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Radiohead Official MTV Video – Why Fair Trade Is Important

Some things cost more than you think and the same goes for T-shirts! check out and the UN’s ILO’s (International Labor Organization) Global Alliance against Forced Labour

From the relatively new but awesome fashion blog SetYourStyle blog

Say Anything Lloyd Dobler Homage Mustache T-Shirt


This Say Anything homage comes from a company called Fuzzy Ink who has a whole line of mustache inspired t-shirts. Amazingly I wrote about a company last month called Mustache & Friends that also has a line of exclusively mustache inspired T-shirts, WTF? It seems so unlikely, is there a facial hair, and specifically mustache resurgence, is it a throwback to the 70′s? Inquiring minds want to know, and more specifically should I be growing a mustache?

Apparently February is mustache month (so that doesn’t account for it) that fellow Tblogger Joe from Fantastic Blognanza posted about last year.

If you want to know what’s what when it comes to facial hair check out Wire & Twine’s brilliant History of Facial Hair T-shirt:
Wireandtwine 43 01

Wireandtwine 44 01

A T-shirt that is very popular with Bears (and by that I don’t mean godless killing machines but the ones that hang out in SOMA in San Francisco)

Sexy Banana T-Shirt – from

My friend Chris from Revel industries and the hysterical Headline shirts gave me this shirt last weekend, not sure why he thought of me, but he’s very kind.

It’s actually direct from a clothing retailer in China from a company called – which carries a lot of very cool shirts. I think it’s pretty refreshing to see some good design and well made goods coming out of China as opposed to cheap, lowest common denominator designs that the west has been driving out of there. Another good thing is the site is in English and Chinese which is great, and from what i’ve seen pretty unusual.

The design is done by Mr Box and the hang tag is almost Borat like in it’s apparent cultural absurdity.

RubyRags – Ruby on Rails T-Shirts Hand Screened in US

RubyRags is a new line of t-shirts for both people who like jewelry and people who only like to write their code once. Actually it’s primarily for people who like to use Ruby on Rails to build super cool web applications (twitter was developed on Ruby on Rails) quickly and efficiently. Ruby Rags is actually a side project by a Boston based consulting company that specializes in Ruby on Rails development called (hmm, maybe they can help me rebuild T-shirt war)

If you are unfamiliar Ruby on Rails is a web development framework made famous by 37signals (who employs the inventor of Ruby on Rails) that enables you to build web applications very quickly and efficiently.

Ruby City

Anyway, enough about Ruby, what about the T-shirts. Well I think they stand apart from most super niche shirts in the fact that they are hand screen printed in the US on American Apparel and feature professionally executed designs. These are shirts you can wear and even people who don’t know Ruby from a hole in the head will appreciate them.

Super Ruby

The web site is a very Ruby like experience as well, with nice clean design, and cool voting features for upcoming shirts.

Oh and if you are a core contributer you get 10% off.

More People Have Read This T-Shirt Than Your Blog By Despair Wear

More Than Your Blog 2

I like the humor behind Despair Wear, by the same people that brought you the Demotivator posters which were of course a parody of the nausea inducing successories (who I’m not even going to link to).

I like this one as well :-)
Demotivators 2004 1845016


Hand screened t-shirts from Hans and Fras

Some more hand screened shirts from Hans and Fras, I really like the unique designs and style, these shirts stand out in a big way.

Here’s what Hans and Frans sez:

“We are Hans and Fras and we wanted to invite you to check out our website. We’re a relatively new company about three months old. We’re a little different from most sites out there because we print all of our shirts by hand. We like to think it keeps us connected to our product and also the people who buy from us. We just released six new designs this weekend, we hope you check us out and we hope you like the shirts!”

Chuck Norris Party This Friday At The Milk Bar and Win A Free T-Shirt

Win the Action Jeans high kick competition and get a free limited edition Chuck Norris T-shirt from Home Room Clothing (or just go buy one)

Friday May 30th
Milk Bar
1840 Haight St, San Francisco

Take pictures with Chuck in the Chuck Norris photo booth!
Drink with Chuck!
Throw Up or Down with Chuck!
Celebrate the man that talks in 3rd person on May 30Th as you talk about
yourself in 3rd person too.

As always get there early, after 11 pm your on your own.
p.s. free Pabst and a bunch of swag for you!

Kowtow – Organic, Fair Trade, and F’ing Awesome T-Shirts

Sometimes t-shirt companies that tout organic, fair trade, and sustainable also produce some god awful boring designs, but not these guys. Kowtow is out of New Zealand and even though i’m not sure what $75 is in New Zealand currency i’m sure these Tees are worth it :-) I particularly like the Rhino fucking the Hummer, kind of like the old monkey fucking a football but on a much grander scale.

