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Selection of cool t-shirts from Your Eyes Lie

Your Eyes Lie describe themselves as a “T-shirt Whorehouse for freaks, geeks, jockey sluts and Suzy Creamcheese”, well rock on :-) Great name for anyone doing design that’s for sure.

Icky Horror Show 1

Misfits 1

You have to dig around on the site to see all the designs, the clothing logos on the left of the page actually navigate to more designs, and they are totally worth exploring.

Yel138 Opti 1

Ice Cream 1

I love this ice cream one, it’s reminiscent of an old Sex Pistols album cover, but it’s still got it’s own hint of naughtiness going on :-)

An Excuse to talk about The Giant Peach

I met Karen Dere who is behind The Giant Peach earlier in the year at Threadshow, and as the next one is coming up (on December 16th) I thought it would be cool to post a couple of tee’s from there. I’m not sure how to explain Giant Peach, but there a retailer of sorts focused on hip-hop music and what i’ll call “street wear”, although a lot of the stuff just falls into the cool category. Here are a couple of my fav’s.

tokidoki sushi

s is for stanley


They carry a hell of a lot of different brands including Upper Playground, Akomplice, Beautiful Decay, Imaginary Foundation, Kid Robot, Juxtapoz (the magazine), Obey, Tank Theory, Loyal Army, and if you’ve got a clothing line you can even submit your designs to them for consideration :-)

New T-Shirt Company – Ffee Clothing


Ffee Clothing is a new t-shirt company out of Florida, they’ve got some original designs, and claim to have perfected a water based direct to garment print which is extremely soft and durable. The company has spawned from some web and graphic designers trying to get away from the daily grind of web design and I think they have got a great start. Check out their blog where they talk about upcoming designs, events they are attending etc.

Y Heart 01

Nurse 01

I particularly like this skull/nurse design, I may have to add it to my Top Ten Skull and Bones post.

Hel Fucking Vetica t-shirt from Wire and Twine

Hel fin Vetica 1 01

For all you type nerds out there this Hel Fucking Vetica t-shirt is designed by Khoi Vinh (design
director of the NYT Online and owner of Subtraction) and distributed through Wire & Twine (who also brought you the graphic history of facial hair).

As a special bonus they also have a “Fear of a Cooper Black Planet” as well.

Cooper 1 01

Thanks to Sean Flanagan for sending this in, your Threadless gift certificate is on the way!

T-shirts for your inner nerd from mini cassette tees

209model pic Crop

Just got an email from Danny Miller about his new t-shirt company called Mini Cassette Tees. Nice to find some more original ideas, well executed. I’m a sucker for anything Robo Cop related, the 209 on a shirt says you are clearly a person of taste and sophistication.

The Walker Model pic Crop

And of course the obligatory walker t-shirt :-)

Blinkey Road and Holiday Specials from Huzzah

Blinkey Product 01

Huzzah goods has got some special stuff going on for the holidays. I escpecially love the pac-man Abbey Road homage, just brilliant. Even better everything is going to get shipped in hand panted Mario inspired boxes which look great and are perfect for boxing other peoples gifts in.

Gift Product 01

Another shirt that caught my eye was this very interesting Transformers T-shirt. It reminds me of something else though, is this another homage to something that i’m not seeing? Anyone?

Transformer Product 01

Update: Here we go, a couple of people emailed in to tell me the Transformers t-shirt is a take on another beetles album, Revolver, very cool.


Where is my happy face – From Uneetee

where is my happy face

Aaron has sent in an article about Uneetee and when I was checking out the site I came across the “Where is my happy face” T-shirt which I thought was a lot of fun, shame they are mostly out of stock but they do have a reprint button similar to threadless. Anyway, thanks for the article Aaron, your $25 threadless gift certificate is on the way!

Elaborating on an Old System
By Aaron Burk aka cARtOoNer has been an interesting site to watch develop. Its ground-breaking idea to have a brand new t-shirt everyday may not have sold a lot of shirts, but it insured its sellers no loss from production. Because all the orders come in on one day, Uneetee only has to print the exact number of shirts ordered. I am not 100% sure that is how they do it, but that seems to be the most logical way. The idea seems watertight, except for the fact that a new t-shirt everyday can be a tad overwhelming to costumers.
Along with the changing of a featured shirt every day Uneetee seems to be changing their sites concept. Because they recently started giving away bulk prizes monthly, sort of like the ever-popular Threadless. They started with a simple $1000 grand prize winner of the month to the best voted tee, and since then it has become $1500 and most recently it awards the top 5 t-shirts money EACH MONTH. Which is bound to attract designers, including myself.

