Monthly archives: November 2006

Nintendo Family Tree (from nes to the Wii) from nerdy shirts

Nintendo Girls lg 1

New this week from nerdy shirts is the Nintendo Family Tree shirt which will be a great shirt to wear as you traipse from store to store looking for an elusive Wii. Good luck everybody!

Mix Tape Ninja


Are you a mix tape ninja? Mens version here.

It’s T-Shirt News To Me

Thanks to everyone who emails me, I love it but I can’t keep up so here’s the latest few:

Full Bleed is having a sale

Junk Funk is a new T-Shirt Company

People Like Us Collective (out of Australia but cool shit)

Tees My Body, cool shirts for $13 buckeroos

HughTees is a product of divorce

fbpbbp is Canadian so they like the queen and are 100% halal

InnerTee is doing a mix and match thing which is super cool

Corporate Hack T’s for all you folks working on TPS reports

And that’s news to me!

Pillow Fight Club


Another work of genius from Go Ape Shirts, Pillow Fight Club, from the guys that brought us the Boo Boo Walker.

Pillowfightclub Rules

But This T-Shirt Goes To 11


If you are wearing this T-Shirt and an attractive girl laughs at it, or says something to the effect of that’s a great shirt, fucking marry her.

On sale at burnswell for $12 and possibly another 10% off with this code:BRNS_LONG

Full disclosure: They sent me 6 free shirts so I will continue to pimp these guys until someone sends me 7 free shirts :-)

My Way Or The Hemmingway


You can’t argue with that…ladies :-) avalable for $14 from “buy something awesome

Happy thanksgiving everybody!

The Rubix Cubicle From – Everything Burns

Everything Burns Rubix Cubicle

Very cool design from a guy called Tom Burns, check out the site at

$10 Threadless T-shirts for 30 days

New ones added every day so go check them out!

This one is very seasonal, Watch The Snow Fall
T-Shirt- Watch the snow fall

Student Components from

Tee0021 md

Anyone who put model airplanes together when they were younger will appreciate this. Everything you need to put together a student.

Drinking, shagging, studying, drinking, shagging, drinking, more drinking, sleeping, shagging, drinking, sleeping, shagging, drinking, studying, drinking, sleeping, drinking, shagging, drinking, shagging, more drinking, shagging, sleeping, studying.

Superlatives Abound, It’s a Fantastic Bonanza

Beep Closeup 02

This sweet T-Shirt was pulled from the river of new entries into the T-Shirt War.

Ingredients: kerosene, artificial sweeteners, propylene glycol, sulphuric acid, acetone, rum, red dye no.2, scumm, axle grease, batttery acid, and/or pepperoni. May contain traces of unobtanium.

Oh, someone owns some oakleys or has at least read all the paperwork that comes with them :-)

Kindred T-Shirts

Kindred 01

These guys sent me this shirt and it is very cool, like artwork on a T. They have an incredibly creative collection that is worth checking out. A lot of their stuff is reminiscent of the work that Terry Gilliam did on Monty Pythons Flying Circus, sort of 3d collages.

XHTML Fist shirt from A List Apart

XHTML Fist shirt
Originally uploaded by Jason Santa Maria.

The XHTML fist shirt is for those who think it should be tattooed somewhere. I would prefer to tattoo it to some folks forheads, but fists work too. When you want to be militant about your code, this is the t-shirt for you.

Anyone who doesn’t know A List Apart it is a wonderful web magazine for folks that build web sites, the all round cool guy Jeffery Zeldman

Dad’s Day From

Teetsy Dads day 01

Sweet T-shirt from called Dad’s Day, you got to start ‘em young :-) Love the style and the color of this T, unique look for $18.

Won’t Somebody Think Of The Children – Charity Sale At Huzah

Sale Banner 02

All Huzuh T-shirts are $10 and 10% of the proceeds are going to Penny Arcade’s Childs Play Charity

C’mon, you know you want an NES controller T-shirt

nes controller t-shirt

Maybe your looking for the ultimate scrabble word, Kwyjibo
Kwyjibo Shirt

Burnswell T’s Totally Rock

UPDATE: get 10% off with this coupon code: BRNS_LONG

They sent me half a dozen t-shirts in the mail, so they must be fucking awesome :-) More pics but here’s a taste (a pic from their site)

classic mini

A classic mini shirt, and some great color, works really well with a brown sports jacket.