200 Nipples Limited Edition T-Shirts from 1 to 100 dollars


This T-Shirt from 200 Nipples is called RIP RIAA which I’m sure is a sentiment that many of us can get behind, and it’s intereresting that as this T-Shirt rails against an old business model, is being sold using a rather novel business model. Essentially 200 Nipples sell individually numbered limited editions of a T-Shirt with each number being sold from between $1 for number 1 to $100 for number 100. Here’s a screenshot of the buying page, as you can see lots of the spots have been sold, and some have a countdown running, which means it’s in someones cart right now.

Picture 76

This is similar in many ways to the web phenomenon from a couple of years ago called onethousandpaintings.com where someone sold 1000 paintings each of an individual number painted on a white canvas. These were dynamically priced so the price of remaining canvases went up as more of the paintings sold. The remaining canvases are selling for around $700 and on a secondary market are selling for as much as $3000.

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  1. Wade says:

    Thanks for the link! I'm glad you thought it was interesting enough to write about.

    If anyone 'round here cares to buy a shirt you can use the coupon code BEGINNERS-LUCK-10 for 10% off. It'll work on any first purchase from the site. I've been trying to spread that to around on blogs and stuff that are posting about us as a tip-of-the-hat sort of thing for interested communities.


  2. Andy says:

    Shock of the week, #69 has gone.

  3. Brett says:

    Check out BLK TAG shirts as well.
    Limited edition T-shirts but with a story behind them. They are based on the very rare, historic and collectible Delaware black tags (license plates).

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