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Mimi Jude Now Shinier

300 2

MimiJude has been working on some new stuff and has got three new designs using foil so you can be shinier. MimiJude may hurt things by mistake but seems to be making up for it by donating a portion of each sale to helping children who have a parent with cancer. She’s also blogging, check it out, rawr.

Collectic Life T-shirts

Mother Knows Best is a California based clothing company and collaboration of artists out to do some good in the world. Matt sent this in and here is what he had to say.

While their site leaves a little to be desired, the “Mother Knows Best..” T is choice and I give them props for their environmentally friendly angle (water based inks, member business of 1% for the environment, locally sourced Ts). The “Love Machine” T is also good.

The t-shirts look great as well, if you click on the images to get bigger versions on their site you can see really huge pictures, the mother knows best image is about 2 megs :-)

Surfing Monkey

Here’s a bit of a blurb from their site:

A movement which encompasses wearable arts, jewelry and an overall sense of a conscious collective. It is extremely important to me that this clothing venture is more than just a capitalistic scheme, I am striving at providing a social column for talented and thought provoking writers, giving a voice to those dedicated to working towards social justice.

Juno and T-shirts

Fruitful Yuki 01

So I was lucky enough a week or so ago to see a screening of the new movie Juno which was directed by Jason Reitman, who also directed Thank You For Smoking, and written by deliciously monikered Diablo Cody. Now of course this has been getting a fair amount of publicity because Diablo Cody’s route to writing this hit movie was essentially through a blog she wrote as she worked as a stripper (at which blogger has unfortunately not kept up). Sure that’s a salacious story, but she is also an extraordinary writer IMHO and probably would have made it even if she had started a blog about something as mundane as t-shirts :-) (listen to the Fresh Air interview with Reitman and Cody)

Now before I go down the T-shirt rabbit hole I have to tell you this is a wonderful movie and if you have the means I suggest you head out to the movies when it opens in your area (I think it’s just NY/LA now). The style of the movie reminded me in many ways of a Wes Anderson movie but with more down to earth characters, so quirky but in a believable way. The combination of Reitman’s directing and Cody’s super writing make for an awesome combination. Also as Rex at Fimoculous has already pointed out this has got an outstanding soundtrack.

But the t-shirt connections here are interesting as well. The t-shirt I feature above is of a pregnant Japanese comic book hero called Most Fruitful Yuki, which I hope at some point people can buy. Apparently quite a few different shirts were made up to promote this during the early screenings, including the one below quoting a line that Rainn Wilson delivered as Juno frantically shook a pregnancy test hoping to erase the plus sign.

Junotshirt 01
found at SlashFilm

Even more interesting to me was when I discovered another Diablo Cody current blog, where lo and behold I find her reviewing T-shirt companies, a woman after my own heart surely, I mean, listen to this.

I am a T-shirt person. I have at least 30 in rotation at any given time. I even have cotton-jersey bed sheets so I can feel as though I am swaddled in a giant T-shirt when I slumber in the arms of Morpheus.

Here are a couple of shots of Diablo modeling some organic, fair trade shirts from District Cotton

Photo 31 Thumb

Photo 30 Thumb

If you want to keep up with Diablo Cody, who seems to change blogs like underwear, you can find her here

Oh and Diablo consider this an open invitation to guest post about t-shirts any time.

Suicide Girls Clothing

13 Tank 01

Well keeping up the sexy theme for the week I’m posting some Suicide Girl clothing, actually one of their art directors Courtney Riot (wow, that is such a hot name) sent me an email pointing me to some of her designs. Courtney also has a very cool blog at showing off some of her designs, photos, news and other projects, very sexy but NSFW.

15 Womens Thermals 01

18 Collage t 01

Cake Or Death T-shirt and Eddie Izzard stuff


The cake or death t-shirt that someone designed on threadless a while ago is just a rather transparent excuse to talk about Eddie Izzard and the little Lego reenactments that are popping up on youtube, check out the death star canteen as well

Hmm and after a little research on the web I can safely say that people interested in Eddie Izzard t-shirts are an extremely under served market :-)

Hat tip to my sister who is a fabulous artist and blogs here.

