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Flight Of The Conchords T-Shirts

Glad i tivo’d this show before I went on holiday, it is fucking awesome. So everyone is talking about it, even boingboing just posted about it, but I’m the first to post about the t-shirts, so suck it boingboing :-)


Eat Sleep Folk

Here’s a clip from the Conan O’Brien show:

Best Defense Against Terrorism

I’ve always thought the best defense against terrorism was an informed, calm public, in fact an informed calm public is exactly what the terrorists don’t want, they want terror. Some governments actually perpetuate the terror as do media who follow the adage if it bleeds it leads. I think so far the US government and US media have done an abysmal job of keeping people informed or calm.

In 1939 the British Ministry of Information commissioned some posters to be made as essentially a little propaganda as war was breaking out, it may have been pretty light on information but it does convey something that is worth remembering, “keep calm and carry on”.

Keep Calm Original

And of course one person has made this into a t-shirt

Keep Calm and Carry on

I particularly like this blue one, but the brown with pink lettering is also very nice.

History of Keep Calm

Cool Scuba Related T-shirts from Bent Air

Bent Air is a t-shirt company that specializes in SCUBA related t-shirts, and i’ve got to say it’s really refreshing to see a very niche t-shirt company that has decided to take the plunge (pun intended) and do some really nice, limited edition t-shirts. The effort and attention to detail they have put into this means their t-shirts, although all scuba related, are suitable for anyone.

Tough Stuff



Nice little details on the back of their shirts
Seamsmom 500b

T-Shirts From Glastonbury Festival ’07


Glastonbury Festival is like a combination of woodstock and burning man… but much wetter. Anyway, I was lucky enough to go this year and had a blast. I don’t have a lot of time to write a lot about it but I thought I’d post some t-shirts I saw and snapped there.

This was Billy Brag, he was brilliant and his t-shirt was super simple, it just said “read”, probably one of the most memorable performances for me.

Say no more

This was great, it reads “Bluetooth Johnson”, kind of a modern version of “remember billy only retards wear their collars up”

and this little lebowski urban achiever was surving us some delicious Brothers Pear Cider, 7% ABV – Festival strength

Yours truly in a “your empire needs you” t-shirt, one of my favorite recent acquisitions

and you might recognize this t-shirt from the justice dance video

I think most of these designs were ripped off from some other designers, I saw lots of threadless rip offs (obviously flowers in the attic and the dark side of the garden) as well getting sold in various stores, a real shame, I actually got chased out of one of the stores because I was photographing some stolen threadless designs





You can see all my photo’s from Glastonbury here, cheers.

Zombies of Oz New From Go Ape Shirts

Zombies of oz

The Zombies of Oz is one of three new shirts that GoApeShirts have just come out whith. Go Ape deserves high praise IMHO for consistently comes out with distinct, original and great designs. The other two that came out are also fab like the fabulously retro Killovision, to the reinterpretation of the classic frog in a blender with The Shredder Gets Michaelangelo. Check them out. It should be noted that Josh, who runs Go Ape was heading out on vacation so any orders will get fulfilled when he gets back on July 6th (at which time the BooBooWalker will also be in stock). Don’t let that stop you ordering though, they will sell out :-)

RoboNice and RoboBad from

Robonice Large Large

robonice and robobad are like his ‘n’ hers robot t-shirts from a german streetware/community site called

Robobad 3 Large

Most his ‘n’ hers anything make me want to vomit, but somehow I could see this working for me and my future girlfriend where ever she may be hiding :-) Way cooler than those crazy jogging suits you see some people bimbling around in (bimbling is such a cool word, it means wandering but in a very uncool way).

Robonice Large

Robobad 2 Large

Anyway, on a side note i’ll be going offline for a few days when I head up to the Glastonbury festival on friday, prolly offline till monday. It’s going to be an amazing festival, and it looks like it’s going to be a muddy one judging from the weather already here. Hopefully we won’t end up like these poor bastards in 2005:


Finders Keepers New From BustedTees

Sometimes it seems that Bustedtees rarely add new t-shirts, but it may be that I check them out so often it seems that way, anyway, I just love the new Finders Keepers T-shirt. I wonder if it’s the “post imperial” irony that I like about this, maybe it’s because i’m English, what do you Americans think?

sure it’s an affiliate link but I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t love it :-)

Bush’s Brains on sale for 10 bucks (the t-shirt of course)

Bushes Brain

$10 for the t-shirt of Bush’s Brains from the good folks at the chopshop actually seems like a great deal… if you paid $10 for the real Bush’s brain i’d say you’d been ripped off :-) Love the designs at the chopshop and the print quality is excellent, the shirts run a little bigger than american apparel so bare bear that in mind when your ordering.

