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Aces Cafe, London T-shirt

Chris Acescafe Triumph Crop

This is my friend Chris modeling his new Ace Cafe T-shirt, on his “cafe raced” Triumph Thunderbird. Ace Cafe in London is a very famous location spanning back to 1938 that became an iconic biker scene, and the meeting place for races, fights, and cups of tea. The original Ace cafe closed in 1969 but after a “reunion” rally in 1994 that attracted 20,000 bikers, and continued yearly, the cafe was recently reopened in 2001. Take a look at the Ace Cafe history page for some great pictures and some background.

I love the newspaper cutting:

headline: Phone call sets police squad on Leather Jackets
byline: ‘We’re always blamed’ say the Ton-Up boys

Ton of course is the colloquial term for 100 miles an hour :-)

Amélie T-shirt from

Amelie Girls

Amélie is another great homage design from Waterloo. I love the movie and I really like the way they approached this design, $24.95 and $3.99 shipping. Available in blue and white, I think I prefer the blue.


Chewy In A Storm – T-Shirt from Bountee

Wookie in a Storm

Bountee is a new t-shirt “print on demand” site, rather like Spreadshirt, CafePress, Goodstorm etc. Bountee just launched about a month ago and they seem to be focused on graphic designers, and i’ll say i’ve seen a pretty good quality of design on the site. I especially loved this picture of Chewy by Dale Hayward.

I emailed the guys at bountee about their printing process, as I think that is generally the achilies heel of print on demand, and heres what they had to say:

These are examples of the quality of print. We actually use a fairly new technology called DTG printing (Direct To Garment). It’s fairly comparable to screen printing to be honest, and certainly better than the transfer, vinyl or flock processes that CafePress, Zazzle and Spreadshirt currently use.

Feel free to debunk this if you have better information, as I have a continued interest in the printing process.

What are the Threadless offices like? Ask Guy

Guy Kawasaki recently visited the Threadless offices and took a boatload of pictures, looks like a very cool work environment.

Slide 8 2

I really like the “I park like an idiot” bumper stickers, guess what you do with them :-)

Slide 31 2

New T-Shirts From Beautiful/Decay

Beautiful/Decay is a unique magazine that pulls stories from a wide array of interesting parts of the art and design world. It describes itself as:

BEAUTIFUL/DECAY documents the convergence of fine art, design, fashion, graffiti and other relevant forms of art; exposing the magazine’s diverse readership to mediums that are not juxtaposed in any other publication

They also have a great line of clothing that reflects their diverse interests in the arts pressing into services some fantastic designers.

Caliph 01

An extraordinary design called Caliph by designer Aaron Noble

and another super cool design called the Giant Hand from designer Jesse LeDoux

Giant Hand 01

Happy Birthday Tcritic (and Mum)

It’s not exactly a year since Tcritic started, but it was May 2006 that this T-Shirt train left the station, a year ago I posted the “nobody reads my blog” t-shirt and nothing could have been more appropriate :-)

nobody reads my blog

Well a year later, 380 posts, 1,000 comments, 600+ incoming links, got in the technorati top 10K, had 297,777 visitors, and 698,459 page views, I’m totally blown away, and in the end it is you guys that make this interesting, and also give me the motivation to keep on going. Thanks to everyone that sends email and t-shirts, I really appreciate it, sorry I can’t get back to everyone personally, I do try and post a lot of the stuff that people send me.

Also in that year Lhea has joined to help write about the best T’s and i’m really happy to have her aboard, thanks Lhea.

So thanks everyone, and happy birthday Mum (actually is my mum’s birthday today, and believe it or not she reads my blog :-)

T-Shirts On Sale For Memorial Day

20% OFF all the addict t-shirts using the coupon code: ADDICT runs through May 28th

Addict T-shirt

and Monstar Clothing will be on sale this weekend only Friday May 25th-Monday May 28th! $10 shirts

monstar t-shirt

and Teetonic has a selection of great designs that came out of the 6 cities design festival

With the Six Cities Design Festival now under way, we are very proud to launch 7 new additions to our Signature Series. Wayne Hemingway, Stefan Sagmeister, Timorous Beasties, Zandra Rhodes, Peter Saville and d8 have all designed Tees for the festival which are now on sale at We expect these babies to fly off the shelf, so get in about it before any tears are shed!

teetonic 1

teetonic 2

New Spreadshirt Beta Site Launch Tomorrow

Spreadshirt, the t-shirt print on demand service will be launching a major redesign on Wednesday. The whole site has been redesigned from the ground up and will be located at (password protected at the moment). (via)

The biggest new feature will be the Spreadshirt Market place which will allow buyers, designers and web site owners work together. For instance if you have a channel to market t-shirts but you’re not a great designer you can become a shop partner and use designs of other designers and share the revenue. Sounds kind of similar to Innertee and ShirtCity both of which allow sharing and republishing of designs and revenue sharing.

simple life
Simple Life from

Norma Jean by Rocket Clothing


These guys at Rocket Clothing have got some really cool stuff, love the Norma Jean design. They’ve actually got a store in California

OPEN TUESDAY – SATURDAY 1pm – 7pm (except show nights we will be open later).

I’d like to party with these guys:
Party Zombie

Spoiler Alert – Don’t Read This T-shirt

The Spoiler t Shirt

I love this Spoilt T-shirt from threadless, I’ve seen it done before but the execution of this design is excellent. Not only that it really does have spoilers in it, I didn’t know Snape kills Drumbledore, WTF!

On the topic of spoilers I also like this one from the guys at Jinx:
Spoiler Alert you Suck

Another Dick in a Box from T-shirt Hell

Fallwell in a box

File this under “oh no they dian’t”, a new Dick in a Box t-shirt from the aptly named t-shirt hell.

Make Magazine Screen printing T-shirts Video Tutorial

Makezine Printing

This is an awesome and informative video tutorial on how to screenprint your own stuff, who said education can’t be fun!

Live Simply, Use Helvetica T-shirt – by Lamosca

use Helvetica 01

This is a fabulous T-shirt and the photo works brilliantly as well. The picture is of Khol Vinh who writes the excellent blog, Subtraction. My other favorite shirt for type-nerds is actually a hoodie with “kern” written on it, bisected of course by the zip :-) which is why it had to be a hoodie.

Another type related post I recently came across via Kottke is Michael Bierut’s 13 reasons to choose a particular typeface for a project from the design observer:

Once I saw a project in a student portfolio that undertook the dubious challenge of redesigning the Tiffany’s identity. I particularly disliked the font that was used, and I politely asked what it was. ‘Oh,’ came the enthusiastic response, ‘that’s the best part! It’s called Tiffany!’

Akomplice Summer Release Party

Just got this in an email Aron at Akomplice Clothing, this party should be rocking. I wish I could go, i’m actually going to be in LA speaking at the la games conference, but I leave the night of the party.

akomplice release party

Free 21+ Akomplice Summer Release Party
Special performance by Talib Kweli.
THIS TUESDAY May 22nd at Club Element
1642 N. Las Palmas, Los Angeles, CA 90028

1. Large media presence: MTV, E!, 944, Vapors,
Entertainment Weekly, Urb, etc.
2. Purple carpet with step and repeat.
3. Talib Kweli performance + surprise guest.
4. Fashion show with sexy girls only wearing t-shirts and
5. Free give-aways.
6. DJ Vice.
7. On the spot custom sneakers.

You’re So Easy Even A Cave Man Could Do You – by Gimmickwear

Caveman 2102photo 2

LOL, alright this one for my friends at AmericanCopyWriter, all they need now is a I Heart Bruce Campbell t-shirt and they’ll be all set :-)