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New T-Shirt Brand – Mythic Clothing and a secret word challenge

Juan de los Muertos

Mythic Clothing is a new clothing brand started veteran t-shirt designer Rocky Davies, who has had designs previously on Threadless and Oddica.

Soul Train
Soul Train

The secret word is a 4 letter word that is related to both of t-shirts and a Mexican holiday.

Drupal Vader and RoboGames

drupal vader

Well I went out on friday for a happy hour co-hosted by hosting company (and awesome SF, art, culture and all round coolness blog) Laughing Squid (aka Scott Beale) and Robo Games organizer David Calkins. Scott (pictured below, sorry for the crappy picture) was sporting this awesome Darth Vader T-shirt and I discovered that it’s actually based on the Drupal logo and was just some schwag that the Raincity Studios team (a drupal based developer/community builder) put together for SXSW. I wish they would sell the damn thing, it’s awesome.

drupal logo


Some other really interesting bloggers at this event were Simone who authors SuicideBots about, you guessed it Robots; Ariel who writes ShakeWellBeforeUse on sex, advertising, and tech; Violet Blue who has a media empire built around sex, erotica and education; and video blogger and producer extaordinare of Eddie Codel.

BTW the next RoboGames is coming up in June and will be at Fort Mason in SF, take a look at some of the videos, looks like a blast:

Event Dates: Friday-Sunday, June 12-15, 2008
Time: Fri: Noon-7 pm (seven hours of fun!!! )
Sat: Noon-10 pm (ten hours of fun!!! )
Sun: Noon-7 pm (seven hours of fun!!! )
Where: Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, San Francisco, California

Kind of monster truck racing for nerds :-) You can buy tickets here, a nice touch is that active duty servicemen and their dependents get in free.

There is a secret word but you have to guess this time :-)

Patagonia T-Shirt Exhibition Tomorrow – Santa Monica, CA

nikki mcclure

Patagonia started a line of print t-shirts a while ago that focused on natural materials and artists that they at Patagonia admire like Nikki McClure who designed the t-shirt above. Well they are having a T-Shirt exhibition tomorrow in Santa Monica which looks interesting so if you’re in the area drop in. It’s a bit far for me but i’d love to hear from anyone that goes, although it’s pretty short notice.

Patagonia T-Shirt Exhibit
Opening reception: 29 March 2008, 8-10pm
2936 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405 map
tel. +1 310 314 1776

You should also check out their Footprint Chronicle which is an interactive tool to show the impact of where materials are sourced and manufactured and takes you through the process that often spans the world.


Hot T-Shirts From Quiet Hero

Clav Pink w Burn

Quiet Hero clothing hails out of La Jolla, CA and has some very cool and very provocative designs. Their prints are on vintage tees as well as an interesting 70% bamboo 30% cotton blend, and if you have never felt bamboo cloth you are in for a very pleasant surprise, this stuff very soft and hangs in a way that looks great. I’ve not seen their shirts specifically but other bamboo cloth i’ve seen has a wonderful drape. These shirts aren’t cheap at $58 but I think the design and fabric makes these very unique and worth spending a bit more on, think of these as your “going out shirts”.

Aprayer Charcoal w bam
A Prayer

Mermaid Charcoal m bam

The secret word is “clavicle”

A Fellow Blogger Needs Some Help

A marketer blogger acquaintance of mine Todd has just had some really tough news about his sister Tricia pictured below, he has written a heartfelt blog post asking for support and help here:


This is my sister, Tricia. Last Thursday, March 20, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer called invasive lobular carcinoma. With absolutely no history of cancer in our family, this came as a huge shock.

Yesterday, we learned that the cancer is in both breasts, so Tricia will have a bilateral mastectomy on Saturday – 36 hours from now – to surgically remove both. It’s a seven-hour operation that will be followed with a comprehensive and overwhelming menu of treatments – chemo, hormone therapy, radiation, etc.

He has set up a web site to help support her here which includes a blog for her to talk about the process and experience and some fund raising options as well to help cover the enormous medical expenses that can be associated with this, which of course includes a T-Shirt (I probably would have written about this without the T-Shirt).


I lost two friends and co-workers over Christmas, one to Leukemia and one to lung cancer and every time I hear about stuff like this it becomes more personal and I guess I’m becoming more empathetic as I get older.

