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Threadbanger – make your own t-shirt hoodie

i love threadbanger which is basically a weekly podcast/video blog on making your own clothing, and I’ve been waiting a while for them to do an episode that I can pimp here. Here’s the episode and which it focused on Hoodies (Andy take note), including a make your own hoodie out of a t-shirt.

make your own hoodie

In the episode Katia demonstrates how to make your own hoodie out of a t-shirt, and they’ve extracted screenshots so you have step by step instructions on this page.

make your own hoodie2

Katia seems like a very interesting character, she’s been creating and selling her own DIY clothing for a while under the name Hollywood Renegade and selling it on Ebay check out her myspace page. Sounds like she’s busy designing for Lip Service (which also has a hawt line of t’s) and going back to school so there may not be much stuff going up on Ebay.

Uncle Sam and a Spoonful of Fear


I think I expressed my feelings about government fear mongering in my post about the “keep calm and carry on” t-shirt recently. This recent edition from Urban Medium is a little more in your face “a spoonful of fear“.

Thanks to Kevin for the tip.

Wolf In Sheeps Clothing – From Salt Water Monkey (Dutch Threadless)

wolf in sheeps clothing

Well a Belgium T-shirt yesterday and today one from the Netherlands, the company is called Salt Water Monkey and the t-shirt is called Sheep Impostor. Interestingly this is another Threadless like service where people upload designs and the community votes on them. Seems like if you want to be a designer for this site right now you had better know how to speak Dutch.

Born To Fist T-shirt (like Engrish on T-shirts)

This Belgium design company clearly takes the clenched fist as a sign of defiance, revolution, and solidarity. Unfortunately the resulting T-shirt is one that you would have to think twice about wearing.

born to fist

born to fist guy

i would love to hear about any other t-shirts that failed to translate, if i get enough i’ll consolidate them into a post in the future, giving full credit to any contributers.



30% off for 3 days at Monsieur T’s


Monsuer T’s is having a killer, impromptu summer sale, 30% off all their t’s for 3 days, ends on 7/19.

Even includes this cool design with glow in the dark inks :-)


berserker back

Designed By Humans Fires Back – Rockstar Residuals

Holy shit, it seems like Threadless and Designed By Humans are trading body blows, with a left, and a right, an upper cut. So yesterday Threadless announced that they would pay artists an extra $500 on reprints, and membership in the exclusive Alumni club. Today Designed By Humans fires back with Rockstar Residuals, where artists get cash bonuses for selling a certain number of t-shirts.

In conjunction with the daily, weekly, and monthly prizes being awarded here at DesignByHumans, artists will be paid an additional cash award based on the number of t-shirts sold over the life of the design.

These cash bonuses are nothing to sniff at:

rockstar residuals

I did a quick spreadsheet here to compare the bonuses:

Communist Party T-Shirt


# of shirts per run 1500

Reprints 8

Total Shirts 12000






Threadless reprint bonus


vs DBH Silver Rockstar Residual


Reprints 8

Gold $1000

Platinum $1500

Multi- Platinum $2000

Diamond $5000

Total Bonus



Spreadsheet is shared here

Top Ten Video Game T-Shirts

Cow Bell Hero
cowbell hero

Inspired by both the SNL blue oyster cult skit with and Guitar Hero, this t-shirt provokes such a funny visual in my mind, maybe the upcoming Rock Band video game for the 360 will have a Cow Bell adapter.

This Is How I Roll – Katamari damacy t-shirt
Katmari how i Roll

Heroism from Penny Arcade
herosim detail

Also comes in a baby doll style for your (imaginary) girlfriend

Everyday Hero T-Shirt – Honoring the Unsung
Everydayhero 01

Nintendo Family Tree From Nerdy Shirts
Nintendo Girls lg 1
Note: Nerdy Shirts Supports Tcritic as an affiliate

Exploded SNES Controller from Huzzah Goods
nes 004

Exploded Wii Controller (wiimote) from Wire and Twine
Prod tii Shirt

and even a video of the process of creating the t-shirt:

Legend Of Zelda, Land Of Hyrule 1986
Legend of Zeda

I know there are loads more out there so feel free to post links in the comments and I’ll update the post

Your Skill In Reading Has Increased By 1 Point from Jinx
your skill in readin
You can’t have a video game t-shirt list without Jinx, they’ve got a few but I particularly like this one.

