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Everybody Loves Torso

Ok everyone, you can stop emailing me about Torso :-) I’ve had them on my radar a while but was waiting for them to start selling their Tee’s before I wrote about them, I always get people emailing me where to buy stuff if I don’t put a source up. First off I love the name of the company, Torso is an inspired name for a t-shirt shop, and I also love this design “die today and win“. Torso is essentially a Threadless Alum, so you know they have the chops.

Torso Theyare

And just in case anyone thinks i’m stiffing anyone on the threadless gift certificate here’s the email from Matt :-)

Sep 25, 2007 5:30 AM
subject Introducing Torso – yet another t-shirt label
My name is Matt and I am just dropping you a line, as a fellow t-shirt lover, to let you know about a new label I am launching soon called “Torso”. We provide selected artists with the opportunity to design upto an 8 colour t-shirt, using special inks and other goodness.

Our profits go back to the artists in the form of upfront payments and commissions, and also to new artists, allowing them the same opportunity. Given my own experience in the industry with 3 prints at threadless and numerous other prints for other brands, I know how important it is to do the right thing by our artists and customers, and I hope to bring them some killer t-shirts in future!

Attached is a sneak peek at our first 3 tee designs for your perusal. Please consider this email an introduction of sorts. If you’d like to talk shop with us or learn more about our label, feel free, if you’d like to feature us when we launch, even better! And if you think we are a bunch of wankers that overuse commas, that’s fine too. We can also provide higher res images for any news posts, or other such resources.

Have a good one, Matt

WHY Louisville –

Release the Kraken

Andrea submitted this little t-shirt store in Louisville called WhyLouisville, which is not your average tourist shop. I particularly like the fact that the designs are from local artists and designers, some irreverent and others nothing to do with Louisville. Here’s what Andrea has to say:

A couple of errant Louisvillians began Lebowskifest (an annual festival to celebrate The Big Lewbowski with white russians, bowling, what-have-you) several years ago, and from their tidal wave of success also came the business venture known as WhyLouisville. WhyLouisville is a tiny shop in Louisville’s bohemian district that sells tchochkes emblazoned with local slogans and images, including, in large part, t-shirts. The store sells arty shirts designed by local graphic designers as well as more populist designs, making it both a universally-acclaimed bastion of local design and local culture, as well as a successful business.

The store is located at 1609 1/2 Bardstown Rd. in Louisville, KY and
at (click on “shop” or “designs” to see
the shirts they offer).

Thanks Andrea, your $25 threadless gift certificate is on the way! Go buy some more threadless shirts and fund some more gift certificates for everyone :-)

Louisville Skull

Threadless $25 Gift Certificates For T-Shirt Related News and Posts

So I have a total of $2000 in gift certificates to give away, read on if you want to figure out how to win some. I had written a while ago that I was going to send out free t-shirts to people that sent me new tips that I published, but as it turns out packing up and shipping t-shirts is a pain in my ass and i’m just not organized enough to do it. But then I discovered I can cash in my Threadless Streetteam points for gift certificates and I can just email them out to people, now even I can manage that.


So here’s the deal email me at t-shirt related news, new cool companies and designs etc. in the form of 100 words and a photo and if I publish it you will get a $25 threadless gift certificate via email and a link back to your site or blog as the news source. If you want a blurb about you as well, add a couple of lines at the end.

Couple of caveats, if it is your design, or your company, or you work for the company I may well post it, but I will not be sending a gift certificate to you.

Try and find stuff that hasn’t been written about on every t-shirt blog out there, I like new and unique stuff.


Red Star Industries – Very Cool Tees

red star

Some more new friends from Threadshow, Red Star Industries. Their stuff immediately caught my eye, it’s hard to describe, a sort of post apocalyptic urban chic :-) I posted a couple of my favs including the Gas Mask Man Tee, the Roses and Skulls polo shirt and the Ex Band Geek tee. They also do jackets, underwear, and kids stuf, check out the store.

gas mask

roses and skuls

ex band geek

Fiftyseven-thirtythree – T-Shirts out of Oakland


is another of my new friends I met at Threadshow, they are an indie label out of Oakland, CA, just across the bay, and they sell all their stuff through Etsy. The design they are holding above is a hand stenciled and airbrushed design of Johnny Rotten on a Union Flag (only the navy calls it the Union Jack folks). As they point out each one is a unique item, which makes the $55 price tag a bit more reasonable.

This design of the Japanese School girl T-shirt is probably my favorite, reminds me of the very lethal school girl in Kill Bill (again hand painted and stenciled).

japanese schoolgirl

In other t-shirt news:
New t-shirt from concrete hermit “take me back to Betty Ford” via HYA
Beautiful Decay Beautifully Redesigned via Josh Spear
Clearance sale on Fishing related t-shirts, whatever floats your boat

Karma Loop $3000 T-Shirt Design Contest

Karmaloop is running a t-shirt contest, go here to sign up, here are the deets:

Karmaloop has brought back their T-Shirt design contest, and this time the winner will truly cake. The grand prize winner gets $3000! 5 Runners-up will receive $500 in gift certificates for us at, all winning designs will be printed and sold on Karmaloop and the designer will get promoted to millions of streetwear fanatics around the globe!

