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Living Room Legend Guitar Hero T-Shirt From Glenz Tees

Glennztees hits us with a new Rock Band/Guitar Hero inspired Living Room Legend T-Shirt which is pretty rocking.

Legend Fulltee

Legend Image

For other guitar hero t-shirts also check out Cowbell Hero T-Shirt and the Heroism T-shirt from Penny Arcade BTW you can follow Gabe from Penny Arcade on Twitter as CWGabriel (his comics are much funnier than his tweets though).

T-Shirt Competition, Irate Monkey Launches on Facebook

Interestingly Irate Monkey has launched a t-shirt competition without even a web site, the entire thing is built as a facebook application and there is no associated web site, which I find a fascinating occurrence.


One of the things that make Irate Monkey a bit different from the other T-Shirt competitions is their commitment to give winning artists 20% of the profits with a $500 minimum, and the possibility of a $10,000 prize at the end of year.

Oh and while your on facebook how about becoming a fan of Tcritic, yay!

Milk Mustaches T-Shirt From Detour Designables


Detour Designables have this very cute Milk Mustaches t-shirt, it’s a cafe press print so you can choose all kinds of shirt for it to go on, the blue works for me though.

Now i don’t usually write about Cafe Press stuff, not because I have anything against Cafe Press but the quality of the ideas and design is usually pretty low. These guys have got some pretty good shirts though, do you guys have any fav designers that are on Cafe Press, Zazzle, etc.?

To win todays Threadless Gift Certificate be the first to name the style of beard circled in the picture below, the answer is based on a little Beard key they have on their site where they sell the shirt (so even if you know the style by another name the t-shirt company definition wins)


I Love Drugs By Moschino

i heart drugs

I just got a $150 gift certificate from Zappos all because I follow this guy on Twitter, crazy right? The CEO of Zappos is also on Twitter and you can follow him here and of course i’ve been on there for a while and you can consumer my 140 characters of intellectual detritus here (don’t do it Mum).

Anyway, because of this cash I had to spend I went to Zappos to shop and much to my surprise they sell a lot more than shoes now and have all kinds of stuff, kind of like Amazon. They like to position themselves as a service company that sells stuff and all my transactions with them have been brilliant, they do free two way shipping so returns never come out of your own pocket, pretty good idea if you’re selling clothing. Anyway, this shirt is rocking :-)

i heart drugs 2

Broke Ass Stuart and Mission Indie Mart

Just some quick news from the Mission Indie Mart that was at 12 Galaxies on sunday, it was too nice a day for too much shopping so I did want to drop by and check it out, and then headed over to Delores Park. Overall there was a lot of cool stuff there, including t-shirts, bags, hats, jewelry etc. and it was a very laid back vibe. It was a hell warm day so I felt bad for the vendors that were upstairs and in the back

So I got to meet Broke Ass Stuart who has been writing a guide for getting around cheaply in SF for a couple of years, a long time SF friend of mine told me his zine started as a bunch of stapled pages. Now he’s published a book and is working on some guides for other city’s. Hmmm, methings Stuart is not going to be broke for much longer, help the brother out and buy a t-shirt.

broke ass t-shirt
The t-shirt

Broke Ass Book
The book

Other stuff:

Some animal prints from Animal Instincts Apparel Web site coming soon


Very cool mushroom t-shirt, all hand done by this guy at Coma and Cotton

coma and cotton

and I’m obligated to pimp this hat as well, because I bought one and actually got a little discount if I promised to blog about it :-) This is from Megan Grove who also does a bunch of hand painted designs on shirts, hats, ties etc. She sells all this stuff via Myspace right and you can pay through paypal. All the stuff is very unique and cool, and i’m not just saying that :-)


iPwn – The Gamers Phone

Lisa Nova, the girl behind this clip is one of my favorite YouTube talents, she does great sketch comedy stuff that’s well written and well executed.

I found a couple of iPwn shirts, like this one at OfflineShirts


and this one from the Noobstore

ipwn noobstore

My fav Lisa Nova sketch ever has got to be Teenie Weenie

Indie Mart – Indie, Hand Made, Vintage, t-shirts and more – April 27th @12 Galaxies, Mission, SF

April 27:

Rock, shop & drink this Sunday…the monthly party that rocks the Mission the last Sunday of every month is back for more! Bringing you over 45 of the best in local designers, vintage, offbeat handmade and much, much more. Layer in rocking music from Lovedust, cheap beers, drink specials all day, treats, plenty of guys & plenty of ladies and all round good times in the mission on a Sunday afternoon. So get your hangover out to 12 Galaxies….check out lots of new designers and the real truly independent local design party in town! Check out our last Indie Mart until mid-summer this Sunday from 1-7pm at 12 Galaxies on Mission by 22nd Street.

This sounds like a blast and I have it on good authority that these events are a good time, with opportunities to find really unique, cool, indie clothing. Give me a shout in the comments if you might make it to this, i’ll buy you a drink :-)

Sunday April 27th, 2008
12 Galaxies
2565 Mission @ 22nd Street
1-7pm, 8pm afterparty

Upcoming Listing

Here are some pics from the last one:

Unknown 11

D1 2


C3 2

Other upcoming San Francisco events:
May 10:
May 25:

Mustache & Friends T-Shirts

Mustache & friends t-shirts is almost as stupid an idea as starting a blog about t-shirts, so stupid it just might work :-) Could these guys become the Johnny Cupcakes of mustache related t-shirts? I think the anchor or Mustache Ahoy is the best executed design of these that i’ve posted of these three.

