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Advertising Helps Me Decide – by Vintage Vantage


Just got this “Advertising Helps Me Decide” shirt in the mail from Vintage Vantage and i’m loving it, and i’m getting a lot of good comments at my office. The shirt is a nice soft feel, the print quality is excellent, and there’s no irritating label on the neck. Apparently they got started selling actually vintage t-shirts on ebay in 2001 which you can still buy here, this shirt though is part of their own line of t-shirts.

The folks there have also provided a coupon code for tcritic readers so you can get 20% off just use the code “tcritic”, the code is good for 20% off everything they sell including their $10 sale items so take advantage. If you guys order stuff from them please leave any feedback in the comments and I’ll update the post.

This Person Is Rated… Another Reader Submission T-shirt winner

Ok, you guys are awesome, this is another t-shirt submission from a reader, Andy from Fort Wayne, IN, who pointed me to this web comic called who also create t-shirts inspired by the comics that they do. I think this “this person is rated…” t-shirts are brilliant.

trailer tees

Swingers anyone? Remember that bit where Vince Vaughn’s character is trying to persuade Jon Favreau’s character to chat up a girl:

Trent: I don’t want you to be the guy in the PG-13 movie everyone’s *really* hoping makes it happen. I want you to be like the guy in the rated R movie, you know, the guy you’re not sure whether or not you like yet. You’re not sure where he’s coming from. Okay? You’re a bad man. You’re a bad man. You’re a bad man, bad man.

trailer tee text

This t-shirt is so money and doesn’t even know it :-)

Cali Lewis and

I met the fabulous Cali Lewis, host of the other day and as it turns out, she is a t-shirt nut. If fact she wears a different t-shirt on every episode of the show and anyone that can make that claim is a friend of tcritic. Even better, she featured tcritic on her last show, where she was wearing a very cool “made in the 80′s” t-shirt, which I have to find out where she got it (anyone?).

geek brief

Seriously, it’s a great podcast, go ahead, stick it in your ear :-)

Jesus, Lets Dance – Hotcrossculture – Reader Submission

lets dance

Well congrats Roger from Australia for submitting this t-shirt from HotCrossCulture, i’ll be mailing you a tee soon, man I hope I get some submissions from some local folks or I’ll go broke pretty quick :-) Anyway, cool T and I got the email within about 10 minutes of my last post.

lets dance 2

Free T-Shirts for News Tips

segway betaHey everyone, first off a big thanks to everyone that reads, comments, emails me, lurks, links to me, flames me, and uploads stuff to tshirt war and tdigger it really makes it all worth while. Anyway, i’ve got various plans to continue making this site better, including a t-shirt war 2.0 which will blow away the previous version (it’s going to cost $2,000 so if you want to sponsor it for a year or your a programmer with mad skilz and time on your hands email me).

But todays idea to make this site better is to reward people who email me news tips, cool new designs, etc. so as of today if I publish something that you sent in I will send you a free t-shirt from the collection of samples that I get sent (and when they run out i’ve got $1,500 bucks to spend on threadless shirts). This goes for news and other peoples t-shirt designs (in other words if you send me your own design and I write it up you don’t get a free t-shirt). So when you email me include your size and mailing address.

Also, please comment on this post if you have any more ideas of what would make this site better.

PS. T-shirt designers and companies, if you want me to write about your site, or I have written about your site linking back to me is a really good idea, I constantly check who’s linking to me and if theres a cool t-shirt on the end of it all the better, beside, I need to get my technorati rank up :-)

Indie Tech Rawwks

indie tech

Damn, every once in a while I come across a line of t-shirts that i’m shocked and amazed I don’t know about, and don’t own most of their t-shirts. I love both the 72 dpi shirt and the Apple skull shirt, although the segway beta might be my fav, good stuff guys.

segway beta


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Designed A Shirt

clap your hands

The awesome band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have designed a t-shirt for a site called the Yellow Bird Project, a Montreal based non profit. The Yellow Bird project works with artists to do t-shirt designs to support various charities. This proceeds from the sale of the CYHS t-shirt will go to

Bye Bye Tokyo T-shirts is, of course, a t-shirt company in Spain who’s t-shirts have little connection to either Tokyo or Spain. But the designs are cool, generally simple and iconic, although some seem like non sequiturs like Steve McQueen as Bullit. Looks like the designs are fulfilled through Spreadshirt, which begs the question, why can’t I buy the t-shirts in dollars and have them shipped locally? Right now they are priced at 19.90 Euros.


Tag, I’m It – A Belated 7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

A while ago I got tagged by the daily tee and threadchat with this ‘meme’, which means they linked to me from their “7 things you don’t know about me” posts, and now it’s my turn to respond. So here goes.

  • I was in the British Army, in the Grenadier Guards (one of our oldest regiments founded in 1656), and I was in the first gulf war. I’m not really someone that most people picture being in the army because i’m a bit of a non-conformist, rather outspoken, and a bit of a rebel but I thought it was a great experience
  • I love dogs, I haven’t had one for 17 years and I wish I could have one
  • I’ve had some strange jobs, i worked in a Hasbro toy factory for a couple of weeks, and on a pig farm as well
  • I have a motorcycle and a car and ride a bicycle almost everywhere, it’s madness I know, anyone want to buy a 40th anniversary edition of the Mini Cooper S
  • I was born in a small village in England called Lyndhurst and there is a very old churchyard there where Alice Hargreaves is buried, who was the Alice who Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for.
  • my first computer was a Mac Performa 6400
  • my sister is an artist, and my dad is a blues singer, my mum rents a cottage in Lyndhurst and they all got blogs for Christmas the year before last

and now i’ve got to tag some other bloggers who I want to hear from. So how about it Critical Sole, The Gala Daling, Fiona Long, MJ at the compete-tee-tion Blog, Widget at NeedCoffee.

Viva La Evolucion – Busted Tees

I wrote a little while ago about bustedtees and said that they didn’t create many new designs. Well i got an email from a contact there letting me know that they are on a design kick and are planning on releasing 2 new designs a week, I think for a year. Anyway, I particularly like the Viva La Evolucion design, it works as a pun and political statement IMHO, perfect for any evangelical teenagers that want to rebel.

Busted Tee’s is a sponsor but I wouldn’t post about this unless I liked it


Here’s the painting that the t-shirt is based on:

monkey painting

Spider Pig T-shirt – First, But I’m Sure Not The Last

spider pig, a spreadshirt shop, just sent me this design for their spider pig t-shirt. I give them lots of points for timing, but from a design standpoint i’m on the fence as to how this will look at a distance. I think the slavish adherence to the eight legs on a podgy pig leads to a bit of a Rorschach test. (i can’t believe I just wrote that sentence, wordy or what).

Extra bonus points for sending me a picture of Homer wearing the t-shirt :-)

spider pig 2

Alicia Silverstone’s T-shirt Fugly?


So Jessica at Go Fug Yourself is asking this question about Alicia Silverstone’s T-shirt:

So just tell me already, is Alicia Silverstone’s tee shirt AWESOME in an “Take Back the Chico’s Kind of Day” kind of way, or embarrassing in a “Honey, You’re Not Avant-Garde Enough to Make This Work” kind of way?

My personal opinion is this shirt is kind of stuck in the middle between brilliantly retro awful of some of the t’s from Napoleon Dynamite and just fucking wal-mart horrible.

T-Shirt Woot!

sore thumbs

Today Last Friday a version of Woot! launched specially for T-shirts, the idea is that every morning a new design is offered for sale in a limited quantity and when it’s sold out, it’s sold out.

Interestingly this design, called sore thumbs (which you can buy here) was designed by MJ who authors the compete-tee-tion blog that is dedicated to talking about t-shirt competitions. Man, people look at me like i’m crazy when i say I write about T-shirts, I can’t imagine the looks MJ gets.

Hat Tip to my Mad Finn Friend

Blanco Basura (White Trash) – MotoGP update

Blanco Basura

Well I’m back from Moto GP and I wanted to make a quick post tonight so I’ll be brief. The standout t-shirt/clothing story for me was Blanco Basura, a hyper ironic line of clothing for any race meet. Blanco Basura is spanish for white trash, which of course works on so many levels.

Anyway, if you’re a race fan or bike fan feel free to check out the rest of my pics from the weekend.


Viral Marketing Doesn’t Work

viral marketing doesnt work

Well i’m heading out for a couple of days and will be offline, i’m going to Laguna Seca in Monterey to watch the Moto GP (motorcycle racing). Anyway I had to post this t-shirt before I left – Viral Marketing Doesn’t Work – Tell Everyone You know – brilliant and ironic, not sure if it’s funny to people who are not marketing geeks. What would be even funnier is if this got dugg and ended up on the front page of digg (fingers crossed :-)

Anyway, have a great weekend, I may post some stuff from my phone if I find some good T’s at the racing. Somehow I think racetracks are a rich source of ironic shirts, although I would probably do better in that regard at Nascar.

BTW I found the viral marketing t-shirt via Jeremiah‘s twitter feed

Apparently you can get the shirt here but the site is down right now :-(