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Blog This – By CrackSmokingShirts

Blog This
Blog This from

Another t-shirt site with the requesite anchorman quotes etc. but they did have this gem which I have to send to my blogging friends :-)


Fezman – From Holy Cow t-shirts

Originally uploaded by bigaldavies.

Great photo! You can order the shirts online here or of course you can go to their stall at Camden market (i’m going to assume London):

Come and visit us at Camden Market in the West Yard, Saturday and Sunday

Supreme Being Buddy – From

Supreme Being Buddy

Very cool shirt from this – a store with an awful lot of super cool designs. I particularly like the Supreme Being Line.

They’ve got lots of stuff at their store including some amazing artwork, check it out

Announcing T-Shirt War [beta]

tshirt war

Here’s a screenshot from tshirtwar, all you would do is click on the t-shirt you like the best and then you see how many times your shirt has won or lost:
tshirt war

If you liked kittenwar your going to love t-shirtwar :-) I’m pleased to announce T-Shirt War Beta where you can upload your t-shirt pics and have them pitted against one another.

You can go here to upload your photo’s into the tshirtwar database and get into the mix, and please send me feedback, this is beta, its a bit of fun, so let me know how I could make it better. Right now jpegs work better than gifs as the server resizing plugin doesn’t’ do gigs justice right now. BTW if your selling the shirt there is a place to put pricing and a link to the t-shirt homepage.

(there maybe a slight delay in photo’s showing up as i’m moderating them at first)

Have fun,


NES 004 Controller: Exploded View – huzzah shirts

nes 004 was kind enough to send me this sweet shirt, of an exploded view of an NES 004 controller. So much nerdy goodness about this shirt, it’s wonderful, and of course gets added to the “best t-shirt ever” category. Sorry about the crap photo, if I get some more in more interesting surroundings, or with a girl wearing it I’ll post again, in the meantime here’s the closeup:

nes 004 closeup

Hot Rod From Pantelope

hot rod

Some entertainments folks from the animation sector have taken to making T-shirts, and the t-shirt company is called pantelope. I like this Hot Rod shirt especially, reminds me of the excellent Hanna-Barbera cartoon “wacky races“.
wacky racers

Booyah – Cool Shit From Nostar Clothing

booyah scrabbleApart from the hotness of the model, I also love this shirt from, i’m actually a bit of a scrabble nerd. The only people that kick my ass at it all the time is my Mum and Grandad, and he’s frikin 80+. Anyway, check out the nostarclothing site, lots of great t-shirts, and photo’s of folks wearing them.



Heavenly Devily from Invidualitees


Another nice design from (I wrote about them once before about Sex On a Stick which was smoking hot :-) They really have got some great designs, and considering the company was started by two guys in two different countries via email, it looks a damn site better than most, and with a lot more original designs. As usual my only complaint is i there are no permalinks/deep-links for any of the designs, which is frustrating if your trying to link to favorites.

BTW I love their line of Sexualitees:

Keep up the good work guys and thanks for the nice note :-)


Your Empire Needs You

your empire needs you

What can i say, this t-shirt from LeapStore has everything, Star Wars, social commentary, satire, politics, I love it. At 22 pounds plus 5 for shipping it’s not a cheap shirt for US folks (about $40), but probably worth it.



Oddica Publishes Magazine Highlighting Artists

oddica mag
(images from the magazine from Simon Nonay and Reilly Stroope)

Oddica has just released a magazine to showcase their artists, another wonderful example of how Oddica makes their artists the star. Also, they are coming out with a kids line of shirts (i wonder if their going to be a less disturbing line of images :-)

And on a t-shirtly note, how about this one “Germ” By Edit Evening:


Expectations about sending me links and pics

Hi all,

I’m beginning to get quite a few companies emailing me to post about their shirts, and i just want to set some expectations. I do it for fun, so i don’t post everything I’m sent, and it’s very much about when i have time, and what strikes my fancy. Hence i don’t email everyone back, and I don’t post every companies links. I just got a rather pissy email from a company that emailed me 2 days previous, that I hadn’t responded to them or linked to their t-shirts.

Here’s my guidelines for getting posted:

  1. I like pictures of people wearing shirts, or real shirts, and i’m not keen on faux shirts, ie. photoshoped t-shirt templates and will only post those if they are extraordinary
  2. Don’t send me anonymous press releases or form letters you send to everyone
  3. Link to my site, I keep an eye on all my incoming links and am very much appreciative of incoming links



Cute Camo Pirate T-Shirt – Very Hot

camo pirate

Great T-shirt from Michelle Roy at a site called “bdazzledjewels” (scroll down to see the shirt, again a web site that doesn’t understand permalinks and deep linking). Certainly a very sexy shirt, and on the pricier side of things at about $80.

Ninja Dreams – From the amazing OwlMovment

ninja dreams

Unfortunately I can’t deep link to specific shirts so you’ll have to go direct to, but the designs are so awesome it is worth scrolling through the designs. Also check out this photo set on flickr of the OwlMovments secret Tee Shirt party they held in Ybor City (Miami), FL. Very cool stuff.

The Real Dealio Yo – Reciever T-Shirts

the real dealio

These guys have got some great shirts, I love this design, although because I can’t link to the shirts directly you’ll have to scroll down to see it :-) C’mon guys we need to “deep link” to point to your mad grafik skilzzz.


A Graphic Equalizer on a T-Shirt

t-qualizerWow, a t-shirt with a built in graphic equalizer, very cool for parties, but imagine how annoying it would be just talking to someone with this on, very distracting. But, boy if you want some attention I guess this’ll do it. You can get it online from the Uk for 19 quid, about $40, runs on a couple of AA batteries. File this under t-shirt 2.0 again ;-)

The T-Qualizer is a shirt with a built in sound sensitive graphic equalizer. As the music beats, the equalizer moves to the beat of the music! Each frequency of music will activate a different equalizer bar, just like the equalizer on your stereo at home! Its a must have accessory for all concerts, parties or even raves! It has a fully functional Electro Luminescence panel with a battery pack that snuggles discretely into a pocket inside the T-shirt.

Tip of the hat to Teees