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White Trash Survival Kit from Monsier T


Mullet, trucker hat, wife beater, fanny pack? on sale at monsieur T’s, those french folks got a funny sense of humor.

I heart beer


If you want an indie t-shirt, go straight to the source. Here’s a designer out of Manchester, New Hampshire, Alex Dakoulas. New Hampshire, is of course the red neck cousin of vermont. Amazing how two states, geographically equivilent in so many ways, ended up with such polar opposite cultures. The crunchy, sandle wearing, tie die wearing vermonters, and the big fucking truck driving, trucker hat wearing, gun toting New Hampshire-ites.

Live free or die trying.

Zombie – Eat Flesh


From the excellent folks at Glarkware, check out the subway spoof.

Every Time You Say “web 3.0″ A Start Up Dies


Don’t know where it’s from, who sells it, or what the hell these nerds are doing in the picture, email me if you know where to get it, or if you have any hysterical captions. Cheers.


This Is Not A Pipe – Threadless

This is not a pipe from threadless

The classic, koan like statement about art “this is not a pipe”, this works again, on many levels if you are a total nerd. In fact a good measure of how nerdy you are, is how much you like this T :-)

this is not a pipe
Find out more about the surrealist Magritte at wikipedia

Jesus loves web 2.0

Originally uploaded by jflint.

I’m sure he does, with all that ajax “thy shall make asycronous calls to the database from thy clients browser, and thow wilt be showered in rich internet applications”.

So is Jesus 2.0 the second coming?

HONK if you’re going to run over me


That genius that is threadless has many gems, I like this one a lot. I also fancy the girl who’s just about to get run over :-)

T-Shirts For Expectant Mothers is a maternity store in the UK with a wonderful approach to maternity wear. Their imaginative t-shirts demonstrate a wonderful sense of humor and fun, I love there designs.

Crafted from a super stretchy blend of cotton & lycra – BABU t-shirts are sure to grow on you…
Conceived with Love & Made in the UK, they are the perfect gift for Mums to Be.

My favorite is the “chicken or the egg

Tip of the Hat –

New Shirts From Oddica


Oddica continues to live up to it’s wonderful name and comes out with some new delectable and wearable oddities for you. Another wonderful DJ related one called Wax On Wax Off. One that defies description called WireMonster. A nice eco friendly one for all you hippies called Karma, by Furious R (remember the knife wielding monkey in the Simpsons? Furious George). And a new interpretation of the weird and wonderful bluebird migrane, called originally enough the BlackBirdMigrane.

Remember the artists own 41% of oddica :-)


Monster Sale At Teetonic


Teetonic really do have a monster sale on, apart from the discount they’re going to give away a monster shirt in every fifth order :-)

All our tees have 25% off during the month of August – thats 15 each -
and we’re giving away a Monster Tee with every 5th order we

Crazy Like Fox News T-Shirt – New From

BUY NOW Starting at just $15

A true tcritic original inspired by the Colbert Report. Get them before Fox gets me :-)

Comes in white, pink, blue, and pebble, regular, fitted, babydoll, and youth S,M,L, XL, and I even purchased the EPS of the foxnews logo so it’ll be nice and sharp, not like one ripped off their web site.

Powered by the good folks at goodstorm

Wikipedia-style tags


Which brings me to tonights word “wikiality

If Your Dick Was As Big As Your Mouth…

Originally uploaded by British Bull Blog.

Hmmm, well I wonder how many guys would respond to this? What would the response be? Hey lady, guess what…

When We Roll, We Roll Big – + Subway + YouTube

werollbigNever has a t-shirt been created so quickly for such a niche audience, if you’re in an agency, and especially you need this shirt.

See the video that inspired the shirt, pitching subway via youtube

they even have outtakes posted.

Hat Tip – Logic & Emotion

Save a Virgin

Wow, phew, I’ve seen a few suggestive T-Shirts in my day, but the combination of the context and the message is just mind blowing.