Gear Crave Busted Tees T-Shirt Giveaway

gear crave

Well it looks like more t-shirts are being given away in the name of blog promotion. Gear Crave, a blog about cool stuff for guys is giving away a bunch of BustedTees T-shirts, go and sign up here.

Tcritic Secret Word Comment Competition $525 Threadless Gift Certificate Give Away

Hey everyone, i’m having a little competition over the next month where I am going to give away a total of 21 threadless $25 gift certificates. Basically every day or so I will post a secret word in one of my blog posts on Tcritic like this: the secret word is “banana” and the first person to make a comment on that post with the secret word will win the gift certificate (providing you fill in a proper email address in the field when you leave the comment). See this post for example.

I will also be throwing in some bonus certificates by posting a secret word to twitter and the winner will be the first person to leave a comment on the post that the secret word twitter post is linking to.

Oh and feel free to share this on your blogs and other forums, if this works out well i’ll try and figure out some other fun games to play with Threadless bucks, and maybe even some other t-shirt companies might step up to provide some fun prizes :-)

Eat People Not Animals – P is For Panda $10 Sale

p is for panda

P is for Panda is having a great $10 t-shirt sale. I think the Eat People Not Animals is a deliciously naughty t-shirt that is sure to start a conversation. I have an old T-Shirt that says “you are what you eat” and somehow that statement became a lot more salacious as soon as you wear it on a t-shirt.

SFist Custom T-Shirt for 5.99

Sfist Productimg Redux 01

Not sure how long this is going on for but the Neighborhoodies is selling the SFist T-shirt is going for $5.99 and includes custom text on the back of the shirt. Yes, it’ll be really easy to create a client# 9 shirt :-)

Also I will give a $25 Threadless gift certificate to the first person that posts the secret word to a comment here. The Secret Word will be contained in one of my twitter posts in the next hour (by 11 am PST) :-) (obviously you have to fill in the email field when leaving the comment for me to send you the certificate)

The secret word is “banana” and Cory won!

Threadless Human Giant T-shirt Competition

Threadless is doing a “Threadless Loves” competition for Human Giant which is a hysterical show. Check out this episode with Will Arnet from Arrested Development:

Oh and as a special surprise today the first person to comment on this post gets a $25 gift certificate for threadless (don’t forget to fill in your email address) :-)

Gamer T-Shirts for fans of the obscure reference

If anyone comes up to you when you’re wearing one of these and actually comments on it you know you have found someone especially nerdy to hang with :-) Great shirts from Meatbun


Fn py 01

Agro Polo

Auto Hunter

Auto Hunter 2

Oh and if you like these shirts you’ll love the Wonderland blog where I found these shirts.

Nihon Uni Stab Resistant T-Shirt

stab resistant t-shirt

Nihon Uni has developed a t-shirt crafted from “ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber.” Resistant to blades, it’s not so resistant to points so ice picks and arrows are still to be avoided (if you want that you’ll have to get some mithril). Long sleeved versions retail for ¥22,000 ($221) to ¥59,000 ($593), while the way less protective short-sleeved variety will run you between ¥19,000 ($191) and ¥52,000 ($522).

Ironicaly via Slashgear and Engadget and my friend the Madd Finn

Yes Press – New Shirts out of Emeryville, CA

Shopphotosmall 01

YesPress is a small custom screen print shop out of Emeryville, CA and they do great work. I first heard of them through a band called the Lovely Public who I saw at in someone’s back garden in the Mission.

bone of the gnome
BONE OF THE GNOME by Nat Russell

Well they’ve now come out with their first collection based on some of their favorite emerging artists. I can attest to their quality and craft like approach to printing, so check them out. I will be keeping my eye on them for new stuff.

The Chip
THE CHIP by Brendan Nakahara

Dogs ABS
DOG ABS by Dave Singley

The Troops Are Having a Blast


Censored Document from Headlineshirts is very clever and very poignant at the same time.

censored document

Torso Pants T-Shirts For Smart Asses


Think of Torso Pants as the thinking mans T-Shirt Hell, well actually it’s by the same people as T-Shirt hell but with less rudeness and more obscure humor. I am a particular fan of the I <3 Transitive Pictograph Verbalizations and the Hancock Blocker

hancock blocker

All the shirts can be custom configured when you order so you get a lot of choice regarding color and style. I’m not sure what kind of printing method they are using but when I get my hands on one I’ll do a more thorough review.