So if you are a designer out there looking for a contest that is new and a lot less competitive than Threadless, but with as much of a pay off I would check out

Threadless $10 Holiday Sale Kicks Off – Movies, Ruining The Book Since 1920

Movies t Shirt

Well Threadless is kicking off their $10 holiday sale, from now until December 16th all their shirts are $10 so run don’t walk and stock up people. Remember every t-shirt you buy via clicking through here earns $3 which goes toward gift certificates for readers.


Jesus Loves you is a t-shirt startup in the college humor ilk like bustedtees and luckythreadz, but I was happy to see that most the stuff was original or an original take on a classic. I get far too many emails from people who are just reproducing other peoples designs with little creativity or thought. The other reason that Standuptees appeals to me is that Jason currently works as a waiter at the Pink Taco in Las Vegas. I wonder if they do t-shirts?

The shirts are generally printed using water based inks, and the darker ones use a water based plastisol blend.


Hungry Hungry

How Much Did You Pay For The Radiohead Album? Set Your Own Price T-shirt

Radiohead Tshirt

Some of you may know that the last Radiohead album “In Rainbows” was sold in a downloadable format for what ever you wanted to pay, you set your own price. Now has just released a “set your own price” t-shirt which asks “How Much Did You Pay For The Radiohead Album?” Unfortunately it can’t be customized to show how much you actually paid for the album, but you can pay whatever you want for the t-shirt :-) Sweet, I ordered mine.

BTW if you like Radiohead check out this amazing fan animation for the song Creep.

That looks like a rich source of inspiration for a t-shirt as well.

New T-Shirts From Weeds

I got an email from Katelyn at Showtime the other day tipping me off to some cool t-shirts they have put together for their show Weeds. I think the T-shirts are a lot of fun and actually make me want to go and check the show out. Any fans of the show out there? My most recent TV obsession has been Battlestar Galactica, man they did a great job on that show.

Baked Goods


420 Somewhere


The Joy T-shirt – The Tee Equivalent of Post Secret?

joy t-shirt is a weird and wonderful concept with lofty goals, that in very simple terms prints hand drawn sketches of peoples face on t-shirts. I thought it was a weird idea at first because these are not necessarily for your family and friends to buy, but for other people around the world to buy. The simple inclusion of someone else’s face on your shirt is promoting the idea that everyone is different. What I particularly like about this is the authenticity of the message, these aren’t your stock photo models picked to represent some fictional diversity, but real people from around the world (learn more about stock photo models from maddox, btw maddox likes to swear so don’t go if ur easily offended).

Emma Dines

After purchasing a shirt, you may then participate in this global project by submitting a photo of your own visage, which will then be drawn by hand and posted on the website for the rest of the world to wear.

Wearing a Joy T-shirt is about taking an active stance against racism and discrimination. It is about loving your neighbor, because in someway or another we are all connected!

ang Johnston

Adam Kras

Thanks very much to Rob for sending this in, great find, i’ve send a $25 gift certificate off to you.

The Joy Of Six from SwagHappy

Speeds that is

joy of six

Not sure if The Joy Of Six will resonate with anyone who doesn’t own one of the new Mini Coopers, but as I do I thought this was kind of fun :-)

joy of six 2

Mines the red one up front:

War Is Hell from Zeroboutique

war is hell model

The War is Hell t-shirt is a pretty damn arresting image. Kind of puts things in perspective, although in the immortal words of spinal tap “Too much, there’s too much fucking perspective now”. I’m actually not sure I’d wear the shirt myself, it seems almost exploitative.

war is hell

Of course Zeroboutique has lots of more light hearted designs, all hand screened on american apparel.


Unfortunately I can’t deep link to the shirts themselves so you’ll have to dig around, on a side note to anyone trying to sell anything online, make sure people can link to individual products, that is how people talk about your products online. If you hide all the links to your products using frames or flash you are stopping your customers talking about your products.

Cute Creepy Kewpie Dols from Kimazo

Kewpie 118

This is a new line of t-shirts from illustrator Oksana Kemarskaya who is obsessed with dolls, toys and corpses, awesome!

Kewpie 119