re art. Wear art. Printbrigade is about creative appreciation. The ideas that get passed over, the ideas too different to be mainstream, the creativity that doesn’t get a chance to breathe on its own. We love this thing called art and we love bringing to life the crazy sh*t that comes across our minds. Hope you like what you see, stop in the store and come again soon. PEACE.

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found via Ffffound

In other news a girl I had dated in the past started a new blog called Dating Is Miserable, I’m not entirely sure how to feel about that :-)

You Never Knew You Needed a T-Shirt Feed Aggregator

tee feeds

Just found a nice little feed aggregator called TeeFeeds. Sure they are not creating much original but provide an interesting look at the T-Shirt zeitgeist. I think they picked some good blogs as well, present company accepted. Rather similar in design to PopUrls and Alltop they are basically bringing in the latest headlines from T-Shirt blogs using their RSS. Of course don’t forget the best visual T-Shirt aggregator Rumplo.

SALE – Happy Birthday Design By Humans


Design by Humans is having a blow out sale with their excellent shirts from $12 to $14 to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. It must have been an amazing year for them. I’m sure when they said they were going to do an ongoing t-shirt competition similar to threadless i’m sure the response was why? and good f’ing luck! Well they have made their mark, have put out some great designs, and IMHO the most important thing they did was put some pressure on the whole T-Shirt competition industry to pay their artists more money. I wrote a bit of a blurb about them about a year ago where I highlighted their printing options and commission structure both of which were important differentiators.

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I have this shirt which uses gel inks and has an appliqué pocket as well, $12 but only in XL and XXL.
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Chillin’ Productions Saturday August 2nd at 111 Minna, SF

If you are in SFO mark your calenders for Chillin’ Productions for clothing, fashion, design, art and live music at 111 Minna, San Francisco. This is always a great event and I always find new stuff there so it’s totally worth checking out, it’s much more of a party atmosphere than a lot of the events that sell crafts etc. and seeing as it’s been going on for 10 years I think they have the formula down, there is of course the dynamo Irena Hernandez behind it as well which I’m sure is one of the secrets of their success. Check out my previous write up of the show.

Last time I was at the show I met these beautiful divas from Beefy Rouge (unfortunately they are still working on their web site)

These guys from Mixer Friendly

and the gorgeous Lady Noir

Also don’t forget you can bring some items of clothing with you to get screenprinted at the show by the crazy guys from San Franphsyco, here’s a shot of them hard at work at the Haight St Fair (I run into these guys everywhere)


District Cotton Sale July 29th to 31st

District Cotton

The good folks at District Cotton have a killer sale coming up that includes T-Shirts, Hoodies, and some really unique recycled billboard bags. The sale runs from July 29th to July 31st so mark your calendars.

All Printed T’s $5-$9
All of our 100% Organic Cotton T-shirts will be on sale for less than ten bucks. Including
$5 for all of our printed infant apparel and toddler T’s.

Organic Hoodies
From $20, men’s pullovers and women’s zip-up (regular $34-$40)

Recycled Billboard Bags 40% Off.
These one of a kind bags are exclusively crafted for District Cotton from recycled vinyl
billboards in Argentina.

Billboard Bags

I love the Bike Fish t-shirt as well
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Brand of the Free

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Brand of the Free have got a wonderful selection of American themed and American made shirts printed on organic cotton. I really appreciate that the designs and messages on these shirts do not resort to reductionist, zero-sum patriotism that seems to be prevalent on t-shirts (and news shows) but instead positive messages and great designs. The T-shirts are tagless with a nice silk screened label instead.

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Great Video Portrait of Maryink – Hand Screened T-Shirts

A couple of folks at Etsy sent me a link to this video about Maryink out of Nashville and i’m so grateful that they did. I’m constantly amazed by the number of people out there creating amazing and inspiring stuff. I love the prints that these guys do and I love how they are pushing the envelope of what screenprinting can be. The designs vary from the wonderfully layered and complex to the blessedly simple and straight forward.

Mary Helt and Chris Sittel of maryink met at a party while visiting their families in Nashville. At the time, Mary was living in New York City working as a photographer’s stylist and Chris was working in Florida at a silk-screen studio. They started visiting one another, having t-shirt parties and coming up with new project ideas.

After a few years of living apart, they finally moved to the Virgin Islands to start their original silk-screen design company, maryink. While Mary is the designer behind maryink, Chris functions as the steady hand behind the printing process. Mary’s designs have a 1970s Scandinavian and folk art influence, and she also incorporates elements of embroidery, weaving and bitossi pottery. The shop is known for its interesting designs, silk screened votive candles, jewelry, tote bags and t-shirts.

Even though living in the Virgin Islands was paradise, running a business proved difficult. Chris and Mary soon packed up and headed back to Nashville, where the low cost of living allowed them to dedicate themselves full-time to maryink.

Unicorn Vs Yeti T-Shirt

unicorn vs yeti

Unicorn Vs Yeti is a wonderful depiction that could have spawned from some bizzaro show on the Discovery Channel. I think the Yeti wins, but hey, it’s a circle of life thing.

Other Coverage Uncrate and Rumplo via the Mad Finn

My Baldological Clock Is Ticking – New From Birbig Shirts


Standup comedian Mike Birbiglia who also produces shirts inspired from his standup routines has just come out with a new one, My Baldological Clock Is Ticking, guys. I’m sure all the guys in the audience know what i’m talking about, right?

I know, don’t give up my day job right, anyway, it’s on American Apparel (is that a good thing or a bad thing now?), and is $17.99 so check it out.

Limited Edition Bob $tencil T-Shirts

If you have not heard of Bob $tencil (and there is no reason that you should) you can watch this, and then you can buy the limited edition T-Shirt.

Who is Bob $tencil? Bob $tencil used to fly planes for Braniff International, but in 1982 they went bankrupt. Since then he’s been crooning, MCing, and playing and teaching poker in Southern California, Las Vegas, and Reno. Every year he travels to the San Diego Comic-Con to chat with old friends, hit on celebrities, and spread the word on moustache love. Bob $tencil is returning to Comic-Con 2008 yet again to take on the year’s biggest and baddest comic convention in style. The latest video updates can be found all week straight from the San Diego Comic-Con exclusively at:

Evolution New T-Shirt from Glenz

Evolution Image

Love this new shirt from GlenzTees, really fun stuff.