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Weapons of Mass Consumption – NYT Article

NYT threadless

New York Times has an interesting article on threadless today called “Mass Appeal“. Article covers aspects of Threadless business like some of the group aesthetic that emerges from the design democracy, to some of the Threadless stars like Glenn Jones and Ross Zietz. Sounds like the next generation of Threadless is emerging with a Threadless retail and gallery space will opening in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, to letting winning designers select certain shirts to be printed regardless of voting.

One interesting note was that threadless often prints t-shirts that generate a lot of 0 and 5 votes, with the idea that a polarizing idea sells. Sounds like the foundation of any good democracy.

One of the T-shirts in the picture: Swiss Army Tank


New From tDigger – Chairman Meaow

Img 438

I was just “digging” around in tDigger and found this great t-shirt from Noisebot. It’s called “the cat says“, I much prefer my own title which is Chairman Meaow, which go along with my other t-shirts that feature Mao. See also RTFM (genius), The Communist Party, and ROFLMAO.

Thanks to everyone who’s supporting tDigger by uploading new t-shirt finds and voting on the t-shirts, I really appreciate it, cheers.

Found on tDigger

Cool new shirts from 2×4

Some very cool limited run shirts designed by Jeff Canham, Noah Butkus, Emil Kozak and Regular Product. Each run is limited to 200 and are 45 Australian Dollars each.

Noah Painterman 1

Jeff Neverforget
Never Forget


Make Believe Not War T-shirt from No Star Clothing

make believe not war

Huge fan of No Star clothing and they just came out with a bunch of new t-shirts. I particularly liked the Make Believe Not War t-shirt, and think they did a great job of juxtaposing that iconic image from Platoon Full Metal Jacket with the Crayola crayons. Very inspired.

My other fav is the Kevin Bacon t-shirt, get it?

kevin bacon

Does Your Cat Look Like Hitler?

Kitler 1195

Are you concerned your cat may be planning to invade Poland? If so head to and upload a picture of the cute little Furer.

While your there you can of course pick up a t-shirt and be the coolest kid on the block.

Jitcrunch 2

T-Shirt For The Traveler, Phrase Book Built In

travelers guide t-shirt

The travelers phrase book t-shirt is perfect for the traveler that doesn’t want to mess around learning the language. I think they should come up with one that is country specific, like the German one would have a nice Stein on it indicating you need a beer, and an enormous sausage, indicating your looking for some bratwurst. I wonder what the Amsterdam version would look like?

Via Gizmodo

Thanks to both Kevin and Tero for emailing me about this one :-)

Public Domain T-shirts – better than the iPhone T-shirt

Phone Brick

Who needs an iPhone when you could have an enormous brick like this on your t-shirt. Anyway, i apologize for the lame iPhone tie in but it just sprang to mind.

Anyway, more about the t-shirts, i actually got a couple the other day from these guys and the first thing to say is the photo’s do not do these t-shirts justice, the designs are so well executed, the prints so perfectly weighted, the designs so big and bold, they quickly became a favorite in my collection. The Joystick t-shirt is probably my favorite, the design works so well when you wear it even if you’re not particularly vain you will end up staring at your self in the mirror for longer than necessary.

Joystick 01

Beautiful Decay T-Shirt Sale

For everyone that is tired of pricey, obscure, t-shirts from europe that i’m often compelled to post about, these t-shirts from beautiful decay should give your wallet a break with out any loss of coolness, or quality.

This Love Never Dies shirt is on sale for $5.95, but get them while they’re hot, they’re already out of mediums

love never dies

And the Frames Barber Shop Tee is also a great deal at $9.95
Frames Barber Shop