Musta Ahoy

Musta Batstacio

Musta Librecharc

Gear Crave Giving Away Design By Humans T-Shirts

Designbyhumans 04212008 msp 1

Gear Crave is having another T-Shirt giveaway, this time it’s 25 Design By Humans shirts.

On the subject of giving away T-shirts the secret word is the name of an art magazine posted to my facebook group dedicated to the appreciation of t-shirts.

Ok Hippies, 50 ways to help the planet

50 ways

From our friends at Wire & Twine comes the 50 ways to help the planet t-shirt you can also go to the web site dedicated to those different measures you can take at

BTW I saw someone wearing the Fear of a Cooper Black Planet last night at the Love 2.0 Party at Harlot, great f’ing shirt.

CNN Shirt – On Demand T-Shirts With Headlines (powered by spreadshirt)

Cnn Headlines

In an interesting bit of news CNN has just started selling t-shirts “on demand” with some of their select headlines on them. As you can see certain of the headlines below have a t-shirt icon beside them which enables you to click on it and get your own t-shirt with that headline.

T Shirts

Once you click on a headlines t-shirt icon you’re presented with some color and size choices before you place your order.

The shirts are $15 with 4.99 shipping.

Great idea guys, all I can say is, CNN needs to be more funny :-) If The Onion did this they would make bank!

Right now the onion sells a few funny shirts, but none use their actual headlines, like the Area Man shirt for instance.

area man

UPDATE: of course there is a blog called WTFCNN dedicated to catching outrageous headlines from CNN, now how do we print these :-)


Thanks to Abi from HeatEatReview for the tip on WTFCNN

Vote Opposite – Juxtaposed Vote Hillary and Vote Obama T-Shirts

Vote Oposite

Is this some kind of micro trend with a “vote candidate” slogan with the opposing candidates picture on it? Just in the last week I saw the Vote Hillary and Vote Obama T-shirts from Headline shirts (a source at the company also told me that the vote Obama is selling 20% more than the Vote Hillary, a t-shirt poll?). And then Mingled sent me a couple of images of his line of t-shirts he’s done for the Mayoral race in London which say Vote Ken and Vote Boris (again with the images reversed).

Hmmm, havn’t these guys seen the Vintage Vantage T-shirt, reverse phycology doesn’t work :-)

Vv Psych 1

Threadshow Highlights from Sunday

Well this Sunday was another Threadshow at the Galleria in SOMA, it was a good time and there was some new stuff there that I hadn’t seen previously. I was hanging with the editor of the San Francisco Thrillist who was also trying to catch up on local designers. I also met up with a reporter from San Francisco Magazine who was also interested in the T-shirt related goings on. I spent a couple of hours wondering around the show so I thought i’d post a few pics of some of the shirts I got while I was there.

this shirt will benefit
Well I always love Headlineshirts but i’m a bit biased since they started plying me with alcohol up at their fabulous partays. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the shirt is on the site yet.

office angel
This was a new brand to me called Apocathary, and I liked a couple of their shirts, unfortunately I can’t find a url on their web site, so anyone if anyone knows please post in the comments.

A new shirt from Artefacture clothing who brought us the Design Will Save The World shirt (which BTW is available for purchase in the SFMOMA) has this new shirt. The design is not the interesting thing in this case but the fabric which is a sustainable bamboo/organic cotton blend. Apparently often harsh chemicals are used to process bamboo into fabric which makes it difficult to do “organic” bamboo.

This is another new design from Artefacture.

turk + taylor
Used Car T from Turk + Taylor, love the use of appliques for the banner here. I’ve meant to write about these guys last time I met them at Threadshow, love their stuff. Not sure where you buy it though, apart from Threadshow.

rise up
Last but not least the very ambitious Rise Up Clothing that is a bone fide non-profit trying to make a difference (I apologize in advance for the web site as they have somewhat disembarked from some of the norms of web navigation :-)

Anyway, apart from the web site I like their designs which stand on their own as great designs, with the added benefit of a cause. I find most “cause” related cothing lets design take the back seat which is a shame if you think about the power of great design to communicate.


To top it off I found some Iron Maiden co-branded Vans, amazing :-)
iron maiden

Iron Man Trailer To Be Made Into Full Length Movie and Iron Man T-Shirt

Wildly Popular ‘Iron Man’ Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full-Length Film

I love the Onion, just brilliant. Of course if you need an Iron Man T-shirt to show your love for the timeless Iron Man Trailer you can pick up a bunch at

iron man

Movie via LaughingSquid

Greenloop – Organic, Sutainable, Eco Friendly Clothing


This t-shirt Extinction is sold through an online retailer called Greenloop which is dedicated to organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly clothing.

All brands carried by Greenloop employ a variety of responsible practices, including: using eco-friendly, sustainable materials; employing energy efficient and low-impact production; investing in renewable energy and carbon offsets; and maximizing recycling and waste reduction. In addition to these practices, these companies engage in fair trade, support organic agriculture, sweat-shop free production, and various environmental non-profit groups through in-kind and financial donation.

Via the Thrillist

If you are interested in sustainability I highly recommend reading the The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, it is obviously nothing to do with clothing, but it is a real eye opener as to what organic and sustainable really means. Just because something says organic doesn’t mean it hasn’t been shipped around the world, the point being it’s worth thinking critically about this before you just jump on something because it says organic.

The secret word/trivia today is related to the movie still bellow, be the first to name the movie and the actor in the comments and you win a $25 Threadless gift certificate.