Atari Controller from Public Domain Clothing
Joystick 01

One of my fav t’s from public domain, although some have pointed out they didn’t copy an original controller, but one of those stand alone joystick/consol games that they sell in the supermarket. Well as long as you’re ready with a come back for your only nerdy friend that will point that out, enjoy the shirt.

Bonus T – Dangerous in First Person
Dangerous in First Person
Split Reason also supports Tcritic as a sponsor

Wiid from T-Shirt Hell

Your Mom Rated E For Everyone – Tshirt hell
your mom

Never Mind The Blocks from Way of the Rodent
never mind the blocks

Mario Kart from Way of the Rodent
its a me

Thanks to my buddies at Seasoned Gamers for some of these great suggestions, seasoned gamers is a community grown up gamers who want to avoid all the crazy kids on xbox live. If your on xbox live feel free to send me a FR my GT is xakto

Threadless Now Pays Artists For Reprints and Ups Prize Money to $2500

Threadless has just announced on their blog that they will be paying artists $500 any time they do a reprint of a winning design, and will be upping the prize money to $2000 in cash, and $500 in credit for other threadless stuff. Interestingly they also announced that winning designers get to join the exclusive Alumni Club:

access to the Alumni Club area in the blog forum, a membership card, a totally sweet Alumni Club medal of honor, an Alumni Club tee shirt, an Alumni Club coffee mug and a fancy Alumni Club mousepad.

This announcement comes of course hot on the heals of the launch last week of Designed By Humans, which many agreed was one of the only potential competitors to threadless. Ironically one of the threadless founders made the comment that there wasn’t really any competition as the t-shirt market was so large, of course one of the quotes in this recent announcement was:

AND, starting today, we are paying an additional $500 for each time your design is reprinted! That means that if your design is reprinted 8,000,000 times, you could win an addition $4,000,000,000 !!!! Beat that, competition!

Good for you guys Threadless :-)

Hat tip HYA

Video Games Ruined My Life

Video Games Ruined my Life

I absolutely can not resist this Video Games Ruined My Life t-shirt from Threadless. It’s brilliant, ’nuff said. On reflection, the design isn’t brilliant, but the slogan is :-)

Suicidal Heart – Voting on Threadless

Suicidal Heart

The Suicidal Heart T-shirt is not a t-shirt yet, just a submission on threadless. Some of the commenters on the site call it dark, but I’m not in that camp. My personal interpretation is more about what makes us human, and that is the broken heart. In many ways a broken heart is a special pain that you can only experience after being totally in love, sure it’s horrible at the time, but when you come out the other side somehow you’re more whole.

French Loser T-shirts Are Actually French… and Awesome

French Loser

This lovely little t-shirt is called “Nuages” meaning Clouds in English and depicts two little girls watching the interesting shapes the clouds are making. Looking closer it looks like an enormous penis chasing a sheep, which I think is a wonderful juxtaposition of style and content.

Here’s a look at the details, the prints look like top quality (although i’ve never seen it in the flesh), and is printed on American Apparel (soon to be know as Freedom Apparel :-)

french loser detail

My one pet peve on this site is I can’t link to the individual t-shirts, c’mon already, 1 t-shirt per page with it’s own url that’s all I ask.

While You Were Out – New T-Shirts From Teetsy

while you were out 2

The subtle subtext of this t-shirt is something along the lines of “While you were out a gnome took a dump on your toothbrush”. Looks to me like the travelocity gnome, which when you think about his English accent makes this even funnier. Maybe it’s Amelies Gnome getting his revenge. Anyway, great idea and design from Teetsy.

while you were out

Designed By Humans – A Legitimate Threadless Competitor?

