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New Company: – Han and leia’s Baby

han and leai

You know I can’t resist a good Star Wars themed shirt, and this one is fun, apparently Leia likes a little Wookie action.

Funnily enough this is rather like a question they had on the dating website, where they ask weekly questions that the community answers. One of my favorite questions ever was “Who would you rather wake up next to: a Wookie, a Klingon, or a Cylon?

Super Awesome Bar Tender (San Francisco)

Super Awesome Bar Tender
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Ok, so the whole Italia thing is obviously a popular T-shirt after the world cup, but the reason for this photo is to honor a super awesome bar tender in San Francisco who gave me and my friend Paul a tonne of local information about where the cool places are to hang out, and i’m going to share that here :-) (i’m transcribing here notes on a guest check so I might have misinterpreted some stuff)

Area: Cow Hollow/Mamna
1. Mauna Loa (also has a fooseball table)*
2. City Tavern*
3. Kellys
4. Eastside West
*Fillmore @ Greenwich & Union

Lower Polk
1. R Bar*
2. Element
3. Holy Grail
4. Lava Lounge
5. Hemlock*
*Polk & Sutter/Post/Geary

North Beach
1. Giordano Bros (super cool sort of bar/diner, great sandwiches and amazing staff)
2. Columbus Cafe
3. Tony Niks
4. Tosca
5. Romolo
Streets columbus/Broadway
Green/St Ocilton

San Francisco Tour Guide 1

San Francisco Tour Guide 2



This Shirt Goes To 11


Made famous of course by Nigel from the famous This Is Spinal Tap, this is just style of t-shirt he was wearing when he uttered the famous line “but these go to 11″. On sale at the very cool and stylish Waffo, buy two shirts get one free!



Bruce Lee – Bruce Lines from Shaolinen

I got this shirt in the mail from the good folks at Shaolinen in the UK on July 19th, the very next day, july 20th, I decided try it out. I’m out driving around in my car and i’m listening to NPR (radio) and the announcer says “on this day in history Bruce Lee died, 1973 July 20th”. Totally wierd. Anyway, check it out it’s on sale :-)



tcritic text ads – Only 8 Spots Avalable

I’m opening up a bit of real estate for some ads on the top right of the page, i’m doing it through text-link ads, and it’s currently $25 per month.

Click here to check tcritic on text-link ads. It’s really simple, and a cheap way to get backlinks to your site.



Yabbos Opening Sale – Coupon Codes Included


Just got an email from the folks at Yabbos, announcing their opening sale, with a coupel’o’coupon codes. Enjoy.

The first is a 10% of coupon, code yabbos1. The other is a buy three get one free special. Put four items in the cart and enter yabbos4 when checking out for a 20 dollar discount, meaning everyone is getting AA shirts with great designs for 15 dollars each. And of course the designers get half of the profits.

Host by Leon Ryan

Gafas De Agave by Rachel Gottesman

Clerks 2 T-Shirt and R rated trailer, enjoy


You know you want it :-) I’m really looking forward to this film, i loved the first one. Kevin Smith is a fucking genius:

Clone War Veteran

Clonewarsvetran 01

Please, can someone make this into a t-shirt :-)

Yabbos Loves Their T-shirt Artists

Yabbos Logo
I really like to promote T-Shirt companies that treat the artists well, and yabbos falls into that category by giving the artists 50% of the profits, yippee for the artists I say!

I love this one called Le Depart by Samuel Lara

Le Depart by Samuel Lara

And Three Times the Crazy by Jeremy Piatt which actually comes with 3d glasses, sweet!

Three Times the Crazy by Jeremy Piatt

Good job guys, keep it up.

BTW the good folks at teees also wrote up a bit about Yabbos


Shaolinen launches HTML site for Non-Ninja’s

Shaolinen Lonewolf

This is the Shaolinen Lone Wolf t-shirt, and I’m posting again about these guys because I dinged them last time for there beautiful but hard to navigate flash site. Well in a matter of weeks they turned around a really good looking html site, not only that, they put their stuff on sale. So go check them out :-)

The Hung Consumer

Those amazing folks at teetonic are “best t-shirt company ever” this week :-) These shirts came all the way from the UK and they are super sweet and very unique. I am particularly keen on the Hung Consumer graphic, being a product of consumer culture. We have over the years tried to make meaning through what we consume. With increasing access to creative tools though I feel we are on the cusp of a consumer revolution where we will make meaning through what we make and create.




Making Love From Teetonic

Teetonic Making Love

Teetonic lets loose the love machine from Dutch designer, Stinger. Alternative power is one thing, but wait till some hottie says “what is that on your shirt?” Unless of course you are the hottie in which case, the answer is still the same :-)


Kung Fu Girl

KungfugirlKung Fu Girl at, not only a sweet design, but did you know goodstorm gives most of the profits to the artist? Seriously, if you want to create your own t-shirt store (and from the amount of emails I’m getting it seems like a lot of people are) then why wouldn’t you check them out. I created my own t-shirt that sucked there in no time at all, and they’ve got loads of options from budget T’s to heavyweight, and fitted t’s.




Another of the series, another great piece of design, and and i love the fact that the parakeet is taking a “poop” :-)


Gapingvoid T-shirts

Gapingvoid is a hugely popular blog written by Hugh Macleod, who’s quirky cartoons on business cards are vaguely reminiscent of Gary Larsons the “far side”. Lots of geeky in jokes to be had here, and it certainly fall into Zefranks definition of cool. You can find all his shirts here.