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Flight of the Conchords T-shirt from Teesmybody


Who likes to rock the party?

Threadless Paying Mo’ Money

besteeWell looks like t-shirts on threadless are going to have the chance of winning an extra 10 grand as part of the “bestee” awards. Looks like Bestee is an annual award that is awarded for various categories. Looks like they are giveing away a total of $100,000 so if my math is correct that is 10 bestee awards. They mention a couple of categories like “Most Groundbreaking Design” to “Best Gallery Photo” to “Most Dedicated Blogger”. Interestingly Gallery Photo and Dedicated Blogger awards imply that you can win a Bestee award for other kinds of community participation, which is awesome. BTW when they say blogger, they mean people who create posts on the threadless messageboards, which they call blogs, so i won’t be up for an award :-(

They could at least put me on their blogroll, c’mon threadless, i’m in the top ten of referrers of business to you :-)

Threadshow SF – December 16th still taking exhibitors

Ok everyone, mark your calendars because Threadshow is back in SF on December 16th and at a new location, The Galleria, 101 Henry Adam’s Street, San Francisco, i’ve created an upcoming listing here. The last event was a blast and that was their first one in SF so I have even higher expectations for their next one. There will be DJ’s, a bar (possibly open, it was last time), and the live screen printing looks very interesting as well. I’ll also be on the look out for cool after parties as well.

target practice
Target Practice by Que Lastima Clothing

They are still taking exhibitor applications so if you are local and an indie clothing designer you should totally check it out.

THREAD returns to its new home in San Francisco to showcase 100 fresh emerging fashion designers and artists alongside some better known brands from San Francisco and the bay area.

THREAD San Francisco gives fashion adventurists the chance to pick up limited edition & hard to find pieces whilst snagging designer lines at discounted prices.

Featured Brands Include:


complete list here

sneaker bar
Limited Edition Kicks for fall brought to you by Shoe Biz & Addidas

denim lab
50% off all top name denim for men and women from Villains

art show
Live screen printing, live art and merchandise presented by the wickedly edgy SPRFKR

ABSOLUT 100 hosted bar
The Black Cocktail Lounge served to you by Absolut 100 Black Vodka.

I’ll be there so drop me a note if your going, K.

Oh, and yes SPRFKR is wickedly edgy, I met the man behind that last time, although he was a little camera shy

He’s got very scary t-shirts :-)

Top Ten Skull and Bones T-shirts To Get You In the Halloween Mood

skully lovin

Skully Loving T-shirt from Glamour Kills

Owt 1x 1 01

No 1 is safe from Ten Bills

memento mori
Memento Mori from Burnswell (means remember you are mortal)

Nigels t Shirt
Nigel’s Skeleton T-shirt from Found Item Clothing (I know it’s not a skull, but it’s close)

Pirate 01
Mickey in the Skull & Crossbones

Resized Glowguys 01
Cupcakes and Crossbones from Johnny Cupcakes

Monstar Skully Wings

Skully T-shirt, a recurring design from Monstar

Men 011
Pink Skull & Crossbones from Ichabods (I have this t-shirt and Ichabods do really great quality prints)

3multicolorskull 82478
Blue and White Skull T-shirt from Ichabods

She Hearts Skulls from the Teeparty

burn suburbia skull
Burn Suburbia Skull, Oh and get this the models name is Jozee Murder, awesome :-)

apple skull

Crying Skull from Ba6iks (warning annoying music plays as soon as you hit the site, and no way to deep link, but still a cool shirt)

A real working DIGG me t-shirt

digg me

How to make a real “digg me” t-shirt, this is totally awesome! You can get instructions on how to build your own at Instructables of course using open source digg button kit.

Via makezine

WOW, my mind is totally blow, now this is a conversation piece :-)

Thanks to Kevin for the news tip!

Geek T-Shirts at

The Switched gadget blog just posted a “top 11 Geek T-Shirt” list, and here are a couple of my fav’s

9 im in ur
Brilliant Lolcats t-shirt

8 Tags
and a Nice Tags t-shirt, although they probably didn’t mention that this was probably inspired by which is a very cool site, and yes I have a profile. :-)

Tcritic and Lucky Threadz featured in the Colorado Springs Gazzette

lucky threadzThe Gazzette just did a story on Lucky Threadz who are based in Colorado Springs. The paper had called me up when they were researching the story and were nice enough to quote me, but why oh why in 2008 can’t they figure out how to create a hyper link for gawds sake. Anyway, here’s the quote.

