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Obama is the new black – New Political Blog and Lessons in blog promotion


Consider this some innovative blog promotion, create a fun name for your new political blog “Obama is the New Black“, create a t-shirt based on it, send it out to some t-shirt bloggers, get some incoming links and some new readers, and maybe sell a couple of t-shirts. Hey, i’ve got a soft spot for bloggers, it’s often a thankless task, so although the t-shirt won’t win any design or fashion awards it deserves a plug and a bit of the famous “tcritic bounce” :-)

On a side note, Elizabeth who writes the blog is a writer and actor and performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in NYC (Damn, I loved that show, Oh Amy Poehler do you even know I exist :-( ) and even created a little youtube skit to promote the blog as well.

hot chicks with douchbags

I’ve known about this site for a while, but until today was not compelled to post about it, i’m afraid this one did it for me. I don’t know where you can buy the shirt, but i’m sure if you want the shirt you are probably a douchebag :-)

Just waiting for Elliot Spitzer and “Kristen” or should I say “Ashley Alexandra Dupre” as reported by BreakingNewsOnTwitter, here’s her myspace page, she better get some ads on that.

A Fierce Tranny Hot Mess T-Shirt From Wire and Twine


The Fierce t-shirt is a tranny hot mess for sure.

Here’s the explanation from Wire & Twine

We got giddy after watching that SNL skit about Project Runway this weekend and we keep telling each other “You’re a tickety-tack tranny hot mess, outta control super-tranny from Transylvania who is not apologizing for it.”

Via Chris Glass

Here’s mine:

Jesus Loves Immigrants new from Vintage Vantage

jesus loves immigrants

Not only does Jesus Love Immigrants but Vintage Vantage loves Tcritic readers as they have given us a coupon code for 21% off just use “tcritic2″ when your checking out!

and check out their $10 retirement sale, where the retired designs are getting sold off

brought this upon myself

Client 9 T-Shirts – Spitzer T-shirts

Bt Client 9 Gallery 5267 01

Wow, those guys at Busted Tees are fast as lightning, pre-order your Client 9 T-Shirt now for 14.99 :-)

Please leave a comment if you find any other Client 9 Related goods and i’ll update the post, i’m sure this is the first of many :-) Surely “Spitzer Swallows” is on it’s way (OH on the daily show) .

Two T-Shirts from Jordan Atkinson

oh death

Well i’ve been waiting all week to post these because after I found Jordan’s web site, it promptly went down and was down all frikin week. Anyway, it’s back up and worth checking out, he’s a designer and artist and sells some pretty awesome prints on his site. He went to college pretty near where I grew up in the UK and now lives and works in London. Anyway, he’s only got two shirts right now but I hope to see more.

frankie says relax

Oh, and yes there is a huge Amy Winehouse resemblance, which reminds me of this Amy Crackhouse shirt from LuckyThreadz :-)

top ten Reasons i Procrastinate t-shirt

top ten Reasons i Procrastinate

In addition to the procrastinators t-shirt see also the procrastinators flow chart

Procrastination Flowchart p

Flowchart via The Adventures of Accordion Guy and the t-shirt via the Swiftlabel blog

E1 Brick Lane T-Shirt from Swiftlabel

e1 brick lane

This E1 Brick Lane t-shirt is awesome, that is all :-)

Design By Humans 6 months on


If you had suggested to me last year in September that you were going to start a t-shirt company just like threadless with community submitted designs that were voted on by the community I would have suggested you were misguided and probably should take up another line of work like knitting or dog walking. Well here we are 6 months later and we have a legitimate hit and if you are not trolling DesignByHumans (DBH) on a regular baisis you are missing out on some great stuff.

sketched audience
Sketched Audience (another Tom Burns Joint)

Anyway, go and check out this interview on T-Shirt Island that Rangga did with Jason Gutierrez (here’s Jason’s page on DBH)

Design by Human tee Shir 02

Something for Everyone at Thriving Ink

Mixed Tape
Mixed Tape

Thriving Ink is a pretty new t-shirt company which aims to put the artist front and center. Their initial line is a lineup of ten artists from all over the world including Indonesia, Brazil, Phillipines, Canada, Poland, and the US. The designs are all very different ranging from iconic design, to more art focused, some you will like and some you will not, but I do think there is something for everyone here. Anyway, for a new t-shirt company I give these guys props for spending some time and effort on the design of their web site, trying to highlight the artists (although you can’t see what artist did what on the home page of the shop, you can navigate by artist to see all their stuff), and by having a good selection out of the gate.

