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ROFLMAO T-Shirt by DirtyMicrobe

Roflmao t Shirt

Somehow the juxtaposition of Chairman Mao and a modern expression of laughing your ass of (or rolling on the floor) for that matter really works on the ROFLMAO T-Shirt from dirtymicrobe . My other favorite shirt, and in fact one of my favorite T-shirts of all time is RTFM also featuring Chairman Mao, great stuff.

Life Aquatic T-Shirt – Reprinted By Waterloo

Life Aquatic

The Life Aquatic T-Shirt has been out of print for a while and it’s been a long time coming. I reviewed this shirt a while ago and since it’s back it’s worth pointing out again. If your a fan of the director, Wes Anderson maybe check out this other shirt honoring another of his films, Rushmore.

Let It Bii T-Shirt – By Nerdy Shirts

Letitbii Guys lg 1

Let It Bii from Nerdy Shirts is another great example of how much fun people are having with the “Mii”, the avatar that you create on your Wii. I still desperately want a Wii, i’ve played with a friends and it was awesome… yes, i know how that sounds :-)

(this is an affiliate link so tcritic can make a couple of bucks, i’ll be putting it toward redesigning and enhancing t-shirt war)

Letitbii m l 2

Bazooka T-Shirt – From

Bazooka 1

Bazooka is a really great design by a graphic artist named Theresa who runs It’s actually another design that reminds me of Flowers In The Attic from threadless, which is one of my favorite designs ever. The juxtaposition of beautiful things like butterflies being discharged from the business end of a soldiers weapon seems to be universally recognized symbol.

Anyway, she’s actually got quite a few interesting designs on her site and it’s worth checking out

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That’s No Spoon T-Shirt – From

Thats no Spoon Large

That’s No Spoon, I love this shirt, anyone that reads this blog knows I love Star Wars (the original at least, I hate Jar Jar). This is such a brilliant pun (I think it’s a pun), kind of like the RTFM shirt. Anyway, I’m glad to find out about Lucky Threads, I had not heard of them before and someone just dropped me an email, thanks.

(it’s an affiliate link so tcritic can make a buck, proceeds going toward a t-shirt war redesign)

Bad Ass Mama T-Shirt – From PJE Clothing, LA

Draft uzi Iced Model

Bad Ass Mama is from a line of t-shirts called American Exceptionalism from PJE Clothing in LA. One thing that makes these shirts distinct is the little rhinestones built into most of the designs:

Draft uzi Girl Diamonds Detail AlternateThat is a nice little detail that elevates these designs from ordinary, to interesting, and potential conversation starter (always a good thing for a t-shirt).

Tommy Johnson T-Shirt for a Good Cause

Tommy Johnson

Tommy Johnson was an influential delta blues singer who lived between 1896 and 1956. Anyway, as with many blues legends his influence was not really appreciated until many years later. The story is that the road to his grave site has disappeared over the years so there is no way to get to his grave to place the headstone or to allow visitors/pilgrims easy access. Anyway, the foundation is selling t-shirts to try and raise money to get the headstone placed and the road reclaimed. Anyway, they don’t have online ordering or anything but if you go to the foundation page and email or call their phone number tell them you want a shirt i’m sure they’ll sort it out.

So it’s a bit of a family affair here, my sister (a talented artist) posing in the picture, and here’s a video of my Dad playing one of Tommy’s songs “Maggie Campbell”

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and here’s the gory details from the press release.


Three years after The Mount Zion Memorial Fund and the family of Tommy Johnson unveiled a headstone memorial in Crystal Springs, in 2001, the 600 lb., beautifully engraved, granite slab still sits in the Crystal Springs Library, miles from the cemetery where Johnson is buried.

The Copiah County Board of Supervisors, charged by law with maintaining the Warm Springs Methodist Cemetery because of its official historic status, has denied all access to the cemetery where dozens of African American gravesites are located, by refusing to reclaim a road which was “given” to a local farmer under dubious legal circumstances.

For the last three years the Mount Zion Memorial Fund has worked with Vera Johnson Collins, Tommy Johnsons niece, through a series of legal roadblocks and delays and the State of Mississippi, fully aware of the situation, has done absolutely nothing.

