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I’m With Cupid Valentines T-Shirt From BustedTees

I’m With Cupid seems like an appropriately seasonal t-shirt from BustedTees for those that choose to celebrate. I for one find that valentines day is often a time for breakups due to the inordinate pressure, it often exposes cracks in relationships. But for those less cynical i hope you have a great valentines day :-)

(BTW it’s an affiliate link so tcritic can make a buck)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninite T-Shirt from


Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninite T-Shirt is of course inspired by the storm in a teacup that has been created in Boston due to some severe overreactions by the powers at be. Essentially a marketing company put up some battery operated “lite brites” on various landmarks (in several cities), LED graffiti if you like as a marketing campaign for the new Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. Well these were up for several weeks, until finally someone in the MTA noticed them and called in a bomb threat. Chaos ensues. Two words folks, Adult Swim.

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Basically, get serious Boston, lighten the fuck up :-)

I Have a Dream T-Shirt From The Hundreds

Dream 1

The I Have A Dream T-Shirt is from an outfit in Los Angeles called The Hundreds and it is a very interesting design. This may seem contrite to post this at the beginning of black history month, kind of like Stephen Colbert’s search for his new black friend, but I just happened across this article about The Hundreds in this Boston Students news paper titled “changing the world one t-shirt at a time” and it piqued my interest.

Wish Granted – Karens Getting her car

Wish Granted

Remember Karen with her T-Shirt I don’t want to die on the streets of LA? Well she had emailed me about her t-shirt and her story, and on my advice she took her story to the robin hood fund and guess what, she’s getting $4,000 to get a car. Wish granted! Now all she needs to do is drive up to san francisco in her sweet ride and buy me a beer.



Broken Image Link – Should Be a T-shirt

Broken Image Link 01

File this under Should be a T, a broken image link on a t-shirt would be killer, if you make a million from this I want a cut, or if your a printer that wants to do it I’ll market it here, let me know.

via and tip of the hat to the Mad Finn

Reader Request – Gardening Related T-shirts

Anyone got any suggestions?

I’m taking a gardening course. I’m far and away the youngest person in the class, and for the first several classes I wore T-shirts that, you know, said things, and it became a huge thing among the seniors in my class about “What does your shirt say today?” Now I feel obligated to wear a different shirt for every class.

For the end of the class, on the last day, I want to wear a Tshirt that’s got something funny about gardening or plants or something, but all I can find is Darth Vader doing hedgeclipping on Threadless. Does Tcritic have the answer?

From Laura

I thought this T-Shirt from Oddica called Karma might work, any other suggestions?


Fatal Attraction T-Shirt from Teetonic

fatal attraction

Fatal Attraction is a new T from the good folks at Teetonic, which of course is kind of like threadless in the fact that it’s an ongoing t-shirt competition. All their t-shirts are 15 pounds and I would say they are a snug fit, get the size larger if you are ever borderline.