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Origami dollar t-shirt

Origami dollar t-shirt
Originally uploaded by Vaguely Artistic.

Not only is this super cool, but there are also instructions on how to create your own, please send me pictures if you make any yourself. Cheers.

Immolate Your Heroes by

immolate your heros

Immolate Your Heroes is a pretty amazing t-shirt that depicts Th??ch Quang Duc, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who self-immolated at a busy Saigon intersection on June 11, 1963. From a design standpoint they’ve done some great stuff, somehow drawing 6 or 7 colors out of a 3 color print through clever mixing and overprinting. Shirts are printed on American Apparel (snug fit), and run around $17. My picture almost doesn’t do it justice, if you want to see a larger pic I’ve put one on flickr here.

immolate your heroes

Goodstorm Design Your Own T-shirt tool featured on Tech crunch

Tech Crunch have just done a nice little write up of Goodstorm’sdesign your own t-shirt” flash tool.

Goodstorm 300w

The new product allows visitors to quickly design their own Tshirt using uploaded or stock images, text and special characters. If you like you can buy just one – a mens standard Tshirt, designed to your specifications, costs $15.

Store owners can also create their own version of the design tool, with pre-uploaded images and custom pricing. Weve created one – see the TechCrunch Tshirt store here. Upload your own images and have at it – any proceeds we receive from sales of Tshirts will go to charity.

I actually know the founder of the company, Yobie Benjamin and he is on a mission with Goodstorm to make ecommerce tools available to anyone. If your interested I actually interviewed him on my shortlived podcast called “the co-creative business show” at – maybe I should do a t-shirt podcast.

Bestiario T-Shirts – Weird, cool, original


I just got an email about these t-shirts and I’ve got to say i’ve never seen anything like it. Definitely original, a bit weird, pretty cool, maybe creepy. All of the shirts are silhouettes of animals with human heads/faces, i’m not sure if this is some kind of art stemming from some kind of ancient tradition or just the result of an imaginative mind.

Lil’ Soap – Rub Me On Your Butt – Threadless


This t-shirt from threadless always gets lots of comments and a bit of a grin. No High falutin design, just plain old smutt.

Update – Ordering the Love T-Shirt from frogbite in holland

Love shirt crop

The “love” t-shirt is a great design by a Dutch company called Frogbite. Update, if you want to order this t-shirt from the crazy dutch guys just send Frank an email – another update is you can buy these shirts via paypal now, just email Frank and let him know what size and style you want, include your paypal email and he can request the funds from you.

T-Shirt Wishes and caviar dreams

I don’t know why I came up with that headline, but here’s a story of a girl that doesn’t want to get hit by any more cars so she’s selling t-shirts to try and raise some funds so she can join the LA car race. Meet Karen, she currently rides a bike to work in LA and has been hit twice so she created a T-Shirt that says “I don’t want to die on the streets of LA”

I Dont Want to die

Admittedly these are cafepress shirts which are not quality screenprints, but I can dig the concept, I ride a bike to work as well.

Anyway, on to the wishes part of this story (hence the headline), have you ever heard of the Robin Hood Fund? It’s a site where you can post a “wish” and people will vote on your wishes, sometimes contributing a bit of money, and at the end of the month they tally up the votes and make some wishes come true. Pretty sweet, kind of like Digg for wishes. Anyway, check out Karens page on the Robin Hood Fund and if you are so inclined vote. Skeptical? Well this guy got 10,000 for video equipment based on this video wish, which is hysterical (in a very twisted dry kind of way).

link for feedreaders

Love & Hate Juxtaposed

Love shirt crop

The “love” t-shirt is a great design by a Dutch company called Frogbite. It’s kind of tough because it’s all in Dutch but I think you click on “bestell” if you want to order it, and then click on “betaal” on the left to check out. Tip of the hat to

Update, if you want to order this t-shirt from the crazy dutch guys just send Frank an email – another update is you can buy these shirts via paypal now, just email Frank and let him know what size and style you want, include your paypal email and he can request the funds from you.

here’s a note he wrote to me:

Thank you for paying attention to our website. You must have had a hard time visititing our site, or you have the amazing skill of reading dutch :). We are a fairly young company and mainly based on the benelux (netherlands,
belgium and luxembourg) but we are thinking about also making an english version of our site, this could take a while but is in the planning.

