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Mii Love You Long Time from Nerdy Shirts

Mii Love Girls Montage

Mii Love You Long Time is a fab new shirt from – although its so hard to get a Wii I wonder if everyone will get the joke :-) I’m still shopping for one!

(this is an affiliate link so tcritic can make a buck or two)

Sam Rockwell Loved This T-shirt from E5Charlie

Tricky Dicky

I happened to be wearing the Tricky Dicky t-shirt Friday evening at a bar in San Francisco called Zeitgeist which is essentially a very small bar with an enormous beer garden. On a sunny afternoon or evening there is nothing better than hanging out there, the mix of people is amazing, and the “what happens there stays there” philosophy pervades. Anyway, later in the evening I’m standing chatting to a friend and the amazing actor Sam Rockwell walks by, well I’m not usually a person to accost stars, but in this case I made an exception and stuck my hand out and introduced myself. He was very cool and down to earth and even better he loved the T-shirt, he commented on it like 3 times. He wasn’t the only one, I think that shirt got more comments from people that night than any other shirt (except maybe the communist party). As for the design it just works on so many levels, I think i’d like to see one with Bush and Cheney on it. Anyway, thanks e.5.charlie and if you can find an address for Sam Rockwell send him the T-shirt, i’m going to guess he’s a medium.

I Hate t-shirt

I Hate Crocs

Proving that their really is a blog for everything comes – documenting the two girls a guy and a girls struggle to eliminate the footwear phenomenon from the face of the planet, they burn them, cut them up, and even blend them. They of course have a t-shirt as well which is my plausible excuse to write about these guys.

I love this, Uggs for the summertime, heh.

Brilliant Video From Spreadshirt Showing The End To End Process For A T-Shirt

Spreadshirt posted this video on their blog a couple of days ago, I came across it on the T-Shirt Island blog which goes to show how things like this spread.

Going beyond the general coolness factor of showing the end to end process that t-shirts go through at Spreadshirt and that in itself being a good advertisement, I think it did an amazing job of humanizing the company. This is critically important because both CafePress and Spreadshirt through making it so easy to create a custom t-shirt, did a great job of commoditizing their own businesses at the same time. Essentially they both looked like black boxes where you uploaded images and t-shirts came out the other end, so in the end it came down to price, and no one wants to be in a business where price is the only deciding factor. One company that managed to differentiate themselves in this regard was Goodstorm, by focusing on non-profits, and smaller more socially conscious companies Goodstorm already built a connection with customers that went beyond costs, and connected on the importance of their work together.

In the end there is no doubt that the concept of print on demand for t-shirts and the like is a really amazing thing, helping people get their ideas out there, my only hope is they continue working on the quality.

I Just Blue Myself T-Shirt – from Threadpit

I Just Blew Myself

Come on, you old blow hard. When life serves you a chubby, you sometimes need to just suck it up.

Of course the I Just Blue Myself T-shirt refers to the brilliant David Cross playing Dr Tobias Funke on arrested development. Thankfully it’s still running in syndication on the G4 network, and I have my precious DVD’s.

If you haven’t heard David Cross’s stand up you should check out his CD’s both “shut up you fucking baby” and “it’s not funny” are brilliant.

10 Polo Shirts For People Too Cool For Polo Shirts

Surely everyone else is as tired of Ralph’s monopoly on the Polo shirt arena as I am and yet sometimes they are a nice alternative to a proper shirt when you need to fulfill some kind of collar requirement. Yesterday I came across some great alternatives to the Polo shirt, well here are 10 polo shirts that will get a laugh at the golf club or when your providing tech support :-)

polo dismount

The Hangover

The sid


The Shredder



The Jerk

The Hesher

The 40

And of course the Polo to offend all Polo’s the Goatse polo via boing boing


See also the Goatse tree :-)

As suggested by Rob in the comments

League of Injustice and The Super Duper Friends

File this under should be lots of t-shirts. Not sure what the purpose behind this little viral video is yet, but you can sign up for “free t-shirts and exclusive give downloads” at Man, I hope they do some awesome t-shirts. I think they should get the chop shop involved or do a threadless competition.

Breaking News – Trainspotting T-Shirt by Waterloo


Those fab guys at Waterloo have come up with a wonderful t-shirt for a classic movie, Trainspotting. I hope these guys don’t get hit with crazy licensing issues, they have great taste!

