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Misspelled NIT Basketball Title T-Shirt

West Virgina

Misspelled NIT Basketball Title T-Shirt – West Virgina :-) I wonder what T-shirt company made those shirts? I bet they’ll be collectors items :-)

Panda Porn Star and Little Bit Gay T-Shirts From Birbigshirts

These are some great T-shirts from the Birbiglia brothers of – the Panda Porn Star is very funny, if you didn’t hear there is such a thing and they’re using it to try and help pandas mate

Panda Porn Star

The “I’m a little gay” T-shirt, very funny, especially good as a gift :-) and wearing around San Francisco.

A Little gay


New Guidlines On Getting Reviewed

Also, i’ve updated my guidelines for sending me links and pictures of t-shirts to review:

Here’s my guidelines for getting posted:

  1. I like pictures of people wearing shirts, or pictures of real shirts, i’m not keen on faux shirts, ie. photoshopped t-shirt templates and will only post those if they are extraordinary
  2. Tell me a little about the t-shirt designs, printing process or your company that is cool, different, remarkable
  3. I get a lot of email, if I haven’t posted after a week it’s probably buried in my gmail never to be found again, it’s nothing personal, I only post about 5% of stuff i’m sent, send me new designs and stay in touch, I read all my email
  4. stay in touch with me on twitter @karllong

Pre-Order Goodbye Sanjaya T-Shirt From Busted Tees

Pre-order the T-shirt that Simon thought was truly awful from bustedtees, ready to ship April 6th. Not sure if this will quite be the phenomenon that dick in a box was, but there is a hell of a lot of buzz about Sanjaya :-)


Three Great T-Shirts From The People Like Us Collective

Normally I do one T-Shirt at a time but these are all fun and unique designs. The Burning Airplane (Burn Baby Burn) is a limited edition that has been reprinted, an oxymoron I know but there are only 81 left of this printing. (80 if those guys are nice enough to put one aside for me hint hint). All the shirts are around 50 USD (70 Aussie dollars) which is where there shipping from.

People Like us Burn Baby bu

In great demand is funky fury as well
People Like us Funky Fury

And a technicolor waistcoat (which somehow makes me think of that movie American Psycho)
People Like us Technicolour

September 1st Agent T-Shirts from

Pearl Kuna tee Details Photo

These shirts from are very cool designs with some very nice design details (like on the sleeve). Unfortunately the email I got from them was in French as is the site so I don’t know the origin of the “september 1st agents”, although it does look like they are limited to a run of 50 items.

Pearl Nito tee Details Photo

(it’s certainly a challenge to order from this site due to everything being in French, but their certainly unique shirts)

Influences – Should Be A Line Of T-Shirts

In this video artist Phil Hansen paints a series of portraits of people that influenced him and art by people that influence him on his torso, each one on top of the next. A very interesting project which would make a sweet line of t-shirts.

Link for feedreaders

Here are thumnails of all the portraits go take a look at his site.


Go <3 Your Own City T-Shirts – From Reason Clothing

Go Love Your own City

This is a great T-shirt for snarky New Yorkers, although New York natives are few and far between on the island of Manhattan. I lived in NYC for 8 years and loved it, I would totally buy this T if I was still there :-)

Whiskey T-Shirt from Blacktooth – Art of Carey Haider

Blacktooth Whisky

Don’t know why it’s called Whiskey but it’s a damn fine shirt from Blacktooth. They are run out of Portland, Oregon and seems like a lot of the shirts are based on the art of Carey Haider. The designs are really unique and they tend to do short runs of 20 pieces each, so your unlikely to run into the embarrassing threadless problem of showing up at parties with the same shirt as someone else.

Lips by Blacktooth
This ones called Looking for a Kiss

(unfortunately because of the frames I was unable to link to the shirts directly, but their aren’t too many so you should be able to find them)

Digg Me T-Shirt From NerdyShirts

Digg guy lg 1

Wow, I think Nerdyshirts have outdone themselves with this Digg Me T-shirt. For all the nerds in your life. Not the first digg shirt clearly, but a good one.

Digg m l

Hat Tip

Love To Kill T-Shirt from Axid

Love to Kill

I love it when I come across extraordinary T-shirts and this one is a beauty, I don’t believe anyone can be ambivalent about this shirt, and I imagine some will love it and some will hate it, but what the hell, who wants a t-shirt that sits on the fence. It’s called Love To Kill and it’s from a new online t-shirt store called Axid, I might add that these guys have not sent me a shirt… yet, hint, hint.

Love to Kill Detail

iShirt T-Shirt from Urban Tool


The iShirt is the perfect accessory for all you iPeople and iKids on the go with your iPods. Probably good for stashing pot as well :-) Available for boys and girls, comes in black, white and orange, costs about 35 euros, looks like it ships from Germany.

This smart shirt has been specially designed to carry mobile phones and iPods in an elastic and safe pocket. The sporty cut and highly functional fabric with moisture management render this shirt a real high-tech product. Includes a special loop for fixing the line.

Hat Tip

Galaga T-Shirt from Verte Life and General Video Game News


Another sweet video game T-shirt is Galaga from Verte Life. Where to buy it? Who the hell knows, you might try their store page, but no online stores that I can tell.

Big hat tip to Kotaku and my Mad Finn Friend.

In other video game news, Katamari coming to 360 and Wii with a new game called Beautiful Katamari.

And a threadless competition to design a T-shirt for the highly anticipated Bio-Shock via Destructoid

bio Shocker

I Want To Be Inside You – From Threadless

Threadless i Want to be Inside you

Now this is a good conversation starter the message “I want to be inside you” could be interpreted in many wonderful ways. It’s kind of like one of my fav shirts that says “you are what you eat”, no one can resist commenting on it, especially girls.

The Best Of SXSW T-Shirt Collection on Flickr

SXSW (South By South West) Interactive is a long running interactive festival held annually in Austin Texas, where geeks get together and share their best work, and geek out. One aspect of geeking out is obviously wearing geek T-shirts and it seems they have outdone themselves this year, and thanks to Smith Magazine who put together a flickr photo set of the T-shirts we have a great collection to peruse online. There are a lot of them so i’ll pic my favs.

Most Hyped Service – Twitter

Wearing my Twitter Shirt

This T-shirt and the various T-shirt ideas from David Armano at Logic+Emotion illustrate the hype around twitter, I haven’t got into the service yet but feel like I will through peer pressure soon.

Best Boobs

Talk Nerdy to me
(leave a comment if you know where to buy this shirt, I found lots of versions but not this one)

Best Inside Joke

Matthew Barney

Based on the classic “who the fuck is Mick Jagger” this is probably the ultimate inside joke at SWSX (i’m guessing), look up Matthew Barney on wikipedia to know more (he’s an esoteric interactive artist who dates Bjork)

Nerdiest T-shirt

Access Points

Most Interactive

Sxsw Loser

Tip of the hat