The good news is that we do ship to the US (we have done this before). The shipping cost is around 5 euro instead of the regular 3,50. What we did so far is jsut let the people sent the money in an enveloppe, we look at for the current dollar<>euro exchange rate.
If people would like to order the shirt they best just sent me an email.

Hope this answers your question, just email me if you need any other information.

With best regards,
Frank /

Another design from Threadless called Peace and Hate is in a similar vein.

Peace and Hate

and there is always the classic Love/Hate t-shirt I posted back in june:

again, from European store called Made In Design

UPDATE: I just found out they do a black t-shirt that says Love and a red t-shirt that says Hate, you just have to select in the drop down “Black Love L”, how cool is that!

Love and Hate

Seems like they only have red in medium and black in large :-(

Pet Monster T-shirt From no gun army


This T-shirt is called Pet Monster from a designer in the UK, it’s a great design and really gets across this idea of beauty and the beast. The girl may be small, but she’s cute and totally in charge. From a technical standpoint it’s a great example of what you can do with a two color design :-)


T-Shirt News Quickies

Monsieur T’s is having a 3rd anniversary sale with T-shirts ranging from 30% to 50% off, mostly short run stuff so it will run out. Girls go here and boys go here.


And the good folks at waterloo have released a line of tank tops featuring some of their fun designs.


This is how i roll – Katamari damacy t-shirt

Katmari how i Roll

UPDATE: You can buy the shirt here at Big shout out to for the link

I was playing some poker this weekend with some guys and as is tradition we have a PS2 set up for the losers lounge, so when someone gets knocked out they can play some video games while they’re waiting for another game. Anyway we always have some kind of racing game or something and I said I wish we had Katamari Damacy (a crazy Japanese game), so one of the guys (who had never been to one of our poker games before) then unbuttoned his shirt to display this sweet Katamari Damacy t-shirt. Now of course at this point I mentioned I wrote a blog about t-shirts, and he asked what it was called, I said tcritic and he then said he actually subscribed to my RSS feed, small world :-)

Here you can play a flash version of the game (not as good as ps2 but it does hint at the strangeness of this game). And strangely the only folks in the US with the rights to sell Katamari T-shirts is a company that makes and sells mac software, weird.

picture taken on a Nokia N73

Freedom Call from threadless

Threadless Freedom Call

Freedom Call is a beautiful new design from threadless, reminds me of the T that made me fall in love with threadless in the first place and that was flowers in the attic (request a reorder if you click through, i’d love to see this reprinted).

Forget second life t-shirts, get a first life t-shirt

get a first life

This “Get a First Life” t-shirt is the result of a wonderful parody site, which ridicules the much hyped virtual 3d world The front page promotes various things you can do in your first life, like “access your closet to build your look” or my favorite “Fornicate using your actual genitals”, now that’s a t-shirt!


Get a First Life

Admittedly the t-shirt is cafe press which is not super quality, but hey, kudos for the idea.

Tip of the hat to Techcrunch (like they need any more links)

be an ambassador for a UK based t-shirt competition

I guess it’s kind of like threadless in Europe, but anyway La Fraise is looking for a UK ambassador to help judge, blog, and grow the community around their T-shirts. It sounds like a paying gig, but they don’t say anything about a salary. They are offering a prize of 1000 Euro’s worth of shirts for people who refer potential candidates so check out this page if you’re interested.


An example shirt from them, the money vice.

Line Rider Version Of Dick in a box

Line Rider is an amazing flash based game/tool/time waster that allows you to draw lines on this flash page that a little guy will then “ride” on a little toboggan, often with tragic results. Well the scope of these little games can become quite ambitious and it this version it’s essentially another parody of the SNL Dick In A Box bit that I talked about previously.

Link for feedreaders

And here’s the obligatory t-shirt link:
Dick in a box now in Stock