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It Dies today by kill your boyfriend on etsy

It Dies Today   Kill Your Boyfriend 01

The customized It Dies Today is a great t-shirt from the aptly named Kill Your Boyfriend on – If you’ve never heard of Etsy it is a wonderful place for finding all things hand made, and it’s a great place for artists to sell their unique creations. Considering the work that has been put into this it is a steal at $20, and with only 1 in stock you can be sure of something unique to wear :-) I also like the shirt He Aint Bullet Proof as well.

(The It Dies Today shirt that she used as the basis of her creation can be found here for $20)

Petrolcide – from


Now this is a really great design, it may be political in it’s aims but it also expresses the feelings of many consumers when they’re standing at the pump filling up. The shirt is called Petrolcide and is screen printed on cotton, and is made sweatshop free, in the US. Apparently they also have it on hoodies if you are keen on hiding your arms :-)

Jelly Balloons – New Design From Threadless

Jelly Balloon 01

JellyBalloons by Jérémie Royer is a nice new design from threadless. Kind of father and son deep sea diver team, lovely, and pretty inexpensive for $15. I must say i’ve been very impressed with the print quality of threadless shirts, i’m wondering if you can get that kind of quality from those “design your shirt online” sites, most of them seem to use that rubberized transfer which doesn’t last long.

Gin and Jews from Nostar Clothing

Gin and Jews

Gin and Jews is a very funny t-shirt I found on t-shirt war that was posted by Nostar clothing (who have also figured out a nice looking girl wearing a shirt goes a long way…not in this case but with others they’ve added). I wonder if the Jewish Fashion Conspiracy should license this one, seems like it’s right up their alley.

A T-Shirt For anyone that got a wii for christmas

Wii Shirt Large 01

For all those folks lucky enough to get a wii this Christmas here’s an aptly, although a little broadly named the Tii Shirt. Looks like it’s from a new company called See Colon Slash, although thankfully it’s printed on nice American Apparel (although what isn’t these days), and as it’s in preorder right now they must be doing some decent printing. Kind of like the unofficial t-shirt of

tip of the hat to (don’t ask me how)

The Naughty List – via flickr

The Naughty List
Originally uploaded by SweetSoulSista’.

Well Merry Christmas everybody, I’m back in the UK where it’s foggy and cold, but the fire is warm, the food is good and the beer flows like wine.



BTW the T says “join me on the naughty list” :-)

Pre-Order “dick in a box” t-shirt from bustedtees

A t-shirt is already available for pre-order from bustedtees based on that hysterical saturday night live skit “dick in a box” (this is the uncensored version)

link for feedreaders


(this is an affiliate link so tcritic might make a buck)

Tip of the hat to Pixelantes Anonymous

20% off the at – (including the T-qualizer)

bluefishtshirts who sell the T-qualizer shirt just emailed me and want to give tcritic readers “20% any order by typing TCRITIC in the coupon code”. This isn’t an affiliate thing, i’m not getting any kickbacks, just a bonus for you good folks.


Enjoy, and have a great christmas everyone, i’m heading back to England to spend some time with family, so we might be a little less daily. Thanks for reading, emailing me t-shirt ideas, and making this such a fun thing to do.

Last Minute Gift – Give Someone A T-Shirt They Can Design Online

Goodstorm have set up a little gift giving tool called the Holiday T-Shirt Creator that enables you to pay for a T-shirt that the recipient can go and design online in this little flash based online tool. You just pay $25 and the person gets an email link to the online design tool, and the tee and shipping is taken care of.

Googdstorm Online Design

Kind of nice, they even sent me one where I can design a shirt but I have no idea what to design, any ideas?

History of Facial Hair from

Wireandtwine 45 01

Ever wonder if the man you met had a Van Dyke or a Soul Patch, well now there’s a t-shirt that will help you with those subtle distinctions, the Facial Hair Shirt from – One really nice thing, and extremely ironic is that they give 10% of the t-shirt profits to Locks For Love, which provides hairpieces for kids who have lost their hair going through chemo and the like.

Here’s some details on the shirt, with the key to the different types of facial hair:

Wireandtwine 43 01

Wireandtwine 44 01

They don’t have a tonne of tee’s but if they continue to put out t-shirts with this much thought and care I hope they go far.

They sent me a couple of shirts and even the way they packaged it made me smile, thanks guys.


Create Your Own T-Shirt Mashups at InnerTee

InnerTee has created an intriguing set of tools that enable you to mix and match designer contributed artwork and get it printed on T-Shirts. When you’ve created a “mix” you can share it with the wider community and even sell it online. Here’s a pretty simple mix I created, and if you go and browse a shirt you can choose “remix” and create a different design based on the same graphic components.

skull poop

It’s a very nice set up where designers can contribute the design elements and the community can mix them up, obviously with varying results :-)

Inner T

One thing that I think they should work on is scaling the graphics. Right now the graphics are only available in the size they were contributed. You would hope with vector based graphic programs that if they take EPS or AI files they should be able to scale the graphic on the T.

I’m not quite clear on who gets what when a t-shirt is sold, because you have the designers who have created the graphic components, the “mixer”, and of course innertee who prints it (high quality screens from what I understand).

Feel free to send send any cool mixes you’ve done, or add them to t-shirt war.

As seen on

Streetwear SitesSome folks have put a really nice resource together that is a directory and collection of reviews of web sites that talk about streetwear. Categories include streetwear blogs, brands and stores; and t-shirt blogs, brands and stores.

Tcritic is included in the site with a very kind write up, and you can even rate Tcritic there as well, scary I know, the critic has become the criticized… you know I love you guys right ;-)

Robot Rock, made in New Orleans by ichabods

Robot Rock

Ichabods sounds like a wonderful little operation in New Orleans who describe themselves as a group of textile artists. Not only do they have some very cool (like the Robot Rock), very unique designs, they donate 10% of the sale to the charity of your choice. In what seems to be the spirit of New Orleans they also have a band promotion page, so hit them up if you have a band to promote.

Mr Cloud:Your Mii on a T-Shirt

Warning: Getting lots of comments (see below) on Mr Cloud not delivering so only order at your own risk

Wow, this is turning into Wii T-Shirt central. Anyway a T-Shirt company called MrCloud has now created a way to print your custom Wii character, called a Mii on a T-Shirt. It costs $19.99 Oops, they mean 19.99 quid, or 30+ dollars… and takes a few days but what an amazing idea.

Mii Head tee 02

This is so awesome and makes me want a Wii so frikin badly, damn nintendo.

You can send us your Mii in one of the following ways:
1): Email us your Wii friend code, we will send you ours and you can then Wii-mail your Mii to us.
2): Take a digital photograph of your Mii on your TV and email the picture to us.

As these shirts are personalised you should expect a short delay before we can send them out.

Also Mr Cloud has some other really cool shirts, including a blast from the past Hong Kong Phooey :-)

Hat Tip To The Pixelantes Anonymous via Kotaku

Skull and CrossMotes (wii) from Huzzah Goods

Crossmotes Product

The Skull & Crossmotes is a great idea from Huzzah goods and for $10 it’s quite a good deal. I have the original exploded nes controller from these guys and it’s a good quality print on a nice shirt, although they run a little small, i’m normally a medium and its a bit tight, so go up a size if your borderline.