Cinco De Mayo – On Sale With BustedTees

Great seasonal T-shirt from bustedtees for the upcoming celebration, on sale for 13.99, can’t beat that.

(it’s an affiliate link so tcritic can make a buck)

Lost T-Shirts For Your Babies – by


Some great Lost inspired t-shirts for your kids from a company called Squirtshirts. They are on cafepress, which i’m not an enormous fan of but the quality of these fun ideas totally trump the quality of the t-shirts :-)

Party Pieces from Threadless As Modeled By Kent Nichols of Ask A Ninja


As I had mentioned before I was speaking on a panel at AdTech today and one of my co-panelists who is co-creator of Ask a Ninja happened to be wearing this rocking t-shirt from threadless called party pieces. I wish I could get the Ninja to model a t-shirt for me, although I would probably never survive, unless i had a Ninja proof t-shirt. The panel was a lot of fun and was actually recorded and streamed live by another panelist, Jeremiah Owyang.

Abide – Big Lebowski T-Shirt (Obey Parody)

The Abide T-Shirt rules, I wish I’d had it for April 20th when I went to see the movie at the Red Vic on Haight St. Actually I heard about another Lebowski inspired T-Shirt I’d love to find, apparently it says “What Would The Jesus Do” :-)

BTW found this gem on tdigger as well, thanks to everyone who are uploading T-Shirts there, it’s getting really interesting.

Delilah T-Shirt by Faveur


Delilah is a great t-shirt from Faveur that is even on display at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA). Faveur is a t-shirt company that is using t-shirts as an artform with a purpose, believe it or not they are primarily Christian inspired designs, although I didn’t find them overt or evangelical. They seem to me to be great designs first, and christian second which I think is probably the right balance, I am really not a big fan of companies that use religion as their primary marketing and segmentation vehicle. You can read more about them here at Infuse Magazine.

Big hat tip to T-Shirt Island who submitted this design to Tdigger (so go vote :-)

Speaking At Ad:Tech Next Week With Some Super Star Bloggers And Podcasters

I’m speaking at on a panel next week at panel at Ad-Tech in San Francisco on April 24th. Let me know if your going to this or are in the SF area around the Moscone Center and we can meet up, grab a coffee or something. The panel is hosted by Rohit Bhargava VP for Interactive Marketing at Ogilvy Public Relations and the topic of the panel is “Trench Warfare: Using Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts to Have a Brand Personality”. I’m absolutely humbled by all of the speakers i’ll be on a panel with, just look at this stellar line up:

Here’s a description of the session:

Trench Warfare: Using Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts to Have a Brand Personality
Personal media is about personality – having one and sharing one. Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts are all some of the tools available to share your brand personality, and it’s a hot trend right now. It wasn’t always like this, with many people and organizations happy to hide behind any kind of filter and remain anonymous – especially online. Brands were often used as shields for real people to hide behind – never allowing customers to see “behind the scenes.” Yet today the rise of social media is putting personalities front and center with blogs, vlogs and podcasts. People are expecting to see your personality. If good marketing is storytelling, then personal media helps you give an identity to the storyteller. This panel will bring some top storytellers together and help you learn how to better market your brand by using something you might be more used to burying … your personality.

Also if you want a 25% discount for ad-Tech SF register here using the code ATSFA2

And what the hell has this got to do with T-Shirts? Well the Ask A Ninja guy sells t-shirts :-)

AskANinja has now opened a so you can buy Ninja Goodies. If you havn’t seen “askaninja” yet you should check it out, and get the t-shirt, his podcasting bit is already legendary.



Make Cupcakes Not War from Johnny Cupcakes

make cupcakes not war

I love Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts and Make Cupcakes Not War is not only a lot of fun, it has a great message too. Everytime I look at his shirts I wonder how long he can sustain the cupcake metaphor, it seems he’s already done it for an impossibly long time, even building brick and mortar stores around it on some pretty expensive real estate on Boston’s Newbury St. I guess the constraint of using cupcakes in all his designs becomes a boundary against which his creativity, or that of his team can thrive. I’ve always heard that the best designs come from the best defined problems, design often thrives inside well defined constraints. Can anyone think of similar t-shirt companies so dedicated to a theme?

Anyway, go vote for this shirt on tdigger :-)