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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everybody

Abughraib 2color

Well Merry Christmas everybody, hears wishing you all a happy and healthy one. I’m going to be leaving soon for a trip to Vietnam with a couple of my motorcycling buddies, we’re going to be doing an off road motorcycling trip through the north west mountains. I’ll miss my family in England but sometimes you just have to spend your travel dollars on something other than heading back to blighty :-) Not sure what my access to the interwebs is going to be, but i’m thinking the t-shirt news might be kind of light :-) Keep an eye out on flickr and twitter as i’ll be posting there from my phone when i can.

In the meantime, I just wanted to thank you all for reading, commenting, sending in news and tips and everything. Tcritic has been quite a trip and is just over a year old now. With an eye to the new year i’m thinking about doing some new things and would love your feedback on this blog so far. Anything you want to see more of? less of? expand coverage to other things (clothing related)? keep it pure on t-shirts?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Cheers everyone!

Woodcut print t-shirts from Tugboat Printshop

polar bear playing solitaire

These t-shirts are very cool and printed in a very unusual way, as opposed to the more common screen print these are printed using a carved woodcut. This particular t-shirt of a Polar Bear playing solitaire is part of a series of designs influenced by climate change, and it’s a pretty damn good looking shirt as well.


Here’s what they say on etsy:

“Polar Bear Playing Solitaire” is a collaborative woodcut by Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth printed (through the press!) on white American Apparel t-shirts. LIMITED EDITION run–we will not be reprinting this shirt!

They even have a video tutorial for how to do woodcut prints

(can you believe Etsy has it’s own channel, Etsy TV people)

Thanks Joe at FantasticBonanza for posting this as part of Indie Week :-)

Facebook More Addictive Than Crack From

Facebook t Shirt With top

Facebook More Addictive Than Crack t-shirts are a limited edition of 500pcs, oh, and they have a Facebook group as well :-)

Fleur 1

Even i’m on Facebook

Hat tip to

Battle Royale T-Shirts back in Stock at Airside

M Frot Closeup

These brilliant and iconic t-shirts from the graphic design agency Airside have been around for a while but they are just back in stock. The t-shirts are inspired by a famous Japanese movie called Battle Royale, which is a sort of combination of Lord of the Flies and The Running Man. Essentially 21 9th grade students are dropped on an island forced to fight one another under the guise of military experimentation. I’ve never seen the movie but I think it’s going in my netflix queue right now :-) Anyone seen it?

M Closeup Henki

All Tied Up from Full Bleed

Fullb Alltied 01

I love Full Bleed t-shirts, the All Tied Up t-shirt is another great example of Full Bleeds designerly approach. This particular shirt contains so many metaphors it’s a feast for the mind as well as the eyes.

Interestingly i’ve always had a hard time navigating the Full Bleed web site and finding all the t-shirts together as they release shirts as a series, kind of like the collection concept that some sites use. Anyway, I found the best way to see all their shirts is by looking at their Merchline store here.

Lincoln Shot First by half pixel stuff

Lincoln Shot First

Lincoln Shot First is a t-shirt that you have to be a special kind of nerd to get :-)

All part of Indie-week which myself and FantasticBonanza are currently participating in :-)

Ike Says Relax From Watch Your Back NYC


Ike Says Relax is probably one of the best Ike Turner t-shirts i’ve seen, not much competition I know, but if you’re going to wear one now’s the time.

Ike Model 01

Thanks to Brian who sent it in, i’m really pleased to find out about the Brooklyn based Watch Your Back as well, they’ve got some fantastic t-shirts, but again the web site is letting them down a bit. You can’t link to t-shirts themselves, the site resizes your browser when you hit it (I hate that), and they don’t have real pictures of their t-shirts, c’mon guys, you’ve got great shirts, show them off.


Gun Collection t-shirt (and clock) from Pop Junkie

Gun Collection mb1 has got some new shirts in for the holiday and even more uniquely some matching clocks. If you want to order for christmas you have to get them in before the end of the week.