Great Deals From Moustache Clothing


I particularly like the Monicled Boar t-shirt from Moustache Clothing, lovely juxtaposition which works on a couple of different levels. From a quality standpoint they obviously have a focus on quality when you look at the description of their tees “custom-made 3.2oz 100% turkish cotton tees printed with water-based inks and discharge printing” sounds almost edible. Anyway, more importantly they are offering a great deal to tcritc readers use the coupon code PREFCUST for 25% off and free shipping on $50 worth.

I havn’t seen these shirts first hand so if you do get one or have one I’d love to hear about it in the comments, cheers, karl.

Tokyo Overload and Tuskan Raider from HusMugglers

Hugs Tokyo Heath

A couple of awesome t-shirts from husmugglers. The Tokyo T-shirt is a great design, also comes in red, but I particularly like this sort of blue/grey on heather, very comic book-esque. As for the Tuskan Raider, FTW, why didn’t I know about this before.

Hugs Tusken

Thanks for sending these in Dmitry, your gift certificate is on the way, cheers.

Guess the t-shirt company, win a $25 Threadless Certificate (and the winner is)


A little wednesday fun, the first person to guess in the comments what company this t-shirt is from gets a $25 threadless gift certificate :-)

Well we had a couple of correct guesses once i gave the hint it was from Russia :-) Anyway, it’s from the Russian version of Threadless called – anyway, thanks for playing everyone, i think I might do this again next week.

My God Rides A Skateboard – From A Better Tomorrow

Xmas Dash 03 01

From the German designer Glanzkinder comes this pretty cool design. The cost is 12 euros from A Better Tomorrow which is pretty reasonably priced.

American Apparel gives up any illusion of subtlety and shows tits

(click on the image for the un-censored version)

Found this American Apparel ad at Copyranter, obviously this happened in a French magazine, if it happened in the US I’m sure congress would end up weighing in :-)

Via adrants and copyranter

Music Elitism – by Diesel Sweeties


I think someone sent me this t-shirt from Diesel Sweeties a while ago but I lost track of it in the mountains of email, but luckily Rex at Fimoculous posted about it again. I have a new tagline for Rex “Fimoculous, the lost and found of the interwebs” :-)

Anyway, if you like venn diagram humor you will love indexed, check it out, it’s awesome.

Card 1182 01

And now Indexed does have a line of t-shirts through Spreadshirt

Routemaster new from Threadless


The Routemaster (pronounced Rootmaster) from Threadless, and all t-shirts are still on sale for $10 through December 16th :-)

Which of course means if you send me cool new t-shirt tips that I publish you can buy yourself 2 and a half t-shirts from threadless, not to be confused with one of the critically acclaimed tv show two and a half men… why is that show still on, seriously.


GTA Made Me Do It

gta made me to it

Next time you are compelled to jack someone’s car and go on an urban rampage of destruction, please, wear this t-shirt :-)

Brohemian Rhapsody from Bustedtees

You’ve seen the movie now own the t-shirt :-) I love Bohemian Rhapsody, from the original to the many homages to it, it’s such an over the top song it just begs for parody, and in this case the lower brow the better: “open your thighs, give my bros high fives”.

I wonder if Collegehumor has partnered with bustedtees on this one, they both seem to be linking to each other. Makes a lot of sense, i guess they have similar demographics.

Ahh, just got an email informing me they are owned by the same people, that makes a lot of sence :-)

Bt Brohemianrhapsody

(This is a sponsored link from Bustedtees but I wouldn’t link to it if it wasn’t awesome)

Electric Zombie took me on a ride

Kyle, the graphic designer behind Electric Zombie seems seems to be extremely prolific. His current t-shirt designs are, shall we say “focused” on horror/zombiesploitation, but if you look at the body of his work he demonstrates a much wider visual range.

Elecz Decay
This t-shirt even glows in the dark :-)

Elecz Philosophy

As I was looking through his band work this t-shirt for the band Dance Gavin Dance really stood out to me. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be sad, but I thought poor gavin represented all our coercion into things we don’t want to do, maybe its because I don’t like to dance :-)

Dgdnewrobot 450 1

I also discovered Merchnow which seems to print a lot of bands gear and it’s totally worth trolling around the t-shirt section for some unique stuff you might not find everywhere.

(A little confusing but there is also a fullfillment company called Merchline, which Electric Zombie is sold through, but Merchnow sells the Dance Gavin Dance shirt)