I’m F**cking Matt Damon – New from Lucky Threadz

Well I said it last week that this should be a T-Shirt and Lucky Threadz picked up the gauntlet! In fact you could call this the first t-shirt collaboration for tcritic. If you haven’t watched the videos yet check them out, they’re hysterical: and all of this was spawned from an excelent fake feud between […]

French Kiss T-shirt from Lucky Threadz by Tom Burns

Tom Burns designs another winner here with French KISS. Tom using the same kind of visual pun that he used in his threadless design The Communist Party, which BTW is the number 3 result on google if you do a search for “the communist party”, that’s crazy.

Tcritic and Lucky Threadz featured in the Colorado Springs Gazzette

The Gazzette just did a story on Lucky Threadz who are based in Colorado Springs. The paper had called me up when they were researching the story and were nice enough to quote me, but why oh why in 2008 can’t they figure out how to create a hyper link for gawds sake. Anyway, here’s […]

Walken Worhol – by Lucky Threadz

Looks like Lucky Threadz has got some new designs out and the Walken Worhol is a standout for me. I do wish i had a bigger picture with the shirt and everything though. Everyone remember the Fat Boy Slim video Weapon of Choice with Christopher Walken in it?

Too Soon? Smokey the Bear from LuckyThreadz

I have mixed feelings about this design, what do you think?

That’s No Spoon T-Shirt – From LuckyThreadz.com

That’s No Spoon, I love this shirt, anyone that reads this blog knows I love Star Wars (the original at least, I hate Jar Jar). This is such a brilliant pun (I think it’s a pun), kind of like the RTFM shirt. Anyway, I’m glad to find out about Lucky Threads, I had not heard […]


Standuptees.com is a t-shirt startup in the college humor ilk like bustedtees and luckythreadz, but I was happy to see that most the stuff was original or an original take on a classic. I get far too many emails from people who are just reproducing other peoples designs with little creativity or thought. The other […]

The Funny Shirt Showdown

Hey everyone, this article was submitted by reader Aaron Burk, hope you enjoy it, I couldn’t link to every individual shirt, but both sites are pretty easy to navigate. Thanks for the work Aaron, i’m sending off a gift certificate. In just a glance Bustedtees.com and Luckythreadz.com, although they both bring something knew to the […]

T-shirts in the media

Two awesome t-shirts that i’ve written about previously just got some serious MSM (main stream media) coverage which is awesome. Congratulations to both GoApeShirts and Akomplice Clothing. The BooBoo Walker I wrote about in Dec ’06 just got featured in Stuff Magazine (which looks like they need to read my top ten star wars t-shirt […]

Two T-Shirts from Jordan Atkinson

Well i’ve been waiting all week to post these because after I found Jordan’s web site, it promptly went down and was down all frikin week. Anyway, it’s back up and worth checking out, he’s a designer and artist and sells some pretty awesome prints on his site. He went to college pretty near where […]

top ten star wars t-shirts

Your Empire Needs You! Probably my fav star wars t-shirt ever, the only problem is I can’t find where to buy it any more, used to be carried by Leapstore in the UK but they stopped carrying it, I’ll pay $50 to $100 for it depending on condition. Originally blogged here and a version from […]