Designedbyhumanslogo is a new t-shirt design competition which IMHO is one of the few services that has the potential to become legitimate competition to Threadless. Sure it’s a similar concept but these guys have focused on two key aspects of the business that are critical, first the prize money and second the printing technology.

The Prize Money

The way Threadless structures prize money is it’s Achilles heal, a one time payment of $1500 in cash, and $500 in store credit sounds OK but it really doesn’t add up for the very best designers whos designs get reprinted over and over.

Designed by Humans doesn’t solve the reprint issue, or provide any residual income but it does provide the ability to make $3500 cash for 1 design.

Each day of the week, Monday through Friday, a submitted design wins the Shirt of the Day (SOTD) prize of $750 ($500 cash & $250 store credit). Every week the five previous SOTD winners go head to head for the Shirt of the Week (SOTW) prize of $1000 cash. Then the four SOTW winners compete for the final prize of $1750 ($1500 cash & $250 store credit) and the coveted trophy and title of Shirt of the Month. All in all, a winning design that goes all the way can win up to $3500!

Printing Technology

It seems that DBH has put a hell of a lot of work into the various printing technologies designers will be able to utilize. I think this is one area that DBH has leapfrogged Threadless’s screenprinting set up.

  • 8-Color Designs / Gradients / Half-tones – 8 colors per design (not including the t-shirt) and may contain gradients and half-tones
  • High Density Inks – used to give a design a dimensional appearance or texture
  • Flock – a technique that gives the design a fuzzy feel
  • Foil – used to give a design a shiny metallic look
  • Suede – Ink that as the name indicates, has the look and feel of suede
  • Metallic – used to give the design a metallic shimmer less intense than foil
  • Gel – can be applied over a print to give it a glass-like look
  • Water-based inks – used to give a design a soft-hand feel and almost no-hand feel after wash
  • Burnout – process removes the cotton fibers from a shirt, leaving only the synthetic fibers
  • Discharge – basically a bleaching agent that is used to take the color out of the shirt (they have to find a better name than that :-)
  • Applique´ – a piece of fabric that is cut out and sewn onto the shirt

Those are some very cool options IMHO

So what’s the downside? not sure yet, although i’m not very keen on their licensing terms, considering this is a competition with a one time prize I think they are asking a lot in these terms

you hereby grant to DBH, its licensees and assignees, an exclusive, world-wide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensible (through multiple tiers) right to: (1) reproduce the Design or any parts, alterations or derivatives thereof, whether alone or in combination with or as a composite of other matter, including, but not limited to, text, data, images, photographs, illustrations, animation and graphics, video or audio segments of any nature, and embody such reproductions in any media or embodiment now known or hereafter to become known (the Products); and (2) publicly display, perform or exhibit, or distribute the Design, as part of the Products, in any way now known or hereafter to become known including without limitation by transmission, broadcast, or electronic communication.

I think the Threadless T&C’s are a little more… Human. In fact the ironic thing is that the whole of the Threadless site feels more human. If fails it won’t be a failure of technology it will be a failure to build and grow a culture online like threadless has.

hat tip to Mashable

T-shirts for fans of cult, horror, spaghetti western, and blacksploitation

strange vice has a line of t-shirts that are brilliant in concept, and seem sort of ok in execution :-) The pictures they have on their site are not real t-shirts and the designs tend to be a little small in relation to the shirt. That being said, maybe their better in the “flesh” so to speak. I still applaud the concepts. From top left to bottom right:

The Real Chairman Meaow (guest starring Dr Acular T-shirt)

glarkwear meaow

Of course yesterday i suggested the Noisebot shirt “the cat says” should be called Chairman Meaow, but of course Glarkwear thought of it first, damn them, here it is, the real Chairman Meaow :-)

Seriously it’s always worth a visit to Glarkwear, they’ve got 4 new designs, including Dr Acular, it makes me smile.

dr acular