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School of Rock – Ozzy Really Is God

I wish I’d gone to this school, the Paul Green School of Rock:

Tip of the hat

Keep Britain Tiny….what?

A play on the ongoing “keep britain tidy” campaign, falls nicely into my non-sequitur category (which I was worried i wouldn’t use enough to warrent).

Thanks DeathGob.

Ahhhh, Imperial Walker got a Boo Boo

From a new company in Arizona called GoApeShirts and if you’re on myspace you can hook up there.

I just created a new category for this shirt: “best t-shirt ever”, until of course the next one comes along. I wonder if i will need a “worst t-shirt ever” category to kind of balance that, hmmm, maybe, send entries to karl.long [at]

Tummy Fight – Microformats vs. Technorati

Next, I want to see Guy Kawasaki Posing with his new Technorati T-Shirt, c’mon guy, lets see that belly :-)

Run Forest Run – Brazilian T-Shirts from Camiseteria

Awesome t-shirts from Brazil (i think), i’m not sure but they seem to be a kind of Brazilian Threadless that enables voting on t-shirt designs and encourages people to submit designs. Anyway, I love this one, even more poignant coming from South America.

I wonder how much it costs to get them shipped to the states?

I’m Blogging This

File this under more geeky shirts. I bet this would seem passé in New York, maybe not in the rest of the country. Anyway, I like the irony of blogging the t-shirt that says i’m bloggin this, it’s so post modern.

More Friends Than Tom!

A T-Shirt for the myspace generation. Although with all the politicians getting onto myspace they could soon ruin it for the rest of us :-)

See Julia Brownley for Assembly and Phil Angelides for Governor. They need this shirt!

t-critic k2 3 column theme

I’ve slightly modified the k2 theme to allow for a 3 column layout that provides a nice area for the k2 “about” section, and an extra column for some advertising/sponsorship.

Download the 3 column k2 mod here

Let me know if you have any problems.


The Communist Party T-shirt

communist party

The Communist PartyThis would be a great T-shirt for when I go back to visit Cambridge, or as some people call it “the peoples republic of Cambridge”. There is actually a great bar in Cambridge called “The Peoples Republic“, check it out if you’re in the area.

T-Shirt Groups on Flickr

Flowers in the Attic from Threadless

Flowers in the Attic, by jbyron
Originally uploaded by mrkook.

Beautiful T-Shirt from Threadless. Works on so many levels, and certainly pushes the envelope of art on T-Shirts.

Check out the artists web site here:

From the malaysian rubber council

Do it. Safely.
Originally uploaded by flying shrimp.

I don’t know where to buy this shirt, but it rather reminds me of the whole consortium advertising. “beef, it’s what’s for dinner” and “go to work on an egg” and “I’ve got one word for you…. Plastics”. Anyway, how about a malaysian rubber, sounds rather exotic

Diamonds, she’ll pretty much have to – Family Guy T-Shirt

Go and watch the ad Diamonds, she’ll pretty much have to

Colbert T-Shirt – Yep, he’s got balls

colbert t-shirt
Originally uploaded by mrkook.

I think we can all agree that Colbert has got some balls, that mans version of what he calls “Thatchers”.

Go and watch the speech that inspired this t-shirt and demonstrated the Colbert stones

Big Lebowski – The Jesus

One of John Turturro’s greatest roles in my opinion. “Nobody fucks with the Jesus”. Surprised there aren’t more Big Lebowski T-shirts, it seems like a rich source of cool and funny quotes.