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Amazingly Weird and Unique Fatica Designs

fatica designsThis shirt from Fatiga Design was recently uploaded to t-shirt war and I love it (even though it seems to be losing the popularity contest on t-shirt war). I think that’s why I like it, it’s so unique and has an edge to it I like a lot. It’s from a company called Fatiga Design and all of there shirts are this wonderful artsy style.

Why Don’t You Go Back To Your Home On Whore Island

whore islandI can’t help but smile at this shirt, and if you enjoyed Anchorman you probably can’t help it either. Anyway, it’s from the guys at One Night Stand Shirts and you can rest assured the rest of their shirts are also pretty ribald :-)

Anyway, sorry for the long delay around posting shirts, i’ve actually started a new job and moved across the country to San Francisco so I’ve been a bit busy. I’ve joined Nokia and am working with their mobile gaming group helping with web/marketing strategy and user experience. I’m hoping i’ll be able to use my N80 camera phone to take more pics of peoples shirts out and about.

Apologies also if you sent in a shirt and I havn’t posted about it, i’m going though the backlog and trying to catch up, keep on sending them in, and certainly feel free to add them to T-Shirt War, there is already quite a few up there.

Cursers That Kill – From Mac Merc

cursers that killCursers That Kill is a…. killer shirt that’s for sure. It was put together by the folks at, a pretty well read Mac focused blog, so check it out.

Monstar Skully Drips Shirt On Sale


Pretty sweet shirt from Monstar clothing, on sale for $15 buckeroos. Check them out on myspace as well.



T-Shirt War Updated

my very smart friend Erik has helped me fix a major bug in T-Shirt War so things are running pretty smoothly now. Quite a few new shirts have been added and feel free to add more.

Thanks so much so far for using it, adding to it and commenting on it.



War Hurts from

War Hurts
Originally uploaded by karllong.

Hanging out with my friend Erik who lives in Austin, Texas and he had a pretty cool T from



New Shirts On T-Shirt War

I’m on the road right now, but I thought I’d give a quick update to show off some pics that have recently been uploaded to T-shirt War, thanks everyone for adding your shirts, and thanks for everyone’s comments. Click here to add a shirt to T-Shirt War

Arrhythmia from StyleTax

Weekend Rockstar
Weekend Rockstar from Cotton Abuse

Blogger Attitude from All Tribes

Popsicle Party from StyleTax

City lights from Threadless (go look at the full sized image, its much more beautiful than this gif gives credit)

Urban Camouflage from Threadless

Electrobug from Sharp Shirter

Please Don’t Drop It from Alternative Motive