The “Year of the Blues” has come and gone, and the Tommy Johnson Memorial, paid for by Ms. Bonnie Raitt, has remained on display at the Public Library, in mute testimony to the true history of Mississippis racial nullification, failure and neglect.

The Mount Zion Memorial Fund and the family of Tommy Johnson is asking that any and all groups or individuals who would like to support the effort to place Tommy Johnsons headstone on his grave and to re-open this historic cemetery please write Governor Haley Barbour at P.O. Box 139 Jackson, MS 39205

And demand that the State of Mississippi intervene immediately to correct this moral wrong and to finally do something honorable to get right with the Blues.

Skip Henderson Butch Ruth

For more information please contact:
Skip Henderson, P.O. Box 3872, New Orleans, La. 70177 or email: mysterycity [at]
or Butch Ruth at: butch7480 [at]

To Die, To Be Really Dead – From Quoth The Raven Shirts

Quoth the Raven Shirts

To die, to be really dead… that must be glorious” Maybe because I am alone for valentines day, and maybe because I’m attracted to goth girls, but somehow this t-shirt seems appropriate today. Of course “goth” was the equivalent of Emo when I was growing up, and as someone who grew up in the UK The Smiths and The Cure were a big part of the culture. BTW the store you buy this t-shirt from is called the Sarcophagus Store, what fun.

Anyway, happy valentines day :-)

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In Other Clothing News – Hoody Gallery Show In SF Feb 16th

Version 4hoody 01

222 Hyde St, San Francisco, 9PM-2AM. with dj’s and stuff. The show featuring some uniquely designed hoodies from local artists. Pretty Damn cool, my only question is whens’ the t-shirt show? We’ve got some great local t-shirt artists in SF, , , (not an artist per se but they print a shit load of t-shirts)

Related URLs:

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All My Friends Are Dead T-Shirt – By Big Stone Head

Amfadnew 01

All My Friends Are Dead seems to be an ongoing theme for the folks at big stone head. You should check out the little mini book they have as well for $4 which outlines a lot of “all my friends are dead” scenarios. I particularly like the child-like design that this t-shirt has, that’s often tough to pull off, but this works. From a design and printing standpoint the green on grey works very well, and the quality of the screen-print is excellent.

Happy Clouds T-Shirt By Loyal Army

Happy Clouds

UPDATE: You can buy the Loyal Army T-Shirts here and here’s a direct link to the Happy Clouds T-Shirt

I ran into this girl at a coffee shop gallery showing a photographer friend of mine ( was having on Saturday. Needless to say when I saw her shirt I immediately asked if she minded me taking a picture, and then after that noted that it was for a t-shirt blog (funny how that is getting less weird all the time). Anyway, it’s from a company called Loyal Army and the t-shirt is called Happy Clouds, i’m afraid I can’t link directly to the design (a huge pet peeve of mine), so click through to the collection and click on number 10 to get to this design. Anyway I really love the designs, it’s lot’s of wonderfully fun, quirky and original t-shirts and totally worth checking out.

On an unrelated note, someone moblogged about me the other day at a scrabble/game night at the Little Shamrock in the Inner Sunset area of San Francisco, pretty cool, shame she was using a Razer to take the picture :-)

More T Vicar – Best Name For a T-Shirt Store Ever

More t VicarProbably the best name for a T-Shirt store i’ve seen, I love it. Not only that but it’s a store that includes local artists creations, every month they commission exclusive designs from local talent and limit the designs to 100 items. You can see all the design in the area of the site they call “the collective“.

The designer Mr Bingo emailed me telling me about the store, and here’s one of his designs.

Mtv 43nat 1

More T Vicar?

International T-Shirt Competition Feb 1 to March 31 is having a design competition and the grand prize is about $9,000 and obviously the t-shirt printed and sold by Graniph. Not a bad prize. The down side is you have to mail your entries to Japan in but hey, for $9,000 what’s the diff.

T Shirt Design Award

Good luck and let me know if you win :-)

Exploded Wiimote T-Shirt from Wire & Twine

Prod tii Shirt

The Tiishirt from Wire & Twine totally sets the bar for love poured into a t-shirt. They only have a few designs by each one is meticulously designed (see the History Of Facial Hair as another example). Here’s a video of their production process, it’s totally worth a look:

Wii T-shirt on Vimeo

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Zoom tii Shirt 2