Gun Collection mo2

Gun Collection Clock 1

As an added bonus if your in San Francisco you can find Pop Junkie stuff (and other cool gear I would imagine at)

541 Octavia St.
San Francisco, CA

Needles & Pens
3253 16t St.
San Francisco, CA

336 Hayes St.
San Francisco, CA

Artist Xchange
3169 16th St.
San Francisco, CA

It’s Indie Week


Found this t-shirt at Indieshopper, and with threadshow coming up on sunday I thought it appropriate to promote a some indie stuff. So on the indie front check out, (the social network for indie designers),,, of course Threadbanger teh video blog for DIY indie, and the mother of all hand made

Any of you t-shirt/fashion bloggers want to participate in this link to this post and use the tag indieweek and i’ll summarize in a post, as we all know time is relative on the web so this week can run from this wednesday ’till whenever :-)

Prosperity Cat has cheezburger

Properity cat

Well not really a Lolcat but a very cool, very intricate design here from Team Space Pirate. They’ve got a lot of cool designs and it looks like they use a nice soft shirt. Check out their site for more interesting artsy stuff.

Prosperity cat Detail

Here’s a segment from an impromptu press release they sent:

Fashion With An Inspirational Vision

Intertwining spirituality, fashion, and culture Team Space Pirate is a new Maine-based visual arts project that is the brainchild of artist J Tremblay and entrepreneur Ben Taylor. TSP has a diverse initial line consisting of over twenty pieces of high end casual wear along with full size replications printed as color posters and lithographs. Doodlism, a unique style of highly detailed artwork developed over the last fifteen years by Tremblay, is used to demonstrate the power of belief and to guide others to see the true knowledge of self. Launching online this November in both Japanese and English, Team Space Pirate has immediately brought both hip street-wear and a powerful message of self-empowerment to an international audience.

Best Buy Sends Cease and Desist Letter to blogger for writing about a t-shirt

This is hysterical, Improv Everywhere set up a “happening” a while ago where they a showed up in droves at Best Buy stores around the country wearing blue “improv everywhere” polos which happened to look a lot like the Best Buy polos. The stunt was a lot of fun and successful but they also started up a sideline of selling the T-Shirts as well. San Francisco blogger Scott Beale at Laughing Squid wrote about these t-shirts in November and has now just recieved a cease and desist letter from Best Buy.

improv everywhere
best buy shirt

These t-shirts were being sold through Neighborhoodies but I can’t find them any more, according to Improv Everywhere both Neighborhoodies and themselves got C&D letters and Neighborhoodies just couldn’t afford the risk of being shut down. I think it’s a very clear case of fair use but Best Buy has the deeper pockets in this case. I think it’s outrageous that Scott Beale got a C&D in this case, that’s like a newspaper getting a C&D for reporting a story about a parody, ridiculous.

Here’s the Improv Everywhere video from the Best Buy “event”

via BoingBoing

Material Bitch Clothing

Ffabulous og 1

This T-shirt would make a fabulous Christmas present for someone, perfect for wearing to the PTA meeting :-)

Silberfischer ‘urban stitching’ designs from Berlin

N 03b Blaster Black Glow

Cool store in Germany selling unique “urban stitching” designed shirts that are made in Berlin. I like the glow in the dark boom box and the egg carton :-)

N 03b Blaster Black Glow big

Thanks Daniel for sending these in, your gift certificate is on the way :-)

Evel Knievel T-Shirt


Just found this at Lucky Mule and had to post it. Even in England where I grew up Evel Knievel was a huge phenomenon. I can’t remember if I had one of his stunt bikes that you launched off the red base station, but I know a bunch of my friends did and I have some fond memories of setting up jumps for the thing. I’m sure he was influential in my various stunts that I set up for my bicycles when I was growing up. I took the time when he died to actually read the wikipedia entry about him and found his back story fascinating and a bit sad really.

(you have to scroll down the page a bit when you get to Lucky Mule as they don’t have permalinks for their t-shirts)

Waterloo Swimmer Collection, I love these shirts

Waterloo Swimmers

Waterloo, that odd little t-shirt company that is as close to a Wes Anderson movie as a T-shirt company can get has just come out with the swimmers collection. I think its nice to see them branching out with some of their own intellectual property, as I was always worried they were going to get slapped with a law suit for some of their t-shirt homages.