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Consume Everything from Origin68


I love the idea behind this Origin68 t-shirt, the irony of course that i’m promoting consumption of this thing while somehow looking down on the act of consumption. That being said the t-shirt industry has been one of the leading examples of the concept of consumer on it’s head, look at threadless, their doing more than 18M a year (and that’s an old figure) and their whole product development process is driven by their customers. Look at Cafepress, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, all putting the power of creativity in the hands of consumers. In many ways the internet kills the old concept of the passive consumer, that is a person that eats product and craps cash, and are now driving what is made for them, and using the web to wrestle power from corporations. Now we’re posting on blogs, commenting on forums, rating products, making companies transparent and rejecting shit. Anyway, I found this shirt from the T-Shirt Appreciation Society group that I started on Facebook (already 40 members), so check it out.

consumer close up

If you’re interested in how the internet is changing consumer culture you should check out the, the cluetrain manifesto, and this site trendwatching, i particularly recommend Transparency Tyranny, Crown Clout and Customer Made.

Hmm, end rant :-)

Weighted Companion Cube T-Shirts


If there was one empathetic relationship I had with a video game character last year it was with the Weighted Companion Cube in Valve’s amazing puzzle FPS Portal. If you have an xbox or pc I highly recommend getting the orange box if only to play portal :-)

A nice picture of the valve shirt from DeviantArt

cake is a lie
The cake is a lie from Jinx

cube hoodie
Companion Cube Hoodie from Etsy

Anyone else know of companion cube paraphernalia?

Another from Sebastian at Split Reason from the web comic Cntl+Alt+Delete web comic.
companion cube split reason

Everyone’s Got A Little Irish in them for St Patricks even Obama


OMG, O’Bama is going after the Irish vote :-) Very creative! I can’t believe this is an official Obama shirt from

Bookmarks for February 22nd through February 25th

These are my links for February 22nd through February 25th:

Human Genome T-Shirt from the AAAS

Aaastshirt big 01

The Human Genome on a t-shirt by the AAAS (which is apparently one of the oldest science organizations in the world). Thanks Jeremy for sending this one in, very geeky, and very cool.

Reminds me of this brilliant shirt from Questionable Content, She Blinded Me With Library Science (scroll down, there’s no permalink to the shirt)


Untee mystery t-shirt for 6 bucks

Untee 01

Uneetee which is a similar model to Threadless has a couple of interesting promotions they do on occasions, one is the mystery tee which is a meager $6, sort of like a subscription t-shirt without the commitment. The other thing they do on a regular basis, every day in fact, is an insanitee which is one t-shirt design on sale every day for $10, sort of like

This is a great one, Arrrgyle, got to get that for international talk like a pirate day.

Arrrgyle t Shirt

Horror and Beloved T-Shirts from


Akumu Ink just launched in February 2008 and I like their line up, distinctive, original designs screened exclusively on black American Apparel. They’re based in Montreal, Canada and they do the screenprinting themselves. They have a group on facebook and a blog as well, seems like more and more companies are getting hooked into these various social media channels. Somewhat related I wrote about a bunch of t-shirt related Facebook applications last week, and started a new Facebook group called the T-Shirt Appreciation society, come and join in, cheers.


Bookmarks for February 9th through February 22nd

Yelp Happy Hour T-Shirts

Went out to a DYL (destroy your liver) happy hour with some folks from Yelp last week and there were some pretty sweet t-shirts on display. Last friday it was at Kennedy’s which is an Irish Bar and Curry house.

Jamie, the sexy panda sporting this gem. I found it rumored to be on sale at but couldn’t find it, anyone know where this is for sale?
dinner and drinks

Eric with a Guns and Roses VS. Motley Crue, mmmmm, I think Motley Crue would win :-)
guns and roses vs

Amanda wearing a very color coordinated “I wish I were” from threadless
I wish I were

Phil wears an obscure design but I immediately recognize it as the print based on the Zeitgeist door by Revel Industries

And yours truly wearing the Battle Royale – Girl #3 t-shirt that rocks so hard from Airside
girl #3 from airside

I’ve searched for this “everyone loves a jewish boy” t-shirt online but can’t find this version, anyone?
everyone loves a jewish boy

Wearing t-shirts can be thirsty work obviously.
cool t-shirt

And you know how sometimes skilled bartenders will draw a shamrock in your Guinness, well this one managed to draw a penis in mine… I wonder if it was the bartenders way of flirting with me or something else?
penis shamrock

A Dozen T-Shirt and Fashion Related Applications on Facebook

Here’s an interesting and eclectic group of applications on facebook, whether you’re trying to sell and market t-shirts or you just love t-shirts there are lots of ideas here and things to play around with on Facebook.

Threadless Plus

Share your Threadless collection and promote your submissions!

threadless app

Etsy Shop
The Etsy shop application provides the ability to display either your shop or your favorites.

