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Zefrank Likes Oddica

zefrank likes oddica
Zefrank is not only comic genius but he’s also got some cool t-shirts. In this episode he’s wearing the snailbot T from them:

BTW I have no affiliation with Oddica, but they could at least send me a T-shirt :-)

Teetonic Sending Me A Shirt

Well contacted me yesterday and offered me a free T-Shirt, well what can I say, i’m a t-shirt whore and totally swayed by schwag, these guys are the total shiznit :-)

I actually really like this one, as someone who has grown up in what is increasingly a consumer culture, I often wonder how else we make meaning in our lives. That’s why i like blogging, it’s not consumption, it’s creative, and subversive. The revolution will not be televised it will be blogged.

Anyway, go buy there stuff, it will fill that little t-shirt sized void inside of you.


Bling Kong

An English store, so remember that’s pounds their talking about. They’ve got some great shirts though, check out the rest of the store.



T-shirt competition at “across the sound” podcast

Joseph Jaffe is having a t-shirt competition for his ‘new’ marketing podcast. So go vote, and even better if your interested in marketing listen to his podcast.

I particularly like David Armano’s entry:

“Moz Angeles” by Kelly D. Williams

Cool shirt I found on flickr, anyone who grew up in the 80′s has got to either love or hate Morrisey. Apparently he had been in LA for a while, which is where the “moz angeles” moniker came from. Unfortunatly he decided to leave LA in 2005 for, i’m sure, greener pastures, although i’m not sure where.

You can buy this shirt from the Kreativ Network

I Regret Nothing – Including the cheese cake

Originally uploaded by brilibri.

Irony? Art reflecting life? A mouse caught in a trap after going for the cheese, are you going for the cheese? Will you get caught?

Hang the DJ

oddica shirt More Oddica goodness. I was kidding about hanging the DJ, my friend who’s a DJ loved this shirt.

Nike Soccer

Come on England!

This is an advertising campaign running in England at the moment for Nike. I think it would make a great T-shirt. It’s a stunning graphic, that really captures, dare i say, the “passion” around football.

The campaign was done by Wieden + Kennedy in London, and they’ve got a blog post that details a lot of the coverage in the UK

W+K nike campaign

Tip of the Hat

Anderson Cooper Gives Me A Boner T-Shirt

This goes into the “Best T-Shirt” ever category, why? Because April2 on flickr made this shirt her self, and then wore it to an Anderson Cooper book signing. Brilliant!

April2 meeting Anderson Cooper

iPod Baby

Hi Steve!
Originally uploaded by carlosluis.

Awwwwwwww, I wonder what the capacity of this new ipod baby is? Can I watch episodes of lost on this?

Again, where can I buy this t-shirt?


Update: Baby iPod clothing can be found here

I love the ad copy:

High quality 100% cotton. Each is equipped with a touch-sensitive click wheel, responsive to your every nudge, tickle and squeeze.

radioactive mass mayhem

radioactive mass mayhem
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Another great shirt from , what’s better than robots and radioactive mass mayhem :-)

love hate tee

Genius t-shirt from MadeInDesign online store. Go spend some Euros, you’ll love me for it…. or maybe you wont :-)

Love Hate Tee from Made In Design Store

Should have worn this to the game today

Greece T-shirt from BustedTees
Originally uploaded by karllong.

Irony? Non Sequitur?

Reminds me of the classic “this is not a pipe” picture from Magritte.

Now that should be a t-shirt!


Zefrank T-Shirts – I Love Gay Celberities

I love gay celbrities

Zefrank continues to think so you don’t have to, and his line of t-shirts are pretty sweet as well. The ultimate inside joke, but hey you may be a little late in the game, but at least you won’t get caught out when some one says “hey, did you see Zefrank the other day”. C’mon, remember how you were the last to know about the hamster dance, or the big red button, or strongbad emails, or nigerian email scams?

Karl – talking about t-shirts so you don’t have to.

Save Screech, buy a t-shirt

Save Screech, buy a t-shirt
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Buyer Beware folks, we’re getting lots of reports that screech is not delivering the shirts ordered

Seriously, the bank is foreclosing on Screeches house. Not sure why, seeing as they’ve been re-running Saved By The Bell on Adult Swim, and surely screech is getting mondo royalties. Anyway, maybe Screech is on crack, so go buy a t-shirt and show your support for Screech. Save Screech, buy a t-shirt

Save Screech, buy a t-shirt
Save Screeches House