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I Hate Your Kids T-shirt From Gawker

i hate your kids image

Gawker, the blogging empire created by Nick Denton has now started turning some of it’s delicious blog snark into t-shirts, the I Hate Your Kids shirt is a gem. I’m sure that Bill Maher would love it :-)

Hat tip to a new kid on the blog at T-Shirt Reviews

Fucking Exclusive T-Shirts – Winnie The Pooh Bling from Wrong Works

Winnie Bling

I love this collection from WrongWorks, the winnie the pooh shirt is an excellent, albeit expensive ($100) example, you should definitely check out the rest of the collection, there not all that expensive. Unfortunately the framed web design of this site makes it very difficult to link to individual items (I hate it when sites do that) so I linked to the shopping page directly. If you want to see the site in all it’s glory go here, scroll down and click “enter” (I also hate it when sites do that as well, don’t make me find your enter button when I already went to the effort of coming to your site)…. anyway, thankfully they make better t-shirts than they design web sites.

tip of the hat

5 New Katamari Damacy T-Shirts From Panic

The only officially licensed Katamari Damacy T-shirts are sold by a small mac software development shop named Panic Software, I just got a note this morning that they have 5 new shirts. Apart from the new designs they’ve also added some printing innovations like “shiny” and “fuzzy”, i’ve included an image from both types:



Enjoy, and keep on rolling :-)

tip of the hat

Tougher Than I Look T-Shirt From Loyal Army

Tougher Than she Looks

My new favorite T-Shirt model showing off her fab Loyal Army shirt “Tougher Than I Look“. The irony of course is my fav t-shirt model likes to box and I found a shot of her after a sparing match, the juxtaposition of these two shots is just great.


Oh, and by the way all that blood is from the other person, eeek.

Priceless on Britney – Ironic T-Shirt Moment


I’m not a big celeb watcher but I couldn’t help posting this, as David Cross would say, southerners achieve a level of irony in t-shirts that few other groups could possibly achieve (if you haven’t heard David’s standup check out “shut up you fucking baby” it’s awesome). Anyway, the spears Priceless shirt is from Bejewled who use an amazing touched up version of the same photo on their product page, now that’s some tasty photoshop…

Priceless Bejewled

Found via the hysterical celeb breakup site I Don’t Like You In That Way

Nigel’s Skeleton T-Shirt From Spinal Tap – By Found Items Clothing

Nigels t Shirt

Anyone that knows me knows I love Spinal Tap, one of the all time funniest movies of all time, I just never get tired of it. Well Found Item Clothing have created the famous skeleton t-shirt that Nigel Tufnel was wearing during one of the most quoted lines in the movie which is “but these go to eleven” (funnily enough Found Item Clothing’s blog is called that). Luckily Found Item Clothing decided not to slavishly replicate the sleeveless look of the original shirt, which is cool, you can always remove the sleeves yourself if you’re rock and roll enough :-)

Nigel From Spinal tap

BTW the photo is of me and my new Triumph Daytona 955i on a road trip I took just south of San Francisco, route 236 in Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Believe it or not I even got some comments on the t-shirt from the very cute waitress at the famous Alice’s Restaurant.

Nunchucks T-Shirt from Glarkware


“I need more room in my locker for my Nunchucks”” – I totally love this t-shirt from Glarkware, great stuff.

As a bonus some underwear that will make people laugh out loud when you drop your trousers:


Nintendo Mii-Shirt From GDC

Mii Shirt Front, the gamer blog just posted about this great Mii t-shirt from GDC, it’s actually the “Mii’s” (the avatar you create in the Nintendo Wii) of three key Nintendo Execs. From left, there’s Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aime

Mii Shirt Back

Very cool. Tip of the hat to the Mad Fin

Duddleville T-Shirt – Designer Sune Ehlers From Pestol Clothing

Sune Ehlers Pestol

Duddleville is a pretty extraordinary design by Sune Ehlers, comes in a very striking purple as well. Pestol clothing seems to get some pretty cool artwork and designers, good stuff.

How to Create Online Awesomeness From Threadless Founders

How to create online awesomeness from the founders of Threadless.

Link to google video

A Modern Say Anything T-Shirt – From The

Say Anything Collage

It’s called the “in your ipod” t-shirt from the cottonfactory on sale for 10 bucks. The t-shirt is an idea that appeals to me as someone that grew up during the 80′s. I have one other “say anything” related shirt I found on Etsy a while ago that I posted about here. I guess i’m going to need a category for either say anything or John Cusack :-)

Marshmallow Factory T-Shirt – From Threadless $10 Sale Starts Today

Marshmallow Threadless

Surely you knew where marshmallows came from? They’re unicorn BM’s of course :-)

Anyway, Threadless has started another $10 sale so get your skates on, this is really a great deal. Also a big thanks to everyone as Tcritic has just got into the top 10 referrers in the Threadless streetteam, believe it or not I knocked Will Wheaton from the number 10 spot.

Free Time T-Shirt from The Ryde

Free Time

The Free Time T-Shirt from the folks at The Ryde is a good example of what The Ryde is all about. They seem to mix surf inspired t-shirts, with all the other good things that go along with it, including mexican food, drinking, weather, nature, and beer pong. They treat their t-shirts as well using various enzyme processes, and silicon treatment (someone might have to explain those benefits to me), but the prints look great.

Super Frog Found T-Shirt – By Go Ape Shirts


Super Frog Found is another great design from Go Ape Shirts, these guys do great quality shirts and have got a few other new ones up as well. If your interested they also have a flickr site as well with lots of other pictures up, great for us bloggers to grab pics from :-)

The Future Belongs To Those Of Us With Rayguns T-Shirt – By Death Gob

Death gob ray Guns

Love the T-shirt and love the name of this company as well, Death Gob, don’t remember if i’ve blogged these guys before but their whole site is a lot of fun. They’ve even got a section called “pimp my shirt“, where you, dear readers can send your sad looking, embarrassing shirts and Death Gob will pimp them out. I’d love to see some pics that are the result of pimp my shirt, they’ve also got a section called “berks in shirts“, berks of course being an English colloquialism meaning dork or something close.