Read more about Kowtow here:

We have been certified by the the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation in every step of the way: From growing, spinning, dyeing, knitting, cutting, stitching, printing, embroidering, finishing to packing!

The Fairtrade Labelling Organisation is a recognised certification body that conducts periodic on-site inspections and external audits. We adhere to international fairtrade criteria for employment, work environment and socio-economic development. Our workers get independently assessed fair living wages which are usually higher than minimum legal wages, as well as medical, paid leave and retirement benefits, job training and free education for their dependants. A safe, fair and conducive work environment is provided where worker needs and issues are addressed, allowing employees to pursue a dignified livelihood while optimising productivity.

Hand Made T-Shirts from The Gretest

Kill Mondays

I love these T-Shirts from The Gretest, a Spanish company that specializes in hand made T-Shirts. From an ecommerce standpoint the site is a little bit different, if you want to order you’ll have to do it from this page.


Venture Brothers Shirt of the Week Club

The brilliant cartoon on Adult Swim The Venture Brothers has just started a Shirt of the Week service where every week they will put out a new t-shirt themed on their latest episode. The t-shirts will only be sold for that week and then they will be done. You can sign up and subscribe to all 13 shirts for $250 so you don’t miss any, go to to check it out. The new season drops on June 1st folks.

Here’s a write up from John who sent in the tip:

Astrobase Go!, the creators of the Venture Bros., have launched their Amazing Shirt Club. Season 3 of The Venture Bros. hits June 1st on Adult Swim. And after each episode airs, a shirt whose design is grounded in that particular episode will hit the web, available for purchase–but for a limited time only. Once the next episode airs, the old shirt’s orders are closed and the new orders begin. This for 13 t-shirts in all, one for each episode. People can either buy them individually (prices start at $22 each, including domestic shipping) or buy a subscription (starting at $250 each, including domestic shipping) to receive all 13 plus an exclusive bonus shirt design only available to subscribers. And the subscriptions close June 7th. Move quickly, friends. And, you know, Go Team Venture.

Bill Murray and Some Amazing Onesies

I had just heard that someone is doing some Bill Murray inspired stencil graffiti and it’s shown up in Reykjavic and Chicago, now not only would that make a great T-Shirt print it also inspired me to do a quick search for some Bill Murray T-shirts.

bill murray

bill murray 2

Which led me to discover this amazing line of clothing from a company called Reckon. These prints are so f’ing brilliant. Putting your kids in onesies like these will make you look like the coolest parent ever :-) All of their designs can be ordered in a wide array of colors and styles (although their site is very flaky at the the moment).

P 5190830
(Nina Simone and Bill Murray) You can buy the Bill Murrey shirt here as well at

(Audrey Hepburn)

(Clint Eastwood)

(Albert Camus)

(Goldie Hawn)

UPDATE: also spotted in Jacksonville

159589715 d 010049317

Sirron Norris – SF Artist T-Shirts

Sirron Norris has done some really cool murals in San Francisco and has also got some great t-shirts. This one of Lombard Street, the famously crooked street, is very cool.


He has a store set up on, which actually has a store location if you want to check out the shirts in the flesh, so to speak.

I particularly like the Victorion:

Bk11 Victorion

Even better when you can see the actual mural

1889831559 a 0fcda 3ed 2

This mural is located in Balmy Alley in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Thanks LaughingSquid

Weezer Pork & Beans Video

This new video from Weezer is a lot of interweb fun featuring all your youtube favorites including world record for the most t-shirts worn.

UPDATE: I just got an email from the folks behind the Weezer video with some interesting background info. The production company is called Motion Theory and is based in Venice Beach, California. The director was Mathew Cullen who has also done videos for Beck, REM, and Modest Mouse. They also did this video called Chasing Pavements that Kanye blogged about, as Kanye says “this shit is dope”.

Fifty Thousand T-shirts – Earthquake Relief

Fifty Thousand shirts aims to sell that many shirts and raise 1,000,000 to support the people effected by the earthquake in China. Estimates say that 50,000 could well me the number of dead from this tragedy. An additional shocking number is that potentially 5,000,000 people have been made homeless. The shirt will cost $25 and they aim to donate $20 per shirt. The design of the shirt contains 50,000 tally marks, and the design was done by hand. The names of all the people buying the shirt are listed on this page called the wall.

Inc. Magazine Write up on Threadless

Inc. Magazine has an article coming out in June on Threadless but you can go read it now :-) Apparently the founders are highly sought after in business schools now, thank god, maybe we’ll get away from this crazy management by numbers and spreadsheets.

Revenue was growing 500 percent a year, despite the fact that the company had never advertised, employed no professional designers, used no modeling agency or fashion photographers, had no sales force, and enjoyed no retail distribution.