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French Kiss T-shirt from Lucky Threadz by Tom Burns

French Kiss Large

Tom Burns designs another winner here with French KISS. Tom using the same kind of visual pun that he used in his threadless design The Communist Party, which BTW is the number 3 result on google if you do a search for “the communist party”, that’s crazy.

Steampunk Space Invaders

Steampunk Invader

Steampunk seems to have been on everybody’s mind for the last year or so so I though it appropriate to highlight a somewhat Steampunkish spaceinvader t-shirt, and where folks are talking about Steampunk. Anyone else seen any Steampunk related t-shirts? let me know :-)

from Steampunk Nerf Guns via BoingBoing

01 Rnaf 1 01
to Steampunk Lego, again from BoingBoing (I have a feeling their getting obsessed)

Wkb 01
to steampunk LCD and keyboard from Steampunk workshop

Steampunk Treehouse
to the Steampunk treehouse via Laughing Squid

Windmill T-Shirt from Artifexshirts


Artifex t-shirts are all made from 100% organic cotton, and feature designs related to sustainability and environmental issues. Not only that the shirts are reasonably priced at $17 each, and they even donate $3 for every windmill shirt toward Native Energy, a company dedicated to bringing new renewable energy solutions to market.

With every Windmill t shirt sold, we donate $3 to Native Energy , an organization that facilitates the production of clean energy projects. Supporting a Native Energy program goes beyond merely buying energy from a renewable source: the offsets you purchase will fund a renewable energy project that would not have been possible otherwise.


I Wish I Were – By Threadless

I Wish i Were

Well I haven’t broken out the “best t-shirt ever” category for a while but I think this little gem from threadless is genius. Talk about a smile in the mind design, great bit of visual wit.

Love is Lame and Link Titbits

love is lame

Just getting ready for valentines :-) Love is lame also available on Etsy:

UPDATE: Alright I got this shirt and it totally rocks, the print is wonderfully distressed and I love it, got lots of great feedback already on the couple of times i’ve worn it. My one gripe is American Apparel sizing, now I have a 40″ chest and 34″ waist so I need a large (a medium in AA is skin tight otherwise), and i’m 5’9″ so i’m not that short, but this frikin shirt is round my knees it’s so long, I think you would have to be 6’4″ for this shirt to fit properly.

and some link titbits:
Jimi Hendrix Tribute t-shirt on DBH

Great name for a blog all about Screen Printing, The Screening Demons check it out if you want to know about screenprinting.

Monsieur T’s 4th anniversary sale 40 to 50% off, run don’t walk

New t-shirt brand Dabigond got some cool designs

Tcritic readers get 20% off Tenbills shirts (famously $10 each) using coupon code SAVETWENTY (expires
2/15/2008) that’s $8 per shirt folks

Also what do you guys think about the change of format, more links? more news? or more focus on individual designs? I realize I only post once a day, only LOL, but I have more and more emails coming in.

Stan Lee All The Time – Via Secret Headquarters


If I hadn’t watched Spiderman 3 last night, and heard about an interview with Stan Lee on Mahalo Daily with the beautiful Veronica Belmont I don’t think i’d be posting this today, but clearly the universe conspires. God Save Stan Lee!

Via HYA and BoingBoing

Robot Love T-Shirt from Go Ape Shirts

while the kids are on standby

I love this new design from Go Ape, it’s called “while the kids are on standby”. Couple of funny things about this, it looks like a little robot porn, but it also looks like the female version of the plug is a little surprised about something, kind of a “penis goes where?” expression, or maybe it’s just me :-)

Catdick 01

From Icanhascheezburger

BTW anyone got any tips on insomnia, it’s 4.30 in the morning and i’m wide awake :-(

Footprints In The Mayonnaise from Shirt.Woot!

Grafeetiocu Standard 01

Shirt.Woot! linked to me today as their “side deal” so I thought i’d return the favor, Footprints In The Mayonnaise is yours for $10 today and later for $15, you can discuss the design here.

do you miss Scrabulous? Get the Triple Nerd Score T-shirt

Bt Triplenerdscore Gallery 3824

Are you missing the Scrabulous Facebook application, get the triple nerd score t-shirt to tide you over, everything is on sale for $15 through monday :-)

Emptees – community for t-shirt designers by Big Cartel

Hugetypebig 01

I found this Huge Type Looks Sweet shirt on a community/social networking site for T-Shirt designers called Emptees. This is the site you want to be hanging out at if you are an upcoming designer who is starting your own line, or submitting designs to sites like Threadless and Designed By Humans. I’ve trolled a bit around on the talk threads (which I found because a few kind folks were talking about me) and found it to be an incredibly positive and supportive environment for people to show off their work, get critiqued, and get advice on the business side of things. Not only is this a great place for designers, I highly recommend it if your looking for new and unique t-shirts, everyone is showing off their work, and there is a voting system to promote stuff that the community loves. Emptees doesn’t do any of the printing or anything they just link to where you can buy the finished article.

