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Make Love Not Warcraft by Kompis Clothing

make love
Make Love Not Warcraft

This is from a Norwegian based clothing brand called Kompis Clothing, inspired by the South Park episode of the same name. I’m actually wearing the shirt right now, in an office where at least 50% of the people are warcrack addicts :-) The shirts are a bit pricey for people shopping from the US, but $5 of each sale does go to charities.

1$ goes to the environment organization Zero, 1$ goes to Amnesty International, 1$ goes to Psykisk Helse, 1$ goes to Save The Children/Redd Barna and 1$ goes to ØAs Stiftelse. This might seem to you as a marketing trick from our side, but we can ensure you that we’ve contacted all the organisations and they have approved that we can place a state in our webshop that we will donate the money to them.

Uberindex – New Limited Editions From Canada

uncle sam
Uncle Uber

These are a couple of cool designs from a new label called Uber Index based in Canada. Herman who emailed me about them assured me that they are committed to true limited editions, each one is numbered 1-100 and they don’t do reprints. Ooops, forgot to mention that there is a 20% off coupon just type in the code “UBERUBER”.

Spock Vision

Ceiling Cat Is Watching You – Icanhascheezburger T-shirt

Ceilingcat 9xd 01

From Lolcats to Lolrus clearly a great source for t-shirt ideas both Noisbot and Nerdy Shirts are hitting this one fast. In fact just the syntax alone could create a whole line of Slogan T-shirts, just as a subculture risen on the interweb, they could identify with each other in the real world, each trying to out-obscure the other. Just as “more cowbell” connected all those that loved Christopher Walken saying “I’ve got a fever”. In case you think i’m overstating the attributes of the Lolcats read this bit in the Wall Street Journal article which compares the Lolcat practitioners as jazz musicians, and some more serious word from Anil Dash, and Scott Bealle at laughing squid

Caturday Rblue
I Are On Ur Shirt Waytin Fer Caturday

Bukket Asphalt
Where’Z Mah Bukket a classic inspired by:

mah bukket
I Has A Bukket

Lolcat Product 1
Nerdy Shirts

(yeah, Nerdy Shirts is a sponsor but you know I wouldn’t post about it if it cool, i had already given it shirt of the week)

Oh and has an official t-shirt of sorts, sort of a lame t-shirt for such a funny site, but oh well, maybe they’ll figure out they’ve got a goldmine of t-shirt ideas in the captions.


Real Vintage T-Shirts From Tiny Pony

Lou Reed

Wow, there are vintage T-Shirts and there are real vintage T-shirts, and Tiny Pony’s extensive collection of 500+ shirts certainly falls in the real category, with rock, pop culture, and sports themed t-shirts from the 70′s and 80′s. From a 1983 Def Leppard Pyromania t-shirt for $59 to Lou Reed Rock and Roll Animal for $189 to a Pink Floyd t-shirt from the 70′s for $199 I could totally go broke here. Apart from Rock and Roll t-shirts they also have some awesome pop culture ones, I particularly like the wordprocessing shirt, the 1982 Atari Pac Man shirt, and the one I lust for more than any I think is the damn Star Wars T-shirt from 1977.

Def Leppard

pink floyd
Pink Floyd (album?)


Atari Pac Man from 1982

Star Wars from 1977

Two Threadless Reprints You Should Own

If there are two t-shirts that are icons of the threadless canon they are Flowers in the Attic and The Communist Party. You may not be the only person wearing them at this point but these are no longer shirts you wear to be unique, they are shirts you wear to be part of a very special club. Oh, and they’re on sale for $10 so run, don’t walk :-)

flowers in the attic
Flowers in the Attic By Jbyron

communist party
The Communist Party By Tom Burns

Design by Humans First $5000 Winner – Robot Attack

robot attack
Robot Attack

Well it’s been a month or so since we talked about Design By Humans and their plans for T-shirt domination, and today they just announced their first $5000 winner. It’s actually a collaboration of about 20 artists, each one drawing their own robot and then putting it together as one design. The irony that Design by Humans first shirt is a robot shirt is not lost on me, but it’s a cools shirt. It’s also worth noting that the design has got some metalic ink accents, both gold and silver, which is a really nice touch and differentiates the shirt a bit. Glad to see designers take advantage of the fancy printing techniques that DBH offers.

