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Say Anything Lloyd Dobler T-shirt from Etsy


Say Anything Lloyd Dobler Tshirt from Etsy.

“in your eyes!”

Find out more about say anything on wikipedia, they even mention the recent Colbert/Stewart bit where

Jon Stewart told Colbert that there was not enough time to finish the segment. Moments later, the camera cuts to Colbert screaming and holding up a stereo with “In Your Eyes” playing.

Now that’s a cutting edge encyclopedia!

I hate my clothes

Originally uploaded by bitzi.

Another Flickr find. I tried to find it online but could only find two examples of it, but no where to buy it. Of the two examples I found I would only help one of them undress, can you guess which one? :-)

Ihatemyclothes 1


Ihatemyclothes 2

American Apparel T-Shirt Store Hijacked (in SecondLife)

Second Lifearmy

Gun toting members of the SecondLife Liberation Army have taken over the American Apparel store in SecondLife, and are not letting anyone buy any T-shirts. Why? because they are fighting for voting rights, in other words the residents of SecondLife really do want to be citizens.

The SLLA selected as its first target the American Apparel Store in SL. Volunteers from the SLLA have been posted to the store and are preventing SL residents from buying any goods from this vendor.

The SLLA has no complaint with American Apparel but is seeking to introduce voting rights to Second Life. We hope that American Apparel will join us in putting pressure on Linden Labs to do this. The SLLA can then stop our attacks against customers using their store.

For some background on SecondLife you may like this article

Starving Artist

starving artistNice starving artist t-shirt that I found via Stumbleupon. The store is kind of interesting as well, is a store that wells indie artists wares. Some great stuff there from jewelry, bags, kids stuff, accessories, art etc. Good stuff.

Stabby Mc Knife

Stabbymcknife 01

Stabby Mc Knife from Threadless: I was not even in the mood to post anything today until I saw this. For some reason this t-shirt just makes me smile.

BTW just a note to t-shirt companies, Threadless makes it so easy to talk about there new designs because all there new designs are delivered via RSS. I don’t even go to their site, and all there new designs are streamed to me with pictures and links. Check out there “in stock” RSS feed:



I will not…

I will not…
Originally uploaded by sinosplice.

Another nice find on Flickr, not sure where you could buy this, but a great t-shirt for your Asian girlfriend. Not sure how it would work for anyone else :-)

Sweet, Leesa provided some info on where you can get this check it out at

How about some matching panties:
Iwilno4314 02

Thanks Tops2Bottoms

How cool are these guys at to write about tcritic and to write such awesome things.

Coolness. I loved browsing through this blog. I loved the fact that it offers a lot of images that lets you see the t shirts!

[blush] You guys are super cool too :-)

Like this review of the Dsquared Tee :-) Cool Tee, but the site is crazy, and looks terrifyingly expensive, check it out a

nokia 3200 Threadless Model

nokia 3200 threadless
Originally uploaded by piscue.

Super cool, lots of pics of threadless t-shirts on this nokia 3200.

I Love Zombies Shirt

I Love Zombies Shirt
Originally uploaded by Sick On Sin.

Great shirt, and I love the model as well. From

A Shirt For Our Times – “The Fast Supper” From Threadless


The Fast Supper sure seems like a poignant shirt for anyone of my generation, maybe anyone’s generation. If you ever want to break the fast food habit I recommend you read fast food nation

T-shirts for Amputees from


Thanks to Jeff for the tip on these amazing shirts, I think they are just great.


NerdyShirts WEB 2.0 Style!

got to give some t-shirt 2.0 props for this super new logo. All part of the yay hooray web 2.0 logo parody. Good stuff, and they’ve got some cool nerdy shirts as well.



Funkalicious from Threadless


Also check out my Threadless Page, which now integrates external RSS feeds, delicious links, and flickr photos.

$1000 t-shirt from Mastermind Japan


Not a bad shirt from MastermindJapan, but is it worth $995? Not unless you are so rich you wipe your ass with $100 bills :-) Even if that is the case, i think it’s still immoral to spend a grand on a t-shirt, spend a $100 and give the rest to charity or something, or send it to me to pay my rent.

Waiting to see the corpse of her mother

Amazing photograph, cool shirt (I know, tube top, but hey)