It makes total sense that Big Cartel would start something like this, as they essentially provide very simple online store and ecommerce functionality that is perfect for running your own t-shirt store. Big Cartel currently hosts over 12,000 stores and has built there business entirely through word of mouth marketing.

Here’s another find from Emptees which you can buy at Designed By Humans. Faces

Great stuff guys, i’ll be hanging out there more :-)

Pity the Fool T-Shirt by True Believer Clothing

Pitythefool Lemon

This is a new company to me, based out of the North of England, the shirts are about 25 GBP which is unfortunate for our American readers, but they do offer free shipping in the UK. I especially like Pity The Fool, and The Queensbury Rules.

Queensbury Fatigue

Be Kind Rewind Review and Movie Parody T-Shirts – Swedeing is the new mashup

Just saw the new Jack Black/Mos Def movie “Be Kind, Rewind” last night and I loved it, the director also did Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind and this movie had a similar quirky quality. Apart from being a very funny movie, it had a wonderfully positive message about creativity, that creativity doesn’t have to be perfect, and sometimes we just have to do something and see what happens.

Without giving too much away the movie is about two guys who are looking after a video store who accidently erase all the tapes, their solution to this is of course to shoot their own versions of the movies over the old tapes with of course very crappy, but very funny results. The resultant home made movie has been, in their words “Sweded”, here’s their explanation:

Bekind Sweding  Pictures

Here are a couple of movie parody t-shirts which seemed appropriate. These two are both from Last Exit To Nowhere which I Featured once before, and believe me the Robocop reference is entirely appropriate.

Robocop 1 Pictures

Robocop 2 Pictures

And these two are from a new line of movie inspired t-shirts from Kindred Clothing which are wonderfully creative mashups or sweded t-shirts, almost homages.



Of course they are also running a youtube competition for people to create their own sweded movies:

Heath Ledger R.I.P. – Joker T-Shirt

Tripp at

Joker T-Shirt via HotTopic

I was extremely unhappy to hear about Heath Ledger’s death today, such a shock for such a young and talented actor. He was apparently found in his apartment in bed surrounded by sleeping pills, although there has been no confirmation if this was suicide or an accident. He’s recently worked on Batman – The Dark Knight as the Joker and it has been rumored to be some of his best work. Here’s a youtube video of him talking about playing the character.

38 t-shirt links I got while I was away, what’s your favorite

So I got way more email than I can cope with while I was away so I thought i’d just post all the links and let you tell me what you liked :-) Let me know what your favorite is in the comments and I will send a long a gift certificate to the most popular 3.

  1. Portal T-Shirt From Valve from Jeremy Wang
  2. Retro Campaigns from Christine at Retro Campaigns
  3. Dotted Line T-shirt company
  4. Artcotic t-shirts
  5. Diamond Hawk Graphics
  6. Lbow Sports
  7. from Ruslan Tuganov
  8. from Ruslan Tuganov
  9. from Ruslan Tuganov
  10. from Ruslan Tuganov
  11. from Ruslan Tuganov
  12. from Ruslan Tuganov
  13. from Ruslan Tuganov
  14. from Ruslan Tuganov
  15. Monkey Fist Brands from Monkey Fist
  16. Red Lotus Clothing from Red Lotus
  17. ContrastShop from Kenny Contrast Shop (please stop emailing me :-)
  18. Pyknic Clothing from Stephen Thompson
  19. LolCamisetas
  20. Beautiful Decay I know you’ve seen them before but always worth checking out
  21. Black Tooth from and by carey haider
  22. Vicious Ink and Irons
  23. Mini Cassette Tees Some New designs
  24. Controlled Chaos T-shirt at DBH from Jeff Sheldon
  25. Monster FX
  26. A.L.I.E.N clothing
  27. Papagaio hand printed t-shirts
  28. Dirt Box Clothing from Gemma Correll
  29. Ciara Elend block printed t-shirts and accessories and their blog from Ciara Elend
  30. design competition
  31. Monkee Do fighting child obesity by promoting activities for kids by “doing”
  32. Ask Meta Filter “it’s a T-shirt thing”
  33. New stuff from Public Domain Clothing
  34. Stupid Devil t-shirts
  35. Geek Bouteek t-shirts
  36. Spitefull T-shirts
  37. Affliction Clothing
  38. Uniquopy t-shirts on Etsy

Tired of Ed Hardy T-shirts, yeah me too, check out “to die for”

to die for 1

I just got an email from the guys at To Die For Clothing and I’ve got to say I kind of like there stuff. There designs are inspired by graffiti, tattoos, and other art, and the results are pretty cool. I generally don’t like design companies where they use there names in a lot of the designs, but somehow it works for To Die For, because it seems to be more focused on the wearer as opposed to the design company. Anyway, if your tired of seeing Ed Hardy shirts everywhere you look check these guys out.

to die for 2