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oddica t-shirts – Bunny Business

The color, design and style of this shirt are killer, so is the topic :-)

Great job Oddica Artists, keep it up. Go get the shirt here


Brilliant T-Shirts from Oddica

Ping Pong Vader
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I totally love this T-Shirt, it is hysterical. The company that makes it is very interesting as well, as it’s business model is essentially an artists co-operative, so artists that design the t-shirts essentially own shares in the company, all the artists combined basically own 41% of the company. Check them out at

Go get the t-shirt here: Ping Pong Vader

Pimp Daddy in SecondLife

Second Life avatar
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More secondlife t-shirts, back to the real world soon :-)

He Loves The Cock

Can anyone tell me where I can buy this T-Shirt :-)

This Is In Spanish When You’re Not Looking

This is in spanish when you are not looking - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Another wonderful addition to the non-sequitur category. I think this is a genius statement on the paranoia and jingoism that surrounds the immigration debate. Anyway, I’m from England, and we’ve always had an English only policy, enforced by the planting of flags in other countries :-)

I Was There

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Well, I wish I was there, anyway, thought this was a great shot from The Coke Group Blog

Lets go England :-)

A good screw at a fair price

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One of my first moblog posts with the Nokia N80, this was shot in a rather dark bar, and i think considering the lighting it’s not bad. As for the shirt, I think a good screw would have sufficed, but they had to hammer it home with the “at a good price”. I had hoped my t-shirt journalism would have me taking pics of beautiful hunnies, well you’ve got to start somewhere.

I like Boobies Product - Nice Boobies I love shirts that are conversation starters, and there’s nothing like this for a conversation starter.

“what are those” (pointing at chest)
“Those are boobies”

These must be the famed “red footed booby”

Red Footed Booby

My favorite Booby has got to be the famed “Masked Booby”, great visual.

T-Shirts in Second Life

I didn’t think it would come to posting about T-Shirts from the virtual world, but here it is. How to make a t-shirt in second life, rock on :-) Look their pimping BarCamp, nerds are totally taking over the world. My question is how do you make a T-Shirt in WOW, c’mon guys, even Orcs need cool t-shirts.

Note: this is the innaugral post in my new T-Shirt 2.0 category :-)

Challah Back

challah back Despite the fact I’ve been fighting with webhosts all day and bringing web sites back from the brink, I didn’t for get about you all, I know I’m late but it’s still a daily posting :-) Saw Zach Braff wearing a cool “Challah Back” T-shirt (whew knew he’s jewish), and that inspired me to post this little number.

Oh and here’s Zach modeling the T and talking about his new blog, check it out people.



Pre-Pixelated as Opposed to Pre-Shrunk

pre-pixelated For all your reality show needs, pre-pixelated shirts, for those companies that won’t pay to be included. It always makes me wonder what they do at the show, do they call up nike and say “hey one of our contestants is wearing a shirt of yours, pay us and we’ll leave it visible, otherwise the logo gets it”. I wonder how many companies cave to that kind of racketeering. Personally if I was going on a reality show I would wear as many logos as possible so my whole body would appear on camera as a shifting mass of pixels.

Tcritic gets an N80 from Nokia

N80 from Nokia
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Big shout out to and Nokia for furnishing Tcritic with a sweet new N80 with an amazing 3 megapixel cameraphone. The aim is to turn Tcritic into a bit of a moblog, taking shots of folks out and about and emailing them to flickr, to automajically post to Tcritic. Nothing like asking strangers if you can take pictures of their chests :-) As it turns out i’ve done a little informal research and it seems that people immediatly ‘get it’. I’m wondering if I should make up some little business cards so people don’t get totally weird when I ask them if I can take a picture of their shirt.

The N80 has got so many features that I havn’t really scratched the surface, but in the first day I have transfered all my contacts from my old nokia phone (series 60), and snapped a couple of shots that i transfered to my laptop via bluetooth and uploaded them to flickr.

Take a look at this test shot I snapped earlier, and click on it for the full resolution image:
Mini Shot With N80

Trust me, i’m from Canada

trust me i'm from canada t-shirt Shout out to my local bar tender at the Briny Pub in Pompano Beach FL. I was telling her about Tcritic, and she loved the idea, and even gave me site to look at,, and I’ve got to say it’s a good call. This is the perfect T-shirt for you Americans to wear when you go off on that trip to Europe :-)


For any fans of “emo girl” will love this T. (an affiliate link so tcritic can make a buck :-)

Asphalt Girl

Another stunning design by Airside – Asphalt Girl