Cinematic Orchestralg
Cinematic Orchestra

Crate Diggerlg
Crate Digger

First Kisslg
First Kiss

They suggested in their email to me that they were going to be rotating ten artists at a time to keep their brand fresh, but i’m not sure what they will do with the old lines, if they get retired or their is some kind of back catalogue.

The Game Is On – For The Love of Gaming


Well the Game Developer Conference was just in San Francisco and it was an exciting time for where I work, which is Nokia, more specifically in the video game group, N-Gage. Anyway, I actually worked with a some of the folks there on producing some t-shirts that shirts that various people were wearing at the conference that contained an easter egg of sorts, the easter egg was the phrase “for the love of gaming”. If you go there right now you will be challenged with some pretty difficult video game trivia, and maybe some clues as to what this is all in aid of :-) There’s also a song called “2D Died” to download from the awesome 8bitweapon.


On a side note big thanks to Chris at Revel Industries for help with the shirts and t-shirts, they even had to do a dress shirt Anssi Vanjoki who was giving the keynote at GDC.


Other coverage:
Level Up
Pocket Gamer

More Helvetica T-Shirts FTW! Heveticat


I wonder if Helvetica is one of the most T-Shirted fonts ever? I love these new ones I found at Collapse Design, Helveticat tickled me immediatly, but Sex, Drugs, Helvetica, Bold is a brilliantly witty construction as well.

sex drugs helvetica

Glad to say I discovered these through the Facebook “t-shirt appreciation society” where Matt turned us all on to a new blog (well new to me) at

BTW I’m stuck in Heathrow airport for the next 6 hours waiting for my connection to Helsinki, which funnily enough has the airport code of HEL…

Related Live Simply, Use Helvetica

Rarely is the question asked “is our children learning” T-Shirt by Redmolotov


is our children learning” is just delicious, i’m here stuck in the airport in NYC looking forward to be stuck in another one in London and this brought a smile to my face. What’s amazing is just how timeless these gaffs are, I think someone needs to start a “no president left behind program”.

Weekly Comment Competition – Threadless Gift Certificate Prizes

Ok everyone, from now until I say so I will be giving out a $25 threadless gift certificate for my favorite comment or trackback every week. I will also republish that comment or trackback as a post and link to your site if you have one :-)

How to enter:

1. All you have to do to “enter” is leave a comment (including your email address which will not be published), or you can leave a trackback from your own site, both will be included in the competition.

2. Every week I will pick my favorite comment and republish it.

Thats it, have fun :-)

BTW I love this threadless tee, I think the WTF makes it priceless

BTW I got the idea from Read/Write Web which is an awesome site on the topic of web2.0 and social media

Three T-Shirt Directories

Rumplo is a very nice community driven t-shirt collection with voting, profiles etc. Good filtering functionality by color, and nice combination of popular and upcoming on the front page. Sort of Digg for t-shirts

Duck With Glasses
Duck With Glasses is a collection of t-shirt links and images, mostly affiliate driven, with some search features. If you know about the big t-shirt companies there is not a lot of new stuff here.

Liquid Cotton
Another affiliate driven site with lots of t-shirts from the big companies, but with some community voting features. Not sure what was going on though as none of the outgoing links were working.

Both of the sites here that are primarily collections of affiliate links are ok, but if they wanted to be really successful I would suggest they build a widget that t-shirt bloggers could put in there side bar using their own affiliate codes, that way the blogger gets a bit of revenue and the directory can have an link built into the widget back to the main directory. Anyone trying to use affiliate links know what a frikin nightmare it is to try and build those links, and if you could automate the process (as they are already doing) I think bloggers would be all over it. In fact, build it to work for any affiliate products and millions of bloggers might take advantage, think about all those incoming links :-)



As Rangga from the I missed out which IMHO is certainly one of the strongest designs. Looks like the site was put together by Deft Creative out of the UK so kudos to them, not sure if they did it as an experiment, portfolio piece or for a client? I wonder if they could help me redesign and add some features tcritic :-)

Plug: if you haven’t checked it out come and join the T-Shirt Appreciation Society on facebook, yeah! Also Rethink clothing just posted a 10% off coupon there use “tenoff”.

Update: Springwise the trend portal just posted about Rumplo