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Death Star Grill – Should Be A T-Shirt

ds grill

Dear copyright owner please give me exclusive rights to print this as a T-Shirt and we can make enough money to build a real Death Star :-)

See this and other rejected Star Wars merchandise ideas at Action Figure Insider

Get Video Games With Your T-Shirt at Target

tower god

Just got sent and interesting article sent to me about a new line of T-Shirts that are for sale at Target which are inspired by, and come with a video game. The hangtag itself is a CD which contains a PC video game which seems to comes from the Experimental Gameplay project. The official site for the clothing is still under construction but it’s called EGP Apparel. You can read a more in depth store about this on Kevin Allen’s blog who sent me the article.


Let me know if you have seen this or have any experience with the games, i’m on a mac so I can’t play them :-(

From my friend the Madd Finn

Vans Johnny Ramone Collection

Johnny Front

very cool, from the Vans Johnny Ramone Collection, which of course includes ya hipster skinny jeans and slip on shoes. The shirts cool, but I could not do the whole ensemble, it seems to un-ramone like to have an “outfit”.

Vans Ramones

Via Uncrate and the Mad Finn

Threadless Sale Extended and Extra $5 off coupon

Due to some server downtime Threadless is extending their sale until March 26th and are providing and extra $5 off coupon with code ‘spring08′, only 5,000 of those coupons are going to work so walk don’t run.


Ctrl and Esc T-Shirt

The Fugitive, another ongoing design competition like Design By Humans and Threadless also seems to be doing pretty well, it seems the market for community driven design competitions (that pay out) is pretty damn big.

Previously on Tcritic from Uneetee “where is my happy face

Go Ape Shirts Now Distributed By Busted Tees

Goape 01

Go Ape Shirts who I am a huge fan of and who were the first to ever produce a design that fell under “Best T-Shirt Ever” for the classic AT-AT Has a Boo Boo is now being distributed through Busted Tees. Congrats to Josh behind Go Ape because I know he was running the whole thing from home which is a bit of a strain, and would sometimes leave rabid customers wanting.

Take advantage of the fact they are having a last minute easter sale starting tomorrow:

Busted Tee’s Easter Sale Friday through Sunday!!!!
From Friday the 21st through Sunday the 23rd All t-shirts will be $13.99.”

Have fun and have a great easter, I’m going to be hanging with some friends on Sunday at a WWJE dinner (that is What Would Jesus Eat), well my question is what wouldn’t he eat :-)

The classic t-shirt from Go Ape that I wrote about in May 06.
148425858 56fb 35aef 3

Ceiling Cat T-Shirt

Ceiling cat

I must have this Ceiling Cat T-Shirt, guaranteed to start a conversation or connect you with another lolcat fan!

Ceilingcat 01

From of course the source of lolcat culture

What’s The Most Popular T-Shirt For A Mugshot?

kind of makes you wonder in a kind of nature vs. nurture way, are people wearing Scarface t-shirts more likely to commit a crime, or just more likely to get arrested?

0314081mugs 1 01

0314081mugs 9 01

0314081mugs 4 01

0314081mugs 11 01

0314081mugs 5 01

0314081mugs 10 01

0314081mugs 6 01

0314081mugs 8 01

0314081mugs 3 01

0314081mugs 7 01

0314081mugs 2 01

Thanks Smoking Gun

If I get arrested I think this shirt would be entirely appropriate, it says “GTA Made Me Do It


Super Hawt T-Shirts on sale at Ciara Couture

bad apples

Wow, not only is this t-shirt smoking, the “bad apples” concept works on several naughty levels while somehow retaining a certain plausible deniability. They have a bunch of other really nice prints and these all normally go for $65 but use the coupon code “bear” and you’ll get them for $30.

Three New Star Wars T-Shirts

Just found these very cool and new Star Wars T-Shirts by Addict, these are actually officially licensed and very expensive if you’re in the US :-(

Addict Boba Fett Star Wars 1
Boba Fett

Addict Sandtrooper Star Wars 1
Sand Trooper

Addict Biker Scout Star Wars 1
Biker Scout

On a side note I just noticed one of my co-workers has this super cool Lego Boba Fett:


T-Shirts Via

Loyal Army Haz Shop?

loyal army

Yeah, loyal army now has an online shop where you can spend money and get cool t-shirts and warmer hoodies.

cloud heart
Heart Cloud

Threadless Spring Cleaning sale $9 shirts

Now’s the time to spend your threadless STP because it’s spring cleaning and loads of threadless shirts are $9 through March 29th.


And I always like to post a shirt I like as well, I love this one and have probably posted it before.
Movies, Ruining The Book Since 1920

Happy Steak and BJ Day Everyone

all daddy wanted

That’s right, March 14th is Steak and BJ day, enjoy. If you want to throw you own Steak and BJ party here’s how you make a BJ (the drink that is).

Turn Signals In Your Hoodie

turn signals

Leah Buechley used the LilyPad wearable e-textile technology that she created to turn this jacket into an illuminated turn signal for cyclists, or pedestrians, or big wheelers, or even motorcyclists I guess.


You can buy all the Lily Pad series of wearable, sewable and believe it or not washable technology here. If anyone does anything cool with a t-shirt leave a comment and i’ll repost.

Found on Why Me, a very cool blog about design stuff.

Menergy or Power Thirst should be a T-shirt

Found this in the 2007 YouTube Awards under comedy, I would buy a Powerthirst, Menergy T-shirt :-) Best lines

“made with real lightning”

“Shockolate, Chocolate energy, like adding chocolate to an electrical storm”

“Sports, you’ll be good at them”

UPDATE you might want to see the second one they do for College Humor PowerThirst 2, thanks for pointing that out Suzie.

As it turns out the guys that put this together at PicnicFace do have Turbopuns and 400 babies on t-shirts :-)


400 babies