“Lucky Threadz has done a good job of creating funny T-shirts that connect with various subcultures and cult followings,” said Karl Long, a San Francisco man who started about a year ago and receives about 30,000 unique visitors to his site each month. Long, via e-mail, also praised Lucky Threadz for seeking out top designers, such as “superstar” T-shirt designer Tom Burns.

Lucky Threadz are doing to be nice enough to send me a copy of the actual paper as well, thanks guys.

(Picture: Lucky Threadz’s Michael Kwesell and Blanca Bartres worked on a T-shirt order, courtesy of BRYAN OLLER, THE GAZETTE)

Wizards are Gay


From each shirt is $15 and a portion of the sale will be donated to Glaad which promotes “positive portrayals of homosexuals in the media.”

Indirectly via Kottke and Kevin who’s getting a $25 threadless gift certificate.

Gmail/Threadless Competition Winner – Hello Dave

Gmail t Shirt

Threadless’s most recent co-sponsored competition was with Gmail. The winner “Hello Dave” seems entirely appropriate for the googleplex the scale of which is barely comprehensible. I mean, everyone’s got 4gig+ of space now, and it’s growing every day.

Gmail Zoom

Pink Mink T-Shirts and Accessories FTW

I think I’m in love, who ever thinks up Pink Mink Boutique’s designs has got a brilliant sense of humor, from the Princes Bride inspired T-shirt

Inigo 1 Large 01

to the James Bond inspired panties

Galorered 1 Large 01

to the PWND choker

Pwnd Large 01

Keep it up Pink Mink FTW!

Video Gamers Wet Dream T-Shirt from Supermandolini

Ok, the t-shirt is really called “Console” but it is hawt especially for a console fan boy like myself

Console Dove l 01

Console Dove l 03

Oh, and if you think that girls draping themselves in game console controllers is some kind of fiction there does seem to be some photographic precedent (I wonder if there is some kind of name for this fetish, anyone?)


Walltecherosharepromopar 01

Perv Artistry T-Shirts

Christi Smith, the creators of the game Perv Artistry has just released a line of t-shirts, perv artistry is sort of like pictionary for grown ups with a naughty sense of humor. Think of these t-shirts as the thinking mans (or womans) frat t-shirts.

chick magnet

i love beaver

I think the game consists of you being given a word that you then have to illustrate, like chick magnet or spongeworthy, some of the t-shirts are the word clues, and some are the solution.


This would be even better if people that played the game were able to upload images of their pervy pictographic solutions and the community could vote on the best ones which then get made into t-shirts, a sort of naught threadless :-) (remember this idea is released under creative commons, share and share alike with attribution)

Learn The Internets with Gabe & Max’s Internet Thing

My prediction, there will be a t-shirt inspired by this little infomercial internet parody by the end of the year, right now only 3,000 people have seen it so I think i’m hedging a bit with that prediction :-)

Link to video

Your first 3 emails are included free, LOL.


Alien Women by Leah Chun from Poketo

alien women

Great shirt by Leah Chun from Poketo, they have got a super cool collection of stuff from prints, bags, wallets, to stationary. Thanks to Phill Francisco again :-)

Poketo has many things to offer. They include wallets, homewares, stationery, bags, and shirts! They are mostly known for their amazing wallets but their apparel section is awesome as well. They hire many different artists so the designs are always unique and fresh. They also have designed for magazines and artists such as Weezer and The Postal Service.

They sell for both men and women and they use 100% cotton so it’s always that soft comfortable feel. They currently have a sale going on with some of their shirts for some great prices or you can get their secret grab bag if you want a deal. The designs have no apparent meaning but art is art and they look damn good on a shirt. There are a variety of things to pick up form the site so take a peek!

Geek Week at Byebyetokyo


Check out geek week at byebyetokyo, anyone have any experience with the quality of their shirts?

I’m stuck in Chicago airport right now trying to get back to SF :-) Great party going on at the Supper Club celebrating their second anniversary and i’m on the guest list. It’s a pretty swish club with lots of beautiful people, always fun for people watching.