24 Hour Church Of Elvis – Glow In The Dark T-Shirts

chrurch of elvis

Stephanie G. Pierce, who ran Portland’s legendary 24 Hour Church of Elvis from 1985 through 2001, is currently looking at new venues in order to re-open her legendary church of the bizarre and 24 hour coin-operated art gallery.

Help Stephanie open up the 24 Hour Church of Elvis by buying one of their fab t-shirts, come in white with black print, or black with glow in the dark print.

church of elvis t-shirt

coe logo

Thanks Laughing Squid

T-shirt Exhibit/Party Tonight – Space Gallery 1141 Polk Street, SF

tshirt exhibitI’m going to this tonight T-Shirt exhibit/competition/party tonight, late notice I know but let me know if you’re going! I’ll post pictures and report back after the event.

Friday August 24, 7 pm – late
music by CB Records/DJ centipede

Press Release

On August 24th local designers and artists get a chance
to show their stuff at Space Gallery’s 3rd annual
Graphic Content – T-Shirt Exhibit reception.

The exhibit, hosted by Space Gallery 1141 Polk Street,
has proved to be a remarkable success three years running.

Last year’s event included over 1000 works of wearable
art. And resulted in thousands of dollars in sales for
the artists.

“And this year’s exhibit is going to be even bigger,”
says gallery owner Ray Morrone. He expects to
exceed last years attendance of over 1000 people at
the reception alone.

Black Forest Series From Nooworks SF

Came across these super cool t’s from Nooworks the other night while I was out for a drink at a bar called the Attic in the Mission district of San Francisco. These are all designs by Jennifer the bar tender who had a bunch of them behind the bar. Basically she has had a bit of an obsession with the Black Forest area in Germany and most of her designs are inspired by that. The quality of these shirts and the screens are excellent, I forgot to ask who her printer was but will update when I find out. Apart from T-shirts she also has Lederhosen (seriously), halters, and hoodies (Andy).


dead bunny
Dead Bunny is one of my favs, I think my sister would dig it as well…

This is a new design that’s not on the site yet, but I like the originality of it

And here’s a closeup of the dead bunny graphic as it didn’t read well on the model photos:

dead bunnny

Monkey Biz From

monkey biz 1

Love this monkey biz t-shirt from – they have a lot of wonderfull hand drawn designs like this, very distinctive, very cool.

monkey biz  2

In other news:

Bioshock Fan Art, T-Shirts, and Philosophy

blood is thicker than water
Blood Is Thicker Than Water on Deviant Art

I wrote a bit about Bioshock a while ago when Threadless had a competition to design a t-shirt about it. The results were ok, but I think there is plenty of room for more Bioshock t-shirts. This design is from a fan art page that Superpunch just published.

Bioshock is an incredibly interesting game that’s story is inspired by the philosophical writings of Ayn Rand, in particular the novel “When Atlas Shrugged”. This video review for the game mentions Ayn Rand and dostoevsky’s crime and punishment.

Video games are few and far between with such literary references, but this game really looks like it’s going to take narrative, story telling, and action to the next level. About time considering these games are getting Hollywood style budgets now. If this game can live up to the hype it will certainly spawn a great many more T-shirt designs.


My copy is waiting at home for me right now, so I can’t wait to get on there and play.

Nervy Apparel Sale – All Shirts $16

nervy lust 2

All Nervy shirts are on sale to close out the summer. I have a couple of these shirts and they are good quality prints all on AA, check them out.

Chor Bazaar – Cool Designs From India


I really like these designs, their from a small company called Chor Bazaar based in India that does designs celebrating aspects of Indian culture, without the usual stereotypes. The one with the car is called the “AMBASSADOR: 18 cc’s of Indian Cadillac ruling the roads since 1948“. I personally really like to see good design and ideas coming from where we often associate cheap labor and sweatshops. Ironically a lot of Chor Bazaar stuff is printed on American Apparel.

india postage
INDIA STAMP: Rock Ashoka’s Lions with pride. HINDUSTAN!

Smoker – From Mashpotato


Someone needs to explain this t-shirt to me, I totally don’t get it and yet am intrigued by it. On the arm of the Tee it says “Smoker”? From a company in Hong Kong called MashPotato, I think it might be a t-shirt competition as well but not sure if that’s the source of all their designs.

Sir Freelancealot – New From Chop Shop


Another fun shirt for you design nerds, Sir Freelancealot from the chop shop.