T-Shirt Money Maker with busted tees

Share your favorite t-shirts with your friends and make money too!

t-shirt money maker

Wear Me Naked T-shirt application

Application allows you to send “wear me naked” t-shirts gifts to your Facebook friends and gets you a discount on real wear me naked t-shirts

wear me naked

By sending free WEAR ME NAKED t-shirt gifts to your friends, lovers and soon to be lovers you receive discounts to buy the real WEAR ME NAKED shirts! Our shirts are hand painted and hand stenciled with hand sewn unique patches. Besides giving your t-shirts a good hand job, we hire artists to fill our orders so every shirt you receive was hand made especially for you. You can also choose to donate $1 of your purchase to a charitable organization of your choice from our list.

My Label

Show your style on your profile!

Send the latest, hottest, sexiest clothing to your friends!

If thats not enough for you, then CREATE your own fashion and upload it, then either wear it, add it to your wardrobe, or send it as a gift.

With many different styles to choose from, let the world know how stylish (or anti-stylish) you are!

my label

Sense of Fashion

Post the picture of you wearing some cool gear and let your friends rate your sense of fashion :-)

Find out what your friends thought about the shirt you wore to that party last night. Let them rate your sense of fashion in different pictures, and rate theirs in return.

sense of fashion

T-Shirt E-Store (Your Image 4 FREE, Earn $5 Each)

A free Facebook t-shirt e-Store! Upload your own images, and start selling from your profile! Your images are printed on the products upon purchase.

Create outfits using real items clipped from any online store. Share your style with friends or browse thousands of looks by color, brand or item. Send your friends the gift of fashion, for free. There are thousands of outfits to choose from. Potentially a great way to share t-shirt ideas in the context of other clothes. There are even a couple of facebook groups dedicated to Polyvoreaddicts.


Another potential route for getting t-shirt designs out there. I’m not sure if companies pay to get their clothes added to the mix here, but there are certainly some big company sponsors.

brand me

T-Shirt Appreciation Society

Come and join this new group I just started on facebook :-)

And not strictly fashion or T-shirt related but these apps help integrate flickr with facebook to share you pics of t-shirts etc.

My Flickr

Flickr photos meets Facebook. My Flickr allows you to display your photos according to certain criteria such as: Recent Photos, Tags, Interesting, Date Range, Privacy Filter, Photosets and etc.

zuPort: Flickr
zuPort: Flickr automatically imports your public Flickr photostream and keeps your sets, collections, tags, comments.

Flickr Photos
Share your Flickr photos with your friends on Facebook, see what your Facebook friends have been up to on Flickr, and browse friends’ Flickr photo collections.

I’m sure there must be more, do you have any favorites i’ve missed, leave a comment and i’ll update the post.

T-Shirts for Venture Capitalists from – buy the t-shirt or the company


Just launched yesterday is a site that not only sells very funny t-shirts targeted to VC’s for $100 you can also buy the company while your at it for $100,000, just add it to your shopping cart. I can’t think of a more perfect targeting strategy for selling a company than creating a line of goods specifically targeted to VC’s, genius.

Buy vc Wear

via mashable

Love is lame music video?

Ok, who the hell are you guys? One t-shirt, hand screened, being sold through etsy, and now a music video? WTF, explain yourselves, is this some kind of mega corporation with some kind of alterier motive? or is this a creative act by someone just for fun?


Video found via Steve at Adrants

UPDATE: maybe not a mega corporation, but Chad Silvers a Screenprinter in Brooklyn, good stuff Chad, can’t wait to see more stuff :-)

Karl is King T-shirt

karl is king Well this is a great find for anyone called Karl I guess, the good news is your the king baby, the bad news, it’s after Karl the puffer fish. I guess you have to take the rough with the smooth. It’s from a very weird and wonderful “pirate supply store” at 826 Valencia in San Francisco which I recommend you check out if you have the chance.

A blogger friend of mine who writes HeatEatReview (a review site for frozen dinners, yes there is a blog for everything) and here’s what she writes:

826 Valencia is more than a haven for young writers in the Mission. It is more than a pirate supply store. It is the home of Karl, the porcupine puffer fish. If you’re interested in supporting youth writing, stocking up on lard (available in-store only), proclaiming your love for McSweeney’s (the ultimate time-waster for hipsters everywhere), or trying to get on the good side of Tcritic’s editor, this could be the store for you.

The fish is offset toward the bottom left of the shirt, so it won’t look like you have an alien coming out of your chest, just out of your torso.


Yes we can… No we can’t

Not sure if you have seen this, but there is a tenuous t-shirt connection so bare with me. This is a video the Black Eyed Peas put together, mashed up with Barak Obama’s famous “yes we can” speech. If you are like me and you long for an American President orator i’m sure you will like this video.

And now for the t-shirt connection, well this next video is a brilliant parody of music mashed up with John Mccain speeches called “No we can’t”. The guitarist in the video is sporting a one of my favorite threadless classics Funkalicious.

Found via threadless’s new Threadspotting section


More Nerd Love from Insanely Great Tees and Valentines Forms from the bureau of communication

Love Apple
Apple Love

Couple of great t-shirts from Insanely Great Tees, very nerdy, very cool.

Apple First 30
Yep, 30 years, Apple has had it’s ups and downs, but now they are more popular than ever

And from the same guys who do Insanely Great Tees we have the Bureau of Communication Romantic Intent form, please fill this out and send it to me :-)
Romanticintent 2 01

From my friend the Madd Finn