Here are a few of the submissions so far:
karma loop submissions

Awesome Creatures from

Barrel a design shop in New York has just launched a new fun line of t-shirts called Awesome Creatures. These shirts are just straight forward fun.

Picture 69
The Turdle T-shirt

Picture 71
The Rhinostone T-shirt totally reminds me of the Flight of the Conchords Rhymenocerous and Hiphopopotomus

Picture 72

Other great design shops with t-shirts check out Airside, ChopShop Mule Design and Veer.

America, Everybody Hates Us Now T-shirt – Headline Shirts

everybody hates us now

One of the great t-shirt entrepreneurs i met at Threadshow was Chris, pictured holding one of his t-shirts. America, Everybody Hates Us Now. Chris runs a whole mess of t-shirt businesses from Revel Industries, to Headline t-shirts, and I was amazed to find out the founder of Reactee who i wrote about in June.

Chris was almost as passionate as me about t-shirts and went into a hell of a lot of detail about the quality of their tees. The t-shirts are super soft, label free but still have a printed label inside, and are printed using water based inks which result in a very soft print, that breathes (no sweaty screen print). The shirts are not cheap and I mean that in the best possible way :-)

are the assholes still in charge
Are The Assholes Still In Charge?

(are the assholes still in charge is apparently very popular with SF bike messengers)

T-Shirt Cannon – The Sabre Semi Automatic Bleacher Reacher

bleacher reacher

OMG, I can’t look at this thing without thinking of the Simpsons episode where Maude Flanders is killed by a t-shirt cannon, I wonder if it was this model?

Conclusive proof that on the internet you can’t be too niche check out

Guitar [Han] Solo from Go Ape Shirts

guitar solo1

Go Ape, already a “Star Wars” hall of famer with their Boo Boo Walker has partnered with t-shirt desgner extraorinare, Tom Burns to hit us with another star wars themed t-shirt, this time its Guitar Solo. I have a couple of Go Ape shirts and they are great quality shirts and screen prints, they do run a little small on my (AA of course), so if you are a borderline size you should think about the bigger one.

guitar solo2

BTW anyone see the Family Guy season opener last night? it was an hour long Star Wars parody, genius.

Owl Movement Season 6 is out

happy house

More unique and creative designs out of the strangely named Owl Movement. Screen printed on lightweight American Apparel poly cotton blends.


Threadshow San Francisco Redux

Wow, so I’m back from Threadshow SF and it was an awesome event, 100+ indie fashion designers and entrepreneurs all under one roof with everything from hand-painted leather jackets, to sneakers, to t-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts. For me it was wonderful to go round and in most cases get to talk to the owners and designers behind the t-shirts to talk about their process, their passion, where the get inspiration. It was also pretty awesome that some people had heard of tcritic as well :-)

The threadshow event is actually held in several cities including San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas, and even Bristol in the UK so if you are in the vicinity of one of these I highly recommend you check it out. In addition to finding amazing stuff the prices are great as well (I still managed to spend several hundred dollars though). I can’t wait for December 16 which is when the next one is in San Francisco.

Anyway, rather than write up all the stuff I found in one post I thought i’d spread it out over a few days that way each design gets a bit of individual attention.

The first one i’ll write about is Ho On The Go.

Also here’s a video from when I was just walking into the event, I wish I had done more of this but once I got into the show I had enough on my plate talking to people and shopping, oh well next time.

UPDATE: Some more video of me where the folks at Artefacture turned the tables and interviewed me :-)

Ho On The Go T-shirt and emergency kit for one night stands

ho on the go 1

If there was going to be a “best in threadshow” Ho On The Go would totally be in the running. It’s basically a little emergency overnight kit that you throw in your purse when you go out “just in case”, containing a toothbrush, two condoms (in case you’re really lucky), a fresh pair of undies, and a moist towelett. Of course if you also dress up in a “Ho On The Go” t-shirt your odds of getting lucky dramatically increase i’m sure.

ho on the go 2

And don’t worry gents coming soon is an equivalent kit for guys called the Manwhore.

ho on the go 3

Again one of the great things about Threadshow was meeting the people behind the idea and the business. In chatting to the founders I discovered that the idea actually came from one of their friends who really was throwing a some fresh undies and a toothbrush in her purse, and when asked what she was doing she replied that it was her Ho On The Go Kit, genius.

Accordion Hero – Should Be A T

4677 01

Although Cowbell Hero is my fav guitar hero inspired t-shirt, Accordion Hero would come a close second if it actually existed.

cowbell hero

Vote On 756*

What would you do if you had the actual ball that Barry Bonds cracked out of the park to win his much maligned record? Well the new owner of the ball is putting it to a vote at, where you can vote on three fates for the ball. The most interesting IMHO is the option to have the ball branded with an asterisk, just like the t-shirt, and then sent to Cooperstown. All I can say is I’m absolutely hooked and this question is almost as tantalizing as “who shot JR” or who is lonelygirl15 :-)