Monthly archives: May 2006

Calvin & Hobbes in Danish

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This was a great find in Denmark. Calvin & Hobbes was never licenced so this was quite a find. It’s super old now, like 10 years or something, shame really, it used to start a lot of conversations.

Roughly translated it means “cool bannannas wear dark glasses”

My Baby got Stole… By A Bear Holding A Shark!!

Another cool, non sequitur from the good people at, somewhat reminiscent of Elaine’s “Maybe a dingo ate your baby”.

Such a puny star little prince

Another Katamari T-Shirt from Panic

Love Katamari Damacy

Panic, the venerable mac software company is now selling Katamari T-Shirts. Very strange, but so is the game :-)

Nobody reads my blog t-shirt

nobody reads my blog

Great shirt from the haxorrs at j!nx As of this posting on sale for 12.95 so even you broke bloggers with no adsense revenue can afford it :-)