(this is an affiliate link so tcritic can make a buck)

Paris T-Shirt from Wrongworks

Paris 01

In many ways this Paris T-shirt from Wrongworks almost seems like a “post Paris” work, deconstructing Paris if you like. I love the t-shirt designs at Wrongworks, but I they have one of the worst web site designs ever, it’s quite difficult to link to the shopping pages directly.

Comic tee 01

Also a big fan of this Manga inspired T from them.

Some Excellent Halo T-Shirts

Spartan Bootcamp

If you or someone you love is into Halo then here are three t-shirts that you have to check out. First off, “I survived sparten bootcamp” will only be recognized by other Halo aware players, it’s a kind of secret wink t-shirt that will assure you will be able to connect with other nerds. The “stuck” t-shirt is a similar secret wink t-shirt, and chronicles the hysterical moment when someone gets a plasma grenade stuck to the back of their head, and all their buddys can do is look on and wait for the unaware player to blow up :-)


The Dangerous in First Person t-shirt is potentially a little broader in it’s appeal. A lovely play on words, reminisant of such warnings as “objects in mirror are close than they appear” or “does not play well with others”.

Dangerous in First Person

Pulp Addiction T-Shirt from Camiseteria (the brazilian threadless)

Pulp Addiction

I’ve heard recently some complaints that Threadless is getting “cute animal overload” and is starting to churn out some predictable designs, probably fair comment. I think it’s a challenge Threadless is going to increasingly face as the people participating, designing and voting are more and more mainstream and mass market. Don’t get me wrong, I looooove threadless, but I worry that the more popular they get the more the designs are going to get watered down, and anyone that reads this blog with any regularity know’s i’m not a big fan of the taste of the mass market.

Anyway, there is no shortage of cool new stuff out there, and I love this T-shirt called Pulp Addiction from Camiseteria, which is essentially the Brazilian version of threadless.

Worst Keynote Ever – mac merch

Worst Keynote Ever

A wonderful t-shirt for all the Mac faithful out there, this is of course referring to Steve Jobs keynote at the latest WWDC (world wide developer conference). You just have to imagine the phrase in comic book guys voice and it works perfectly :-)

Giant Fucking Robots Are Coming – Transformers T-Shirt From Michael Bay

giant fucking robots front

The Giant Fucking Robots Are Coming t-shirt is based on the t-shirt that Michael Bay wore during the shooting of the upcoming Transformers movie. Personally I think that phrase bodes very well for the movie, sounds like Michael Bay has a very clear vision of what this movie is about… GIANT FUCKING ROBOTS :-) Yeah Boy, how’s that for a slice of fried gold!

michael bay

It’s worth noting that the proceeds from these t-shirt sales will be going to a yet to be named charity, so go ahead, it’s for a good cause.

Alex from sent me this tip, and let me just say Alex, you Rawk!

giant fucking robots

This Is Not A Pipe – Reprinted at Threadless

This is not a pipe from threadless

Newly reprinted at Threadless, get them while their hot

This classic, koan like statement about art “this is not a pipe”, this works again, on many levels if you are a total nerd. In fact a good measure of how nerdy you are, is how much you like this T :-)

this is not a pipe
Find out more about the surrealist Magritte at wikipedia

As featured on BoingBoing and Threadcakes


The M-Machine or how hollow is the cat empire

M Machine 01

Got an email tip from Owen about this company called and I really like their stuff. This t-shirt is called Machine, the idea is that the mice are really pulling the strings of the cat people. This reminds me of a couple of things, first that this is the exact premise of the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, and therefore this t-shirt could be considered a tribute to Douglas Adams. Secondly it reminds me of an amazing band I just heard about called The Cat Empire, I particularly like this song called “The Lost Song”. I should be seeing this band next week when I go to the Glastonbury festival in England, posting may be a little light the next couple of weeks.