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GoApeShirts – It's a Dance Off have released some more designs. i love the king kong vs mecha break dance competition. That’s great. BTW by way of an update their fabulous “Boo boo walker shirt” is back in stock



Blogged with Flock


I want to thank everyone who’s been emailing me pics of t-shirts, I’m getting to see some great t’s that I might not find tooling around on my own.

This one is from Christian at Alive Shirts, he is an illustrator/designer who sells t-shirts with his illustrations of endangered species on them, and gives 10% of the profits to the WWF (no not the wrestling, the World Wildlife Fund :-)

Not only is it a good cause, they are really great designs.

This one’s on the red panda .

The red panda resembles a raccoon in size and appearance. It lives in mountain forests with a bamboo understory. Red pandas almost exclusively eat bamboo. The red panda is found in a mountainous band from Nepal through northeastern India and Bhutan and into China, Laos and northern Myanmar. It is rare and continues to decline.The major threats to red pandas are loss and fragmentation of habitat due to deforestation and poaching for the pet and fur trades.

red panda T

Thanks Christian,



Nunchucks From Durkl

Picture 34 03

Gotta have your nunchucks if your gonna be a ninja! On sale at durkl for $11, and i’ll make a fat wad of cash as well, mwwhahhahahahhaahaa

Grief In T-Shirt Form


This was actually the phrase that inspired me to do a t-shirt blog. It was based upon a daily show skit after the bombing in london exactly one year ago. The daily show correspondent said (i’m paraphrasing)

“I don’t know what’s wrong with the brits here, no bumper stickers, no t-shirts, they just seem to be carrying themselves with quiet dignity and strength. Personally John, I like my grief in T-shirt form”.

So anyway, I made this shirt at Goodstorm is a very interesting company that allows you to design your own t-shirts and sell them online. They’re rates are super fair, and the tools to create shirts are pretty good. It’s a great place to create a t-shirt shop without losing your shirt, so to speak :-)




Bruce Lee

I love these shirts, but you have to be a level three ninja to get through the flash navigation to find the shirts :-( Not only are the shirts cool, but the name of the company is great as well, Shaolinen, nice.


Cheese Porn from Threadless

Cheese Threadless

Well they just called it cheese, but cheese in front of the camera is cheese porn IMHO. Check it out Cheese by Lucy Wood

Hot Burrito Love

i heart burrito's What’s not to love about burrito’s. Seems like I need a new category of food related t-shirts, anyway, go check out the burrito blog

What Would Cheese Do

Whatwouldcheesedo More to the point what wouldn’t cheese do? I don’t know about you but I love cheese, i think it’s an English thing, kind of like wallace and grommet.

First off, shout out to DB at foodcandy for sending in this link, and secondly check out Cheesaholics anonymous blog for all things cheeesy.

Oddica T-Shirt Schwag

Thanks Oddica, you are “this weeks best company ever” :-)

Oddica sent me the sweet Ping Pong Vader Shirt and the very cool Exploded Turn Table Shirt.

Seriously though, the thing I like about Oddica is it’s essentially an artists co-operative and the artists behind the shirts own 41% of the company, keep it up guys.


Exploded Turn Table Shirt
Oddica T-Shirt Schwag

and look at the amazing packaging:


(all photo’s taken with a Nokia N80)

Sex On A Stick T-Shirt


Mmmmm, great design, and a cool graphic. I just found out about the company Individualtee and they’ve got some great stuff. One thing that’s unusual for a t-shirt store is how many localized web stores they’ve set up, quite impressive.


Tip Of The Hat

I Digg _______


Totally nerdy and i love it. Comes with it’s own marker pen so you